Friday, July 14, 2006

Eviction Time Again

Its that time in a TI's life when they get evicted for various reasons; in my case it is the mind-controlled rages they put me through in response to their provocations, e.g. spillings, food flicking, cutting board moving, blocked toilets, trippings, finger fumblings, proprioception dithering, unneeded actions, "forgets" and the rest of the venal arsenal they level at me every day.

The only positive thing out of this was after the climatic event, the apartment manager coming in person instead of letters, is that for the first time in three and a half years of being harassed by this "rage-ification" method to extreme levels, the perps have backed off. That is something in the TI's world when the harassment is demonstrably lessened, as this one has been their number one method for 3 1/2 years of the 4 year hell they have cast me into (so far). Mind you, they could start it up again if they get into a jam, but so far, it has been two weeks and no rages, and inordinant reprieve to date.

That is not to say they are treating me much better, the provocations (above) are still in place mostly, but they don't have me go automatically ballistic each time . And the other side of the joke is that there are NO neighbors, much like the last apartment building. The irradiation, or plasma fields are so strong in here, they can be seen as a yellowish fog in the hallways, and not just the floor that I am on. There is a dearth of genuine tenants here, which was affirmed when they invoked a fire alarm stunt at 0400h and there were at most, 20 "tenants" (read gangstalking operatives) on the street. Then, one hour later, in an astonishing stunt, they let me in while the fire department was still active on this floor and were putting on a little game of "pretend" over an asphyxiated tenant (he wasn't).

The evictions are almost predictable; one year at one location and then it is anytime thereafter. Usually they change up the decor colorings and it is an opportunity to see how they are doing on the color front. As far as I can tell they are still (50 years later) sucking wind on figuring out the color brown vis a vis me and my energetics. As they configured this apartment with brown carpet, cabinet colors, brown bathroom tiles and adjacent buildings they might have overdone it (again), and taken on too much. They often back me off on brown vehicular color exposures at times, and then slowly introduce them as they did in the pre-06-2006 vehicular gangstalking days. They gave me a month of ambulatory egress (no vehicle) and very possibly decided that it wasn't working. I sense the perps are going for a longer harassment duration, assuming I can get sufficient survival money. (This is not a plea).

So in other words, they fucked up again; the house I owned 1991 to 1996 had brown floors and ceilings and a red-brown brick chimney. Then the perps cranked on the angst mind-control levers to make me move from there to a farm. That was a BIG mistake (assuming it was my choice) as there were no end of chores to do and my then-wife was becoming less competent all the time. It was four years of extreme stress. But as the perps regularly chase me (read gangstalk) with trucks carrying PVC pipe, I realized the farm ownership stunt was in part to get me more PVC "exposure". I laid 1800' of PVC pipe at least, and they made sure there was lots of stress on the PVC as I had to saw and file the pipe which created many small fragments. Pipe snippers couldn't be had anywhere.

As mentioned in one post, the perps "enlighten" me sometimes by "granting and planting" news articles on low level pollution, one being PVC's. Other substances are teflons, dibromides (?) and possibly others. They also tell me that the nano-behavior of TiO (titania) is different from the molecular behavior, and by inference, is causing them problems. As always, I don't care, my liberties are more important than this sick-minded life-trashing excess that is long past its due date.

Anyhow, enough for a post as I am in a foul state; the perps forced me to go to the 9th floor for laundry instead of the 3rd and 6th, then slowed up my washing machine cycle by 15 minutes to create an extra trip for nothing, not to mention the elevator direction hijinx that also "happened" when toting my laundry about, an additional operative gangstalker was not optional.

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