Saturday, July 29, 2006

Miscellaneous Ramblings & Gangstalking Links

I don't have an overwhelming (so far) gripe or adversity to rail about (1400h). It is the usually game of provocation and rant reaction of a 1000 cuts (read provocations by unconventional action-at-a-distance technology). This blog is expected to be a slice of TI life, such as it is.

One fascinating stunt the perps regularly pull is the confluence of finishing or starting new food items, in preparation of the permitted diet. Today, it was a four-bagger. There was a new red onion (dry skin cast-offs), cheese package, tortilla package and the last of the cooked chicken (carcass) finished. This is the "TI normal" and happens more often than not; I don't know exactly how they do this, but monitoring and metering precise amounts of the ingredients is the starting place. I have noted in the past that some ingredients are drawn down too fast over my thought-to-be consumption rate while on other occasions, the supply lasts longer than expected. Just as the perps calculate the location of my every footfall and walking speed in this Potemkin village/nightmare of entrances and exits (gangstalking), so do they govern food supplies on hand and their consumption.

Their purposes are not exactly known, but they devote a huge amount of effort in what I eat, how much, with what, when etc. as one can deduce from this recent post of mine. I surmise that the perps like to analyse the energetics of my garbage as the one time confluence of items presents an opportunity for them to be considerably closer together than otherwise. The perps are particularly vexed by plastics and its diamagnetic properties, to the point of melting them in situ, e.g. my kitchen knife handle's slow forming bubbled appearance over the last few months when it never goes anywhere near a hot element or stove.

In the very early days of this harassment, say all of 2002, all I knew was that the perps were after my food consumption and conducting some kind of analysis (remotely). For the longest time it never added up; why screw someone so mightily over what they eat with remotely applied unconventional physical forces? Then in early 2004 they let me in on their game to a degree; it was mind-control research. Then in mid 2004, they let me in on that it was a lifelong state with school, employer and parental abettance from birth. And following that, many of their harassment stunts, e.g. noisestalking, tipped their hand that there was more to it than "just" 100% mind-control. I reckon they are at 99.9% and still making forward progress, or else they would never of given up the rage-ification stunts that went down nearly every day.

Yesterday I got a negative drift from the housing people over the mention of gangstalking, and by all acounts it is very prevalent and yet they didn't know or pretended otherwise. Just to straighten out this possible "misunderstanding", especially with these clinical hintings going on, it is time to briefly mention a few links that demonstrate gangstalking is becoming very common. I got a story and link page from a fellow TI (thanks JM), recently and for you disbelievers in gangstalking, feast on this, though I have a few quibbles with the definitions.

There is even a book about it, from one who worked for some gangstalkers, though I suspect they were far removed from the assholes that have my moves blanketed before I even know where I am headed. The title is Terrorist Stalking in America by David Arthur Lawson, Scrambling News 2001. Anyhow, should the doctor on 07-31-2006 lapse into bullshit-speak e.g.. "I don't deny these are your experiences etc.", I am prepared. When I asked him at an earlier consult to challenge me on anything I said, he later accused me of being "defensive". For being 99.9% mind-controlled IMHO, the perps are actually letting me put on a reasonable defense of myself, though this cannot be relied upon as "I" have a curious habit of "forgetting" key pieces of experience to lend to my defence. They could easily turn me into a babbling idiot to be consigned as an in-patient forthwith based on my past experience with perp sourced mental state impositions.

And too, I have become cynical of JIT (Just In Time) suicides that happen in an timely basis; I never question that the victim took his own life, but what mind-control irradiations and messages were applied to him that put the victim in this vulnerable state? I will never get even a hint of an answer, but I know from my own experience they can put one on the edge.

More perp related news possibly? An ugly incident in Seattle, where I once worked. This fits the pattern of significant events that erupt in locations I have visited or lived. And too, the other objectives related to death, chaos and mayhem come to mind.

Another de-mineralization stunt to the drinking water it seems; that lovely natural lemon flavor to the Cutolo Rionero has been excised, likely by the past mentioned jerkarounds with supplies with drinking water. It seems that the perps must suck the pleasure out of anything they can find. They do this to chocolate also; they must dampen the sensation somehow, because I never get the same pleasant flavors that I once did from quality chocolate. But it is something they want me to eat daily, given it's brown color and whatever obsessions they have with that.

Anyhow, enough for a post.

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