Monday, July 17, 2006

A Paean to Einstein's Successor- Explaining the Inexplicable

I cannot take credit for this find, as it was quite clear that the perps "guided" me (read, mind-controlled) to "find" this book titled "Gravitobiology" by Lt. Col. T.E. Bearden (retired), 1991. And then I was permitted to peruse his web site in due course when I was able to get online in the days of highly fraught sabotage of nearly everything in 2002. He covers all the ground that explains the remotely applied extra-conventional application of forces, mind-control and from there, world control. He also describes "rogue elements" who are conducting harassment operations, though I think on this one, he is covering up for the supreme sickos that have me energetically hog-tied, and certainly all my co-sufferers of covert surveillance and organized harassment (gangstalking).

He explains the world of the ether, energetics, infolded energies, vacuum energy, etc. and describes their application, which I have come to know on a firsthand basis. Not only that, he describes an experiment where "volunteers" (ho, ho) would be followed for all their lives to build the "energetic correlates" for life's experiences instead of generalized brain location energetics. (I looked for the link for 30 minutes which turned out to be a high noisestalked time, all that attentional activity).

He describes mind-control in the terms of these scalar energies and essentially describes all the capabilities that circumscribe this personal hell, and how it is made so. Bearden also details the nature of complete surveilance by "accessing the vacuum". Thanks to lifelong and documented learning diabilities conferred by the perps with abetting (so-called) parents, I cannot understand anything of signicant complexity, though to be sure, the perps could situationally dither me so I don't. He claims that the entire electric grid isn't necessary as we can "tap the vacuum" everywhere. What I look for in these science almost-fiction like descriptions is how it fits with the harassment scenario and how the perps operate. He is dead on in predicting some of their traits; e.g. making objects asymmetric of better enegetics reading, how light is part of the ether, etc.

Rather than me trying to explain his fantastically perceptive and studied works, take a look via the link here. If you cannot tell, I am a big follower of what Tom Bearden has to say about conventional and unconventional Electromagnetic Theory and how it fits with Quantum Theory. He posits a Grand Unified Theory that even eluded Einstein who famously dismissed "spooky action at a distance". You will never view the world the same way if you can get a handle on his descriptions of mass, energy and time and their inter-relationships.

Bearden also offers some ideas as to what the perps are after other than the 100% mind-control they want. He writes of nested levels of consciousness at the geographical city, state, nation level and that of the family, species, biosphere and gaia (or universal) level (cribbed from his Part II, Mind Control section). I am unable to offer any more wisdom other than that unfortuneately. This also may explain the fixation the perps have in sending friends and family to walk in my past geographical tracks as well as other parts of the world.

Anyhow, it very important even if partly true, and the sheer relentlessnes of the perps in buying up this city and weighing in on all road maintenance activity and the rest of their monumental exercises that surounds me 24x7 suggests Bearden has outlined what the venal sickos are truly after. Total control of all or large groups of minds from a distance. Very scary when one ponders who these assholes are, and how they get an entire city to violate the liberties and rag the living hell out of one citizen (me) who gave no permission whatsoever.


James F. Marino said...


I have read some of Bearden's work
as well. Fascinating stuff. I was
upset when he mentioned that the
Challenger Space Shuttle was blown apart in 1986, not by any defective
seals, but by the proton beam of
a Russian directed energy weapon.

As for the perps buying up our communities, their funding certainly appears to be substantial
and that can only mean one of two things, or perhaps both -- Governments and Corporations.

As for seeing new road work being done, been there done that too. Early on when my perps went from covert to over harassment they did
road work right in front of my home. In fact they did the entire
neighborhood -- blacktopping -- now this interesting as here's why.

In the 39 years that we had lived here, the road in front of our home was also paved asphalt. We had never had anyother work done here. Suddenly we have a road crew out there patching this area up.

They you know what happened. My neighbors directly across the street, and to each side had their driveways blacktopped.

This work went for at least two weeks before they left the neighborhood.

And we had the sound of the heavy
trucks using their jakebrakes (very noisy) each morning, and just driving up and down.

To be a bit indelicate here, but what the heck.. one morning I managed to pass gas.. well, after that every truck, bus and anything other vehicle with air brakes would
set them off when they went past the house. If I was out on the road
any truck I passed with airbrakes would set them off.

This went on for a year and still occurs from time to time. After awhile I thought it was amusing
and would make a whooshing sound
as I approached a truck beating him to the punch.

When it stopped being effective they lost interest -- they also interest when their triggers lose
their effectiveness. I think we can call it a lack of stick-to-it-tivness.

As you well know, they are well financed, and without conscience.
However, they are also without courage -- these stalkers are some of the most yellow bellied cowards I have ever seen -- gutless punks.

I was just reading some statistics
by organization that is responsible for my being stalked
the fbi -- In 2003 they received an annual budget of more than 4
BILLION dollars.

How comforting it is to know that much of it is being spent paying
miscreants to gangstalk us and
the governent's use of its so called use of non lethal weapons to attack us with.


AJH said...

There is something fundamental that the perps don't understand about road surfaces, soil color and the interaction of vehicles. They have displaced lane lines twice, each by a foot at a time in one location and are still at it, digging up the roads across and in parallel. There must be some kind of earth-soil-vehicle energetics interaction they want to quantify that is annoying them. Having me irradiated and vibrating with some kind of energetic activity likely makes determination more likely. For the most part they like me to drive fast which presumably offers more energetics interaction. I may have surrogates, true volunteers, that are just as irradiated as me, except that they are not being harassed. This is likely as I don't have my vehicle anymore.