Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Second Physics Site Explaining the Inexplicable

There are 100's of web sites that speak to universal vacuum energy, ether energy, the Grand Unified Theory (GUT), over-unity engines and the like. I have visited many of them, and they are almost always helpful to some extent in explaining the perp's objectives or how they manipulate forces from a distance. There are only two that I revisit, which is not intended a pejorative statement about the others, but these are two that offer the most predictive value as to what methods, and objectives the perps might operate with. When I read them, some ah-ha's go off, such as the perp's obsession with colors, directional orientation, travelling speed and the full palette of venality that goes on in any given day as the harassee (me).

The first physics site was mentioned in this blog about Tom Bearden, and the second is another home-built site that offers some serious thinking about energy-mass interactions which often coincide with perp and harassment operations. The site posits theories and "humbly suggests" in a fresh and inviting way. He is JK Harms, and is much more readable than Bearden's densified cerebral thoughts and covers different ground to some degree. JK Harms posits fundamental new ways of thinking about the interaction of gravity, photons, mass, electrons, neutrinos etc that I might be able to get my head around someday. (if ever accorded unharassed reading time). I sent him a comment once about that if he did not believe in the ether, how did he reconcile that wiith his descriptions of the "abundant" (his term) infrared and visible spectrum energies. I never heard back, and that could well be a perp email blocking stunt which happens all the time.

He offers a reason for day-glow colors (mid way down the page) to be so vibrant, and this is a common perp tactic; to use these colors in gangstalkers clothing or object placements, e.g. day-glow traffic cones on a nearby roof. He also has reasons to suggest new color complements, red and green together, blue and yellow. And to no surprise, these are very common combinations of gangstalking colors, after white and black.

Another component of his theory is about flames (as in from a fire). The perps put on many cigarette smokers around me, and not just to drive the smell up my nose as I learned from JK Harms' theories. The perps also like to have a big building fire every so often and the coordination that it has with my comings and goings is amazing. JK Harms' proposal is that flames are the "ripping of the space-time continuum". That is one of those "loose me" statements that I will never understand, but what I do know is that this action-at-a distance assault and harassment does manipulate space and time together or singly.

I thought I would at least pass on this site, but I must refrain from attempting to offer a summary as it would take hours for me to take up his ideas with this learning compromised brain of mine (thoroughly documented). Consider yourselves to be exposed to my own two scientific heros whose work lends significant understanding as to why and how I am being harassed out of my mind 24x7x365, and have less liberties that a incarcerated convict.

The BIG question is why are the perps hounding me in this game of pretend all the time? Why cannot they 'fess up, pay up (bigtime) and have me cooperate in specialized experiments instead of running a hundred or more red colored vehicles for 4+ years near or around me on a longer highway (vehicluar gangstalk) sortie?

That is the question I would like answered, as the perps carry on as if they are fooling some party that exhibits some kind of oversight. As if they make themselves too obvious, they will incur some kind of irreversible penalty. That I don't get, because if they desparately need something in a pinch, some kind of odd space-time event will happen; tripping me, dust from nowhere floating about in my face, moving my vehicle 10', placing gangstalkers etc. WHO are they fooling?

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