Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Doing Time

The weather is not so hot today, and I am not being "sweated" into a puddle like yesterday. The perps are putting on these wretched masers/zingers in my eyes (what an optometrist would call "floaters") that flit about exactly at the location I am looking at onscreen. Hence this posting could be disjunct as I will make some 20+ logins to finish it, something like yesterday with the constant excavator noise and with some kind of dithering/de-energizing action too, a mock (orchestrated) reaction to the noise.

Anyhow, yesterday (07-24-2006) was totally ugly with the mind-controlled reaction to all the planted adversities (fumbling, shaking, dropping, etc.), and the frequency of the adversity. Today, less noise and less provocations/planted adversities. I can still (barely) claim a rage-free existence since July 01 when the apartment manager spoke with me. And suddenly it abated after the perps have relentlessly enraged me (per mind-control response) with their extra-conventional physical sorcery over four years and three locations, due to be a fourth by the end of next month. This is the last full week of July and I have got to get on to finding a new place. I have been unusually slack in getting on with this, though I cannot imagine how the perps could have the entire harassment and mind-control show better set up here than anywhere else.

This is a 10 story, 140 unit apartment building and the entire thing is irradiating with some kind of plasmic energy. It is in the hallways, in my apartment and can be seen to a lesser extent outside. And I am irradiating too; just to look at me means seeing some kind of vibratory activity of the colors. Not physical vibration, but a restlessness in observing anything. Since July 01 the manager has moved on (was gifted to another job) and there is no resident manager, only part-timers from other buildings. I see no one in the hallways except one or two "regulars" who might be on the same "cooking" schedule as I am for whatever reason. Even the cursory in-apartment gangstalking has stopped. It is like the Mary Celeste (ghost ship).

Anyhow, therehas been three blockings of blog comments made to JM, an TI I communicate with. This is an example of the TI world; using blog postings as email because of concerted sabotage action by some depraved party on our respective cases down to orchestrating every typo/keystroke fumble. And the message to JM is: thank you for the blog mention/email; I am sorry to hear about the head zappings that arose when you began recent communications with me, and I hope you find relief soon, and continue to communicate. (Not meaning to be brusque either, the third time to write something up begets unintended brevity).

He also noted in his blog that his Pay Pal donation to Mind Control Forums, a very worthy cause, got blocked. Yessir, the perps planned this one for me months earlier, they blocked Pay Pal access totally by invoking a "security constraint" notice which had links that were dysfunctional. Ebay was taken out shortly after that in the same manner. It never ends, and one never knows what inconsequential part of one's life is going to be sabotaged next. Snail mail was blocked recently as noted in a past posting, and so I sent only $20 in should the first check "magically" surface to create another doubled payment.

How I pay my bills has been nonstop harassment since the first takedown of my PC; it was all online and worked great when in Seattle. Then all hell came upon me and the computer was taken out and it was back to snail mail, with all checks being held up for three weeks and causing a double payment situation. Eventually when I got it sorted out and continued to pay snail mail, even when I got back to Canada. Then more harassment over payments and snail mail incurring double payments erupted until they let me pay all but two BMO accounts online again. Naturally, the BMO payments got sabotaged this month. It is plain depraved that a federal government harassment agency is sabotaging innocent citizen's mail. Never mind the rest of my life.

One of my past postings detailed the harassment over cutting nose hairs, how and when I did it, and where I bought the supplies from. It is just beserk what this harassment agency will do, and who they have in their pockets. What the local police forces don't seem to get is that their very own got nixed in the 9/11 tradgedy. I say that, without full knowledge of all that transpired, but it is clear that there are major oddities in how it happened. So why are the local police cooperating with an agency that may have (likely) much to account for in the 9/11 tragedy? I don't know, but swim club blather amongst the operatives suggested that they were linked up as early as 1995, long ahead of time.

Anyhow, it is nothing that I am going to solve, nor will they see this as any kind of warning, even if they have a choice which they likely don't.

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