Friday, July 21, 2006

My Usual Suspects

Off the brown and other color topics and onto other regular gangstalker acts though the reasons are unknown to me. Here is a major collection of gangstalking stunts that usually repeat 3 to 5 times per week, even for a one block walk and return when I go grocery shopping;

  • foliage and trimmings; they will put on 5 tonne truckfuls of chipper output nearby, arrange hedge trimming and other landscaping maintenance "events" proximate to me or even on the sidewalk in my path. (also with the chipper unit, sometimes for its mass, or operating noise/spinning mass)
  • Men In Suits or sportsjackets. Preferably black suits, again, no reason.
  • blonde women, even a Paris Hilton lookalike hanging about my vacated seat at the theatre once.
  • red headed gangstalkers; male or female.
  • white-haired elderly gangstalkers.
  • English accented gangstalkers and even one of their own operatives (with red hair and previously known from the swim club) was on-trail with a fake UK accent and as soon as I recognized him he shut up and looked at the ground. We never exchanged glances even, as soon as I knew it was him, he changed his act,
  • police and other LEO drivebys, siren shows or even their parked vehicles only.
  • fuzzy haired gangstalkers,
  • olive oil spattering in my apartment,
  • on-street spitting and/or stomach contents unloading; its a gross one, but it is amazing how often this occurs nowadays.
What does it all mean? Various things. The spitting and barfing is a method of exposing one's mouth or stomach contents to the outside world, and my take on their perp's problems is that the inside on one's mouth, mine in particular, is very difficult to remotely assay for its energies and color, especially being so close to the underside of one's brain. Likewise for the digestive process as it entails the brown color. Hence the operatives aid this quest by unloading their mouth contents near me or spitting in traffic as well.

My parents are from the UK, which is where this entire travesty began IMHO, and it seems that they are attempting some kind of deep-brain familiarity detection. Just a guess.

The white, red and blonde haired gangstalkers aren't bothering more than any other, but it is amazing to ponder the number of red-haired seatmates I had in school classes. As for fuzzy hair, no idea why the perps have this "featured" in my gangstalker population. My once long time friend is both blonde and fuzzy haired, and I cannot help but thinking he may have been planted for that reason alone, after personal compatibility.

The foliage planting has me perplexed; I worked in the woods for part of the year from 1971 to 1990, and I had been hiking about twice a week until last month. Now they are bringing the woods, or chopped up branches and foliage to me. Even pickups course by with a cluster of live trees often enough to suggest that the perps are still beating on this theme. Twenty years of forestry and outside trail hiking isn't enough it seems.

As for the Law Enforcement Oganizations, I get plenty of exposure, including three past incidents of gun pulling where they suprised me and I was not threatening in any way to anyone before or since. The US INS border patrol pulled out their guns on me and handcuffed me to give me a piece of paper once, one that I could of had for the asking. They make it quite clear who they really work for and from operative swim club chit-chat, have an integrated information system with the perps.

Anyhow, those are mere ramblings over the obvious and concerted efforts of the perps to keep planting these same themes anytime I am in a public space, all very coordinated as to when in the sequence, who with, what relative direction, where and what state I am in (annoyed, complacent etc.).

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James F. Marino said...

"police and other LEO drivebys, siren shows or even their parked vehicles only"

This is typical here as well. Many times the local cops will either drive slowly past the house or
stop in front of the driveway.
Flashing lights from all types of
ER vehicles including Ambulance,
FD and PD were more common a year or more ago, but still occur frequently enough when I travel out.

It has been said by some that when FBI agents target people their idea of due process is not killing their victims before the trial.

A very accurate description.