Monday, July 17, 2006

The 0400h Awakening Stunt

I won't get into the games that got me up at this hour, which has never been a habit of mine. But what I will say is that the dusk time is one in which the perps engage in a significant amount of noise activity, lighting and shadow games (sunlight and artificial sources), activity variations (web surfing, reading, driving (once)), phone interuptions and visitations. So it comes as no surprise (always in hindsight as any foresight is not permitted) that they would pull the same act at dawn.

But of course they wanted the morning routine on their terms, and that meant the usual web surfing activity first. Only four hours later did they let me start this blog posting by way of blocking access until then. Nothing new there, blocking web access, it is a daily event for some sites at some times of the day, whatever their script calls for.

And they also laid on extra plasmic emanations from my LCD display; these are becoming ferocious over the day and "cause" (read, advisedly ) severe eye reddening by day's end. But that wasn't enough red on my face as I discovered first thing (at 0400h). They put on red spots on my nose tip, forehead, lip (also spontaneously bleeding onto a fresh white towel) and right mouth corner. All for this special day, to bring in the dawn, a rare event by any stretch, save the adolescent morning paper route days.

And so at 0730h, they start the ubiquitous tree services' chipper noise, which given the attention the trees get around here with such frequent occurences, there wouldn't be any left. And to fill out the morning, a biker-type chopped motorcycle noise started up, likely for the mythical 24x7 biker meet. that continues in the most unlikely neighborhoods in this fried city, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. That infers irradiated in some way that causes this vibratory appearence to all that I see, and it is not my eyes.

The new meaning of "come fry with me" (in some advanced energetic and seemingly non-harming way) comes to mind. Or, another cynical take (my idea I think, and not a planted thought), is that this province of British Columbia, may have more to do with the mayhem of the country of Columbia than just its namesake. Think of an orderly band of thugs running the province instead of the narco variety. (And as I wrote the "narco" word, and re-read it, I got noisestalked with coincident chopped motorcycle and vehicle beepings noise, which suggests that notion was planted by way of the associated noise over their trigger word).

Anyhow, I wanted to make this a short one and build the case for strange energy sources in another posting.

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