Monday, July 24, 2006

Excavator Noise Serenade

After a visit yesterday to the so-called parents who turned me over to the perps in a particularly ill-advised move, the perps have gone crazy in infuriating me to sub-rage levels, creating huge amounts of noise, and having me sweat buckets (augmented with action-at-a-distance sorceric methods). My big excitement of the day was to do my laundry, and while the perps invoked enough adverse sorcery to seriously piss me off, they also made sure that a nearby excavator was hard at work with ample noise (and vibration I assume) throughout laundry handling and the entire morning, and into the afternoon as I write this (1400h).

It is a day of being infuriated again, their number one method of probing deeper into my neurological underpinnings of their energetics research (= mind control). One common adjunctive method now back in favor is dropping brown crumbs in any location where I spend time; desk (in keyboard), kitchen, dining room table and the bathroom. They will also plant them on my hands as they see fit, usually to both be felt and then seen, a double play. Putting any crumbs under my finger tips is very common now, when it wasn't some six months ago. And I don't ask where they come from anymore, there is no ostensible cause, and for whatever reason, the perps don't care to have one.

The bus trip to the parents place was an Asian gangstalker exposition of some kind; again this relates to the brown problem the perps have, and that includes skin tone. Other races came in and departed in rotation as well. I won't describe the details of the predictable musical chairs-like subterfuges and related activity, but it was the first bus ride in my life where the operator revved the engine while in neutral when waiting at a timing stop. And no, it was not to run the airconditioning because there wasn't any, just the breeze when it was mobile.

There is something about blonde women the perps like and thereby causes them to plant in my proximity, gangstalker style. I haven't figured out quite what, but maybe the "iconic blonde" notion is part of it. Anyhow, they had a seen-before blonde woman (gangstalker) dressed in brown on the bus near my seat. She got out early, so perhaps it was a test of some kind, hoping that something of it (whatever "it" is they are looking for) rubbed off onto the Asian population on the bus. In a similar incident three days ago, they planted an Asian "staff member" at the grocery store next to me, and I began to explain the to her unexpected cooked chicken "shortage problem" (e.g. none) to her, she then conferred with a blonde Caucasian woman only 6' away behind a counter, who happend to have one right beside her. Another go-figure, but one that repeats in some form anytime they let me out.

The so-called parents gave me a lift into town in their brown Ford Escape and the usual vehicular gangstalking consort was circulating about their vehicle the entire 20 minute trip. This must of been a gangstalking bonus, to have three of us in the same vehicle, and no less, a very light brown color at that. I also noted that the perps had depoo-ed me prior to my visit, and that may have been another factor in the incessant vehicular swarm that aggregates about me anytime I am on the street; driving, walking or waiting for a bus.

And the perps have invoked some very hot weather it seems; there are none of the usual breezes that cool this part of Victoria down today or yesterday. All the better cover to invoke some atmosheric haze and de-color the appearence of the Olympic Mountains that can be seen from this location. (See previous post).

And I have found some excellent reading about Thomas Townsend Brown, a early gravitaics researcher who worked for the US Navy and other related organizations who have an interest in keeping this kind of work in secret, and only revealing some of it to torment the living hell out of certain selected individuals, such as me. TT Brown's biography is a work in progress on the internet here. This man, who by all acounts despite his secretive life, was much respected and liked by those who knew him. I suspect he never saw the dark side of his gravity-control work, and perhaps was unaware of the like-fields that can be assessed from a distance to manipulate another's mind, and cause them a lifetime of sufferance.

And it always does cause me to wonder what the perps actually reveal to the gangstalker community as they recruit them for this venal activity. Not a one seems to care that it is totally illegal and venal, never mind a wholesale intrusion into someone's life with no consent and violating every civil freedoms charter (e.g. US constitution) that has ever been written since the Magna Carta. Enough ramblings for a post, and as the vision perturbation harassment starts up again, it is time to go.

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James F. Marino said...

John, like Vera's Story, the following is another excellent account, done quite well, and
most compelling.

Our perps have deep dark "secrets"
that they don't want the public to know about. This is a main reason for their attempts to drive us insane...