Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Cell With a View & Mail Blocking

Another shut-in day; two in succession though perhaps a late night outing (tonight) might be in order to not feel too claustrophobic. As it happened (now 07-23-2006), as "dysthymic disinclination" came over me and I stayed indoors for the evening.

One game the perps play is "what's in the landscape?", because it seems, they do like to manage how much I see at any given point in time. The hiking destination I visited almost exclusively was Jocelyn Hill in Gowland-Tod Park, north of
Victoria. There are two routes there, and they would direct me to one or the other through planted parking overflow games or gangstalker swarming on trail. Jocelyn Hill has a fantastic panorama there; the North Shore Mountains overlooking Vancouver, the Tantalus Range, the central range on Vancouver Island (pardon my ignorance), Mt Baker in Washington State, the Olympics on the Washington Olympic National Park, and even Mt Rainer on a very exceptional clear day. All that, and vistas over the Gulf Islands, Victoria, and the Malahat. Unbeatable views for this locale.

Anyhow, for my 2 to 3 visits per week when I had my vehicle were some relief from constant dithering of proprioception abilities, swarms of gangstalkers, action-at-a-distance stunts, maser and plasma flashes etc. Not that it was total relief by any means, but some. And I am sure it served some purpose in the perp's needs over brown color games, green color games and whatever else they have lined up on their substantial objectives list.

It was clear to me over many visits that the view was being "managed"; that is selective cloud cover over the North Shore but not Mt Baker and no end of permutations and combinations of the above mentioned mountain vistas. They had navy vessels in Saanich Inlet for at least four visits and some kind of beams were emanating from the on-board radar set. Other land-based towers are the same, and there were at least seven to ten of them encircling Jocelyn Hill where I would invariably have my lunch, as it was the destination from either route.

Anyhow, back to managed landscape views. It is no surprise that I get an alley's width view of street level in this fourth floor apartment building, which is where a sequence of specific colored vehicles are parked, the usual ones of vehicular gangstalking (red, dark green, silver grey, white, black). There are a few more locations of where ladder bearing vehicles seem to swap in and out in non-random order. Along with this view from this apartment is a segmented view of a small part of the Olympic Mountains. Of late, the perps have been clouding them in, obstructing them with clouds in varying degrees of grey over the day. Sometimes they will flash a plasma ghost of the view, next to it, in effect, doubling its length momentarily. Today they are introducing a haze so that the Olympics are gradually being excised from my view over a period of half a day.

This peekaboo tactic is very common in slow introductions to other objects, even the colored vehiclar gangstalk activity at a traffic control on the red signal. They will arrange an empty lane beside me, say on the immediate right, with the second lane over being fully populated with vehicles, again color coordinated. The perps will slowly feed a specific color vehicle down this open lane, and continue this practice until the light turns to green. My only determination as to what they are doing is checking on my real-time neurological (or energetics thereof) reactivity to colors and objects in the landscape, even if not expressly looking at them. In coming back from a parental visit, I notice they often needlessly walk in front of the television picture, often when red images are displayed.

The plasma activity is on high today (07-23-2006), and the perps seem to be dispensing with their usual requirement of having a cover story, or ostensible cause. When waiting for the bus they put on a green flash in mid-street, and no end of spatter, a collection of retinal-like burns (as if I looked at the sun, which I didn't). The buildings and sky were their usual energetic selves, a vibratory appearence, not unlike this apartment cell.

(07-23-2006) And another trivial game the perps have pulled again; blocking my mail when there are bill payments contained in them. They pulled this once when I got jerked into hospital and I was catching up on my bills. They blocked them all (~6) until I paid again, then released the originals so I ended up paying double. They won't let me pay my current BMO accounts via the internet by witholding the merchant account numbers from the list, but for some reason, all others are allowed to be paid by online. Go figure.

Anyhow, that is a wrap on this post; I am all over the place and barely kept the theme cogent. But I have been hampered with endless motorcycle noise (e.g. chopped Harleys) and vision impairment stunts, including the zany zingers that can follow exactly where I am reading.

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