Friday, July 28, 2006

Governed Sleep Duration

Onto an apolitical topic again; the world news is beginning to perturb me more than most for reasons that can be found in these posts. I find the current impositional conditions quite enough to explain and deal with, and therefore I will refrain from making any more extrapolations of my existence (a loaded term) to the greater world outside.

Another reason for limiting (self-censoring?) my take on world affairs is that I don't want to feed the clinical beast that is likely lurking around the corner. Past posts have dealt with the "next stage", precipitated by the eviction for conditions that were not of any consequence for the longest time, and still don't add up, especially the sudden cessation of the mind-controlled rage shows the perps had put me through each day. That my voice changed constantly, every 5 seconds or so, is another oddity that will likely be dismissed by the practicioners of selective data analysis to excuse their activity. (And if one was here, you could hear the orchestrated noise flurry that started up as I wrote that.)

Anyhow, an 11 hour sleep today, a new record over the many 10 hour "sleep-ins" that have erupted over the past 4 years, since hell came to visit and stay. My sleep has always been 8 hours maximum and 7 hours in a pinch with no consequences. Now, it is anything from 6 to 11 hours without any sufferance or consistency. I never need to catch up, nor do I get tired in response to a shortened sleep. And curiously, the perps have been pulling napping stunts on me, when I never needed to nap whatsoever. I suspect it relates to more games over the color of the sheets and blankets as the perps always put on a noise flurry every day when I make the bed (moving the colored bedding about).

And when wearing dark green ear muffs (hearing protection) to block out much of the noisescape, the Office Depot order arrived in a green box, which served as the surface on which I signed for the delivery. Naturally I took the ear muffs off to attend to the phone and door, but the perps have been running dark green vehicles around me when I step out for shopping, having worn the ear muffs minutes earlier. And, as a final kick in the nuts, the order was mysteriously backordered for the black A9 notebooks I consistently use to record the bizarre comings and goings of the TI life (use the term "life" advisedly). Believe me, this blog is by no means all of it, only the logically defensible and/ or substantially bizzare perp acts get this public treatment.

Per above Office Depot order, which was locally filled and delivered (excellent if one has no vehicle), the backordered journal notebooks were availible on-line, otherwisw I wouldn't of ordered anything. Regular readers will make the connection to the slings and arrows of the on-line sabotage detailed in this post. And of course no email identified the seeming local backorder, and no communication as to what they are going to do. Another excuse to bring another colored (printed over) brown cardboard box for me to sign my name on? Very possibly. Certainly a way to "freeze me" from getting more journals owing to past stunts of double orders being fulfilled. The sabotage is never done; crapping on someone for the utter thrill of it is the only psychological rationale I can make for the assholes who keep this up.

A call from the housing people finally, and an appointment for the first week of August; the usual eruption of hyperactive zingers in my eyes as I was on the phone, the on-hold scenario (everytime) and then a voice change afterward. No mention of voice changes of course, per usual, same as the last doctor visit.

I have not yet figured out if the zingers, which I take to be masers, are in my eyes, or just in front. They do not appear to follow my gaze if I move my head, but they have an astonishing ability to re-arrive where they left off (pre-head turning). I have seen plenty of maser action in the past four years, coming from not even knowing what they were. Now, it is a daily feature. For the record, it is a coherent magnetic beam; a corollary is a laser, which is amplified and coherent light (various colors). Masers are typically grey if seen off axis, if on axis, they are a white-bluish point source.

Enough for a post; and there will be plenty to write about next week when I see the doctor on Monday (07-31-2006), as the dark forebodings of the reviled term "clinical" are being loosely tossed about. Or, alternatively, nothing, should I get jerked in there. (No online access there or anywhere nearby,- more good planning). Stay posted, the weekend is nigh.

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