Friday, July 28, 2006

State of the Day

Being the subject of nonconsensual human experimentation means thats one's own perceptions and sensations aren't necessarily organic, but could well be an outcome of the perp's realtime neurological meddling, which they do, 24x7x365.

As an example earlier, I felt derealized or "stoned" and no, I do not take any illegal medications or other that may contribute to this sensation. And more and more, the perps as a causal agent don't come to mind, when in fact they should be the first thing to suspect. That in itself is perturbing as they are also changing (=mind-controlling) the attribution (in my mind) as to the most likely root cause.

But when I was finally allowed to figure it out; the perps were, yet again, de-energizing my temporal lobes, the parts of the brain that sit behind one's temples. This part not only governs appropriate reaction (e.g. rage), but also one's connectedness to current circumstances. This I learned from my Attention Deficit Disorder days, as there is some excellent work by Dr. Amen on this. Not that I am free from ADD, but with a 600lb gorilla on my back, and the clinical inquisition not yet run its course, I am not going to push it. (I went to Dr. Amen's clinic for a SPECT scan and was diagnosed with ADD-Inattentive subtype in 2001. And too, very likely serving the above mentioned gorilla with research/harassment data, little did I know at the time).

And as usual, I reflect on what they were doing the temporal lobe de-energization for. Or more resignedly, what now? Was it 100% mind control and they were running everything, or were the assholes polluting my day in another way? Don't know; but what I do know is that when I start complaining about "being stoned" they back off. It is rare that they ever listen to me; on this one they do, once they let me be self-aware on what is happening and its true causal.

The perps used to pull this de-realization stunt in the pre-current hell days before 05-2002; often when I was flu-bound, (another mysterious illness contraction of many). Even when I was seven years old they did this under the cover of being flu-related, and my mother "happened" to arrive just as I was in the throes of this, and asked if anything was wrong. I explained as best as I could, but she wasn't too moved by it. Somewhere in the days of this present hell and the consideration of the god-like capabilities of said gorilla (above), I was allowed to put 2 and 2 together and figure out what/who was the exact cause. The perps again, trolling for something that is eluding them in their quest for 100% mind control instead of 99.8%. And, not to mention all the other greedy objectives they are seeking while I reside under the boot of the Thought Gestapo.

Anyhow; enough of a grim posting, this is an example of where the perps like to keep me.

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