Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Phantom Birthday

For the past three weeks I have been getting an onslaught of planted notions (that's by mind control) about how the perps are suddenly going to come out of the closet and formally include me in their activity in some cooperative way. That is the holy grail of the TI, to have a sudden cessation of harassment and torture and be awarded some kind of compensation for this duress and venality. Not that it can be compensated for entirely; having parents who turned me over to their irradiations and tortures and then lying about it constantly over these past four years will not be compensated for if I have anything to do with it. Never mind the fact that they also knew that profound learning disabilities were showing up in 1960-2 and they didn't do anything about it, including telling me.

July 06, 2006 is my birthday, I will be 52 years old and the last 4 years being followed, tortured, harassed, stared at for no reason, ostracized, run from my job, hospitalized for no organic reason and a host of other adversities, and still no answer as to who is doing this and when they will stop. They can plant thoughts easy enough, and most have not come to fruition as a part of the games they play. The game being one of dashed expectations; set me up for something, even a grocery store item, and bang, the situation unfolds very differently. With that kind of thought pollution going on from an agency that has a reputation for deceit, means that one cannot believe anything that comes to mind, as its source is not identified. Anyhow, I do not expect that the perps will suddenly drop their harassment tomorrow as they have been so incredibly active today in gangstalking and infuriating me as to blocking normal everyday activities such as keystroking right now.

But it has been amazing that this constant mental chatter has gone on all day for the last three weeks as if it is 100% going to happen, but having been to the alter on so many of these stunts, I am not expecting anything to happen except more of the usual harassment.

Finally; 07-09-2006, and no cessation of harassment, like I figured, and unlike the perps suggested. Just the usual game of "dashed expectations" again. And I was sorely disabused of that notion yesterday when I walked four blocks downtown to go to the bank in person (an account blocking by happenchance) and they had at least 1,000 gangstalkers on duty, walking and driving and other silly stunts. They even put on the wildest brown and white dressed gangstalker yet, with plenty of interaction time as he was parked at the closet wicket and all were delayed. More brown dressed women besides the bank teller "showed up" to gangstalk me on my second stop outside, inside and outside again. And plenty of grey haired males after they expended more than half the trip on grey haired females. For all the numbers of gangstalkers and the apparent complexity of the variables they appear not to understand, and the city of Victoria BC bought and paid for, there is no way the perps are going to let me out of their grasp before they are done.

The perps like to place blonde women about me too, one at each of yesterday's two stops. I have yet to understand their fixation with this. They also put a brown dressed woman with a large grey plastic leg cast ahead, beside, passing behind, and then waiting behind me at the Rx counter. (Effectively circling me and then walking in my footsteps). I have never seen them be so blatant. And when I got to the apartment they put on a sentry, a man in blue with white hair was waiting for me, who followed me in, making out that he had the keys and "somehow" had to wait for reasons that didn't hang together. I usually get a greeting/gangstsalker group on my return each time, up to six of them sometimes, and this was another blatant on my tail gangstalker. (Another man in blue was on sentry duty when I departed). Given that this 140- unit apartment block appears to have no other tenants besides two repeat gangstalkers (IMHO), I really didn't care about my tail getting in without proof. Another outcome is that they want me to take the stairwell up these days. There is something the perps want to understand about me and the elevation on living on the fourth floor. This is where they put me in my last location.

Anyhow, another blog of the harassed, the same as that of the 911 whistleblowers these days from what I understand.


James F. Marino said...

I have given up on Birthdays
altogether. Did not even bother to celebrate my last one, as the prior one was just a venue for
attack by my family.

Even the gifts had triggered meanings. Besides, who wants to celebrate the misery that we are subjected to each day?

I think we are the enlightened ones
simply because we are aware of how things really work in this government and how largely ignorant
society is towards it, so that is something to be grateful for.

Yet, seeing my family's photos
all lined up along the refigerator door (where mine used to be with them) and my photo now completely absent is no cause for celebration of any kind.

The feds and other perps can take your family away from you -- most Americans don't realize how fragile these relationships are or how easily they can be destroyed,
but Targets know.

The perps had my folks start gradually by removing one photo of me at a time -- before long there was only one photo of me left,and I removed that one before my family could.

There is cruel and then there is CRUEL... and our perps are as low down and despicable as it gets..

I'll take a shark, alligator, or anyother predator gladly before I will accept the human predators
that we must deal with, who are far far worse in every aspect of what they do to those they attack.

AJH said...

Yes, I know what you mean about birthdays being an opportunity to lay on harassment related activity; the only tangible item I recieved was a jar of Nutella, the brown chocolate paste. As you may know from the postings, this has been a HUGE problem color for the perps bigtime, likely for me alone owing to their own beligerent doings in my long past.

James F. Marino said...

The NUTella aspect of the gift is
so typical of how the perps try to portray us. They have to portray as being nuts, because if they don't then everything we document must be true.

I do feel very sorry for my family though, because they are very good people who have been dragged into
an absolutely miserable situation
by the feds and the perp-thugs
that they use to attack us -- all of course with the built in plausible deniability that they depend on.

Their latest goal with me is to creat such a hostile environment
with my family so that I am driven out of my home - a place which I should add has in one way or another been my home for the past
42 years.

With these feds the only rule appears to be that there are no rules. Any aspect of your life is fair game, and the judicial system
appears to be completely unaccountable for the crimes being committed against you.

For the feds, it is now a daily assassination on my person, to
destroy any semblance of a relationship that is left with
my family -- which is to say --
VERY SADLY -- nothing.

I love my family now perhaps more so that at any other time, because I know the hell that they are being put through and the complete
and utter refuse that is putting them there -- read feds and their perps.

Of course the article that I listed on your Website last night
in regard to Robert Mueller did nothing to alleviate this situation.

It seems that the party line in America is to LIE and spin it as the truth and to villify those
who tell the unpopular truth about
a Federal Government that is based on LIES, and intelligence community
that was created to circumvent the
Constitution since their inception.

These are very real truths; and equally as unpopular as they are true.

I can guarantee you that the feds are quite literally hanging on every word I am writing here to see what they can use to spin to their advantage.

So what have I said? That I love my family, that they are victims as am I of an incorrible group of miscreants who have destroyed my relationship with them, and that
their is no rule of law in the United States any longer.

I have told the truth. It is the feds who are lying. So why are my family and I paying for it?

Because this is the new AmeriKA where fascism reigns and those who speak out against it are considered to be the enemy, and where a true patriot is considered to be someone like George Bush, who lies to his own people, represents those in power by using
the taxpayer's money to foment a plot to destroy American democracy,
and to cover his own tracks with the same plausible deniability that the feds use in committing their myriad of crimes.

So what else is new? Another day in hell...


AJH said...

That is sad about your family situation; my ex-wife is perp helper and my daughter (16 yo) is in on it, since she was 10 I reckon. They play the game of minimal contact, or must, depending on the arrangement. My ex was a planted quisling from the get-go, 1978 when I first met her. No wonder it was uphill all the time, and nothing of substance ever got resolved. All her unexplained tenseness for the last 10 years of 20 being married had a reason. Not to mention sudden and inexplicable (then) behavior changes. With the exception of my daughter, I don't have the time for any of them, taking part in this atrocity, though when I am around them it isn't felt or is voiced. How is that for mind control? Very customized to say the least.

Another day of noise assaults too; they have been busy putting combinations of noise where at least one of them "gets through" the ear muffs I wear. And plenty of plasma games all day today, with coordinated vision impairments. (Noise, plasma flash and vision impairment simutaneously, often when I select. cut, paste, insert, bookmark etc. All over inconsequential activity IMHO).