Thursday, July 13, 2006

Smell of the Day and Other Ramblings on Color

And there is always a smell that is supplied to my nose throughout the day, and it does not require any ostensible cause. Often it is a BO type smell, though truly unlikely as I shower every morning and do nothing energetic (shamefully, but not my choice).

The smell isn't constant, but is usually introduced when other noisescape activity is on; e.g two favorite noises are that of loud chopped biker's motorcycle (HOG) and loud buzzy or non-existent mufflered vehicles. These noises are not from actual vehicle passage as a rule, but from the perp's noise machine or whatever they call their projected sound abilities. On some occasions when they need high pitched sounds they will add in a flurry of sirens. Again, no emergency vehicles appear. The first mentioned noises can occur up to 5 times per minute which would make this neighborhood to be equivalent in biker noise to be their club location. That is not the situation, it is a tidy neighborhood with plenty of smaller condominium towers, and the nearest biker's club is at least 10 miles away. I have sounded on the noisescape before, and am repeating myself here.

Or if any non-controlled thoughts come to mind, ie. those not planted by the perps, a smell up the nose will usually erupt. The said smells aren't too noxious, though it is simply amazing how consistent it occurs with aforementioned events, nearly 100%. Yesterday and today it has been a burning paint smell, which takes me back to 6 or 7 years old when I helped my parents strip paint with a hot-soled device with a trailing blade to lift it. As soon as the perps planted the smell yesterday this recollection came to mind, but again, I cannot ever be assured it was my own native thought association or if they were emulating it by planting them.

At the time, I distinctly remember that it was yellow paint being removed to the bare, light brown colored wood. And if one has been following these posts, you will recognize that brown colored anything is one of the perps biggest challenges vis a vis their realtime brain exploration games that go on. And I have stripped a whole lot of paint over wood in my house ownership days, and I have a strong notion it was no coincidence.

As an aside, the perps put on a gangstalker in the ugliest color combination ever today; a woman with a smart tailored jacket (= male's sport's jacket) in a combination of day-glow red and light brown colors. Revolting wasn't the word, but it had to be put on for me to see as day-glo colors are also part of the harassment-scape. A technical, but very thoughtful, analysis of color, gravity and energetics and why day-glow colors are the perp's favored display colors is at one of my favorite energy theorists, JK Harms' site (under Brightness) I don't profess to understand him, but I think he is on the right track. The perps usually hammer my vision when I attempt to read his papers, and so little comprehension occurs.

Presently the perps have brown colored furniture lined up on the alleyway width of street that I can see from my apartment (100' away), as well as some spent palettes propped up nearby (30' away). As I said before, I have a notion as to why brown is a particular problem color for them, but I won't go into it. They also put more brown-skinned persons near me in the public areas, and even "showcase" them, where a single person will walk directly toward me on the same line, with no other gangstalkers in-between, for some 50 to 100' facing, and then away from each other after we pass by.

The red vehicle and clothing games are also still quite active, even if I don't drive anymore. And for some reason, men in pink (shirts or jackets) are more apparent, some 3 to 5 sightings per five minute walk each time. They would be MIBs converted to MIPs I suppose, but there is a lot to be learned about color and respective energies, and I suspect that red is another deep problem color for the perps. The above JK Harms link is a fascinating aside, and I find that he predicts some common perp activity around the entire world of energetics and action at a distance technology that forms the basis of this venal harassment, 24x7.

The perps will get me out on a longer walk tommorow, likely 30 minutes total, to get a parcel at the post office for an unknown order. I have nothing that I am expecting, and as I am here 90% of the time, I cannot help but wonder as to the timing of the Post Office's delivery attempt when I was away at the doctor for 1.5 hours only this week (to 07-12, three days so far). Impeccable coordination as always. And, assuming this is a legitimate parcel for me, I have an abiding hunch it will be a brown box, and I will be inudated with gangstalkers, both vehicular and ambulatory, while bringing it home. Everyone and their backpack or their dog.

Enough for a post, even if a bit random these days, as there isn't very much going on.


James F. Marino said...

John if you have not yet seen
this Website in regard to Alan
Yu, it is worth a read.

Although he appears to be a bush
apologist, he does have some interesting comments to make in regard to invisible technology
developed from the Philadephia

Some of it would ordinarily be
difficult to believe, however,
given what many TI's experience
much of what Alan discusses here
may well be plausible.

Don't know if you are familiar with the Montauk Project a modern
day offshoot of this technology,
in which time travel was not only accomplished by done on a regular basis.

While there are those who have attempted to debunk this information, there are several people who have come forward to
discuss the technology behind it,
and after learning about said technology, the ability to be able to access a fourth dimension seems not only possible but also probable.

Alan does discuss the creation of
an "invisible group of agents"
made so by placing them into a
certain type of EMF field. He said
another aspect of this technology was that these agents would become miniaturized, and could levitate by way of the use of a propulsion pack -- I guess also miniaturized when exposed to this type of EMF radiation.

Given the ET derived technology
here, it would seem plausible that these agents are capable of infiltrating the life of any person regardless of the situation.

There is a person on the MCF board
by the name of Jimmy Abattialo who was part of the Montauk Project and claims to have travelled through time.

While he invites people to contact him, it is probably not a good idea to do so unless you are not
a TI victim. I contacted him once
in an effort to learn more about his experienced and he literally went ballistic on me, claiming he did not need the FBI after him to,
and to not contact him again unless I got rid of them first.

Exactly how I am to accomplish this is anyone's guess.. Especially since the FBI is keeping a watchful eye on all US TI's.

Anyway, in case you are interested,
here's his Website:

AJH said...

Thank you for all your comments and the mention of your own circumstances. (I cannot reply directly to you via email as it gets sent with a "noreply" name). I have been soldiering alone here mostly, but I am gratified to know it is resonant with your experiences.

James F. Marino said...

Thanks for the reply John. I hope that I calling you by your right name. I see AJH and just concluded
that you use your middle name?

If not, mea culpa.

The following are some stats as to my harassment over the past 25 years.

24/7/365 being spied on including bathroom and bedroom.

Being subjected to synthetic telepathy and directed energy weapons -- tortured by both -- have had my thoughts both scanned and influenced.

My family has been threatened to take part in these attacks or be
subjected them.

Full time stalking within my community, run off the road, crashed into at least four times, death threats, poisonings, gaslighting, repeated street theatre, harassment 24/7 365.

Sexually assaulted with this technology on numerous occasions
and irradiated constantly.

Have not had the light show that you had but in the late '90's was in a dark room where I saw a green
neon colored rectangle before me,
which remained until I turned the light on. When I turned the light back off it was gone.

I can already see some triggers in your writing -- whether or not they are deliberate or unintentional remains to be seen,
but I have obviously overstayed my welcome..

I do think you will find Alan Yu's article on this invisible technology to be fascinating, if you have not already read about it.

I wish you the best in this miserable situation and hope that someday your torture will end.


AJH said...

I found your comments that I also replied to in a post PS. (Very perps conforming, do anything once for one's self, then again for them).

Thank you for your comments again Jim; I read some of Alan Yu's descriptions and he has a slightly different take, as in becoming invisible. I think they materialize and dematerialize (teleport) per their technology.

It is not important anyhow. And yes, I use the name John even though it is a second name; not my choice.

And no, there are no trigger words or any intended aspersions to your comments. They are welcome anytime.