Monday, July 31, 2006

A Quick Post

A rare active morning; my brother came in a unusual act of charity and agreed to store some of my belongings. But of course it comes with caveats, especially anytime an "excursion" is planned for me.

Naturally there were brown cardboard boxes and white ink over brown cardboard; a max-out on brown objects, especially when being passed brother to brother and likely back again. And too, a stop at a furniture sale, where the rooms were ill lit by a sparse number of incandescent bulbs only. Read, many brown colored furniture items. Bizarre if you want to sell something, having such dim light. And plenty of white haired men in navy blue shirts (not uniforms). Outside, more ambulatory gangstalkers were dressed in dark brown on a hot summer day, and at least two independent pairs were wearing the same color of brown. Also playing big was men-with-large-tummys (gangstalkers) standing or strutting about; in black, white, and navy blue.

Not to mention the abnormally high number of red and deep red vehicular gangstalking when in his white trades van (a very common gangstalk vehicle itself). My brother was doing all manner of gangstalk moves as well, that is expected, part of the "generousity". And he was in the same olive green T-shirt as he was last night, one shade removed from that of my father's who was beside him. And when we stopped and exited his van at the furniture sale, the very first person (operative/gangstalker) we encountered was beside the meter in the identical colored shirt as my brother. Unbelievable, and at least two more of that shirt color "happened" to be about before we returned to the van 10 minutes later. And when he dropped me off, another gangstalker was in the same colored shirt as my brother, only 10' away.

The perps have me in a frazzled state today, and keep making sure I know about it; pulling holes in the tortillas, flicking blueberries around the bowl ahead of my spoon, draining the sink water prematurely while I was attempting to do the dishes (every day when shaving), crumbling the tortilla edges and flicking the brown crumbs about (floor, counter, plate, stove top), rattling the plates together when I go to grasp one, adding extra noise in handling the crockery etc. And they made sure I blew up at my brother, which they make me do nearly everytime I see him (totally predictable as long as there is somewhere else for anyone else to escape for the moment). And the perps like to rub it in, and remind me that I am moving, but don't know where.

And that is because I am quite certain they are going to run me into hospital soon, possibly today, as I see the doctor later in 2 hours. So this might be the last post for a while.

And when coming back from my brother's by bus (he was "too busy" to drive me, and it was only a 15 minute trip), I was total gangstalk bait while waiting at the bus stop, which was near two gas stations. And lo, if there wasn't a perp in orange overalls filling a tank in a trailer for 20 minutes with the filler hose horizontal and 6' off the ground, and 4' of exposed hose facing me 40' away. Still on the gasoline-energetics testing from yesterday.

Then three ambulatory gangstalkers arrived at the bus stop at once, to "join me", and within five minutes the "zingers" arrived and flew about in my vision for at least 10 minutes before the bus arrived. It seems that the ambulatory gangstalkers supply extra "readability" in some way, and allow the perps to apply the vision impairment harassment as well. Anyhow, no end of formations of traffic in specific orders of colors; red, silver grey, white, black and grey came by, often only one direction at a time. Never have I been so exposed to their vehicular gangstalking as today. And too, my former vehicle being a Volvo, the perps put on pairs of them, and went through a color palette-full (~20) by the time I boarded the bus.

And, after a 30 minute bus ride, one of the above ambulatory gangstalkers at the boarding bus stop got off at the same stop as I did, after passing through downtown. Amazing again, that this happens so often; the ambulatory gangstalkers are sticking with me for longer, and in more differing situations. From this, and their flailing about with colors, and clothing combinations and stacking one gangstalker behind the other, I think the perps are sucking wind on figuring out their energetics and color interaction (with me). And too, plenty of brown skinned gabgstalkers were coursing about me on the bus, changing seats, lean forward positions in this relentless harassment; four years and counting in their game of pretend musical chairs/colors/races etc.

I read on an internet site that strange electronic weapons are being used in Iraq; a van full of people dead, and their guts are split open by some unseen force/beams. Very possibly this is not true, but it does seem to fit with the perps needing to develop their energetics model about the colors of people's skin color and their internal organs and how these energetically interact with others, specifically me. And what an excuse a war is for pulling high-tech ways to nix some innocents. Beats cattle mutilation games hands down.

Anyhow, another cynical ending, but I just wanted to get that out, as this may be the last post for a while, and maybe from my apartment.


James F. Marino said...

John, hope you made it back from this doctor ok.. I consider the medical community offlimits these days since the perps can bully these doctors into doing anything
to us with little or no recourse.

Most TI's that I have read about have warned to stay away from the medical community for this reason.

As for myself, three doctors including a psychiatrist, DO and
Internist all used by these feds in
their attack on me. Going to the psychiatrist was an expensive scam
since all he was attempting to do was entrap me for the feds anyway.

In reality if I have committed any serious crime, why do they need to shrinkwrap me to entrap me??

Sorry, could not resist..

Also, this buzzard with a prescription pad took my family for
around Ten Grand. Not only is he guilty of fraud, he is also guilty of grand larceny.

As for the Patriot Act, every Patriotic American should take this document and shove it down George Bush's treasonous chickenneck throat...

James F. Marino said...

On an aside.. have you ever figured out what the use of the
Volvo is for with these perps?

They have used this car in my harassment since its inception..

Even coerced my brother into buying
a canary yellow Volvo T5R which
he has practically rebuilt...

If you have a clue please post on your next forum if you are able to.

The only thing I figured is that they advertise it as a safe family car .. are they rubbing salt in the wound that they took our families from us?

I sincerely hope that you are able to. I feel a creshendo in my own harassment coming, as I am fully expecting. Having written this we'll see if the feds take it as bait -- do I really feel it coming or did I just say so... Let them use their synthetic telepathy to find out. Unless of course that is not always accurate...

Anyway, just blowing off some steam here in what has been yet another long day of street theatre.

I no longer get up until after noon
and then work into the night hours reading or writing until 4 or 5 AM.

It is a skelelton shift I know,but makes more sense, since the perps are less, and my creativity seems less hampered by them and their


AJH said...

Thank you for your concerns; as usual, I get the planted notion and get worked up about it only to find that there was a totally different plan.

As for the Volvo vehicle intensity; my theory is that the Swedish steel has some properties that the perps like; either highly electromagnetic or energetic (overhead pounding as I typed that, and five typos to complete one certain word).

They put plenty of Saabs around me too, and I don't have much use for those.