Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Hot Day in Irradiation-ville

I am in dire need to find out the nature of the irradiations that are going on in my apartment, hallways and outside, everywhere I go. Surely there is someone in Victoria, BC, Canada who can fill me in on the details, as this is plain to see by anyone. And if I don't reply, keep trying, as my email is getting blocked more often than not.

Anyhow, an unexciting morning so far, though some provocations to keep me ranting at the perps; typical morningtime stunts (action-at-a-distance aka unconventional physical forces) include;

  • spreading coffee grounds about (a perp obsession over brown things),
  • smarming peanut butter onto my plate and fingers (the properties of my current peanut butter have been modified to flow even straight from the fridge and oil mixed in at the outset),
  • having my bare feet step on some kind of nightime crumb arrivals,
  • extra crunchy cereal as the noise in my mouth when in fact it is plain soggy,
  • depleting the bathroom shaving water at each pass (one face section) of shaving, now for 15 months straight, every day with no apparent water leakage,
  • having me exit the shower without having washed my hair, something I routinely do every day for over 3 decades,
Enough trivial pursuits. Owing to a strategic "forget" (read, mind-controlled loss of recall) there were more items to acquire at the nearby grocery store today. Translated in perp operations, another outside gangstalking show, in a variety of coordinated clothing colors. Though they are laying off the obvious stuff except some blatant aisle blocking today, they did relocate the olive oil and have me wandering all over for it. There were a few other in-store feints and the blonde action was also prominent, as well as a doorway blocking by the ditz routine. A pink shirt seemed to be in order for women's clothing, as there was three of them within 10 seconds of arrival inside.

For more blonde action, they put on the arrival of my aerobics instructor in Seattle; she just "happened" to be stepping into the store as I was on my way to the checkout (pink shirt/blouse too). Although she did look absolutely scintillating and much like I remember her in 2001 last, we never crossed paths close enough to say hello. Then at the checkout, the young partial blonde was in-training as she was yesterday on the same shift. She had this horrid eye-liner mascara job; her upper eyelids were two colors, vertically separated; half brown and half the more normal bluish shimmer tone. She did look down plenty enough for me to see this freakish makeup job, and I assume it was for my benefit somehow, with the perps and their seeming past trauma re-enactment games. (See yesterday's blog, On Blondes).

Her coach/trainer was black haired, another staff regular I assume. But in the course of transacting, wallet out (note), another elder mid-forties blond woman extra checkout cashier "happened" to arrive behind my back and offer the new opened checkout to the backed up "customers"/gangstalkers. There is always some action at the checkout in some way to offer more opportunity to the energy assay (or whatever it is) to the perps, as it repeats so often. No big deal.

And more brown dressed folk on the sidewalk as I walked back, and a blue backpacker weaving in front of him and then beside in relative normal pedestrian fashion, but putting on the time worn/plain obvious peekaboo games that the perps engage in. One color/person in front of another, be it by race, clothing (and backpack color), gender, familial relations, hair color, age range etc. This applies to people/gangstalkers as much as it does to vehicles, which has been noted in the past when I was driving.

And too, there are parked vehicle-ambulatory gangstalker combinations. The numbers of gangstalkers that "happen" to be accessing their vehicles, i.e. behind vehicle doors, looking over their trunk contents, exiting or entering defies description. This has been perp planted habit for some 4 years now, and even had my landlady sitting in her vehicle while I was walking outside to get to my own vehicle. It is plain absurd that 3 to 6 orchestrated parked vehicles at a glance are being egressed in my purview in any urban situation.

And it is repeat gangstalkers too; one time, a spiffy suit & tie dressed operative/gangstalker in a supermarket checkout line ahead of me in the daytime (most males will not be caught dead in that situation on a weekday morning) "played" with the autostop switch of the checkout conveyor belt, jerking the goods about for all. Then a week later he shows up as a driver exiting his parked 3 tonne delivery vehicle as I drive by. It is utterly bizzare and these events are orchestrated at every place I go.

The most absurd gangstalk act of today's one block store visit was the red & white rags in a plastic bag being hefted on an ambulatory operative's shoulder (as if packing a mighty bale of hay) passing me by on the sidewalk. This 16" diameter bag was neither that heavy or awkward. (And also note, I was not allowed to know how idiotic it looked until I got back to my apartment.) As mentioned many times, the color red is a big gangstalker/perp obsession, and they usually introduce it in a metered way as part of their gameplan. Today, the nearby parking lot that consistently had one quarter of its size, approx. 10, devoted to deep red colored vehicles was reduced to about five in honor of my passing by. These incessant color games are applied in both additive and subtractive methods.

There were no apartment doorway sentries or on-my-tail followers today. In the past, the perps twice put on a begging granny/sentry at the front door, immaculately dressed in red and white, with an old fashioned peaked bonnet. I cannot call the absence of doorway followers and sentries a relief as it usually means another avenue to screw me over has been attained.

Another aircrash in the news today, an Armenian A320; as one may extrapolate from my helicopter post, I believe that these air disasters are no coincidence and are contrived to elicit some kind of universal psychic energy interaction from me or anyone else being similarly monitored. You can call me nuts on this one, but only this claim. If you were here, you could witness the noise flurry that started up as I wrote up this paragraph. And that of earlier when I first saw the news item.

A note to JM; I got your 07-26-2006 in-blog note; good to know that the head zapping didn't last too long, as the perps can render one's life unbearable until one says the right words to the operative's shill. I will leave that topic for now, as the noisestalking just began again, meaning it is a hot topic for perp surveillance. And as a minor correction, I am a first born Canadian from parents from the UK who were likely in the perp's grip when they emigrated to Canada about 1950-52.

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