Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chicken Run Time Again with Brown Testing Too

As readers may know from past posts, the perps have an constant obsession with all things brown colored that are anywhere near me, and ultimately including that inside of me, and by extension, everyone else. And by now, it should be plain that it boils down to excrement, in the bowel or outside of it. The number of toilet blocking stunts that they have pulled, (at a much accelerated rate since the pre-harassment days), is enough to quadruple this blog volume. And I won't get into how unworldly irregular my BM's have been this past month, but it does defy common sense and has been mentioned in earlier posts.

Soo.. it is the chicken run day; where I walk a block to the supermarket to purchase my one and only permitted protein source, a hot, cooked whole chicken. But before I set off a whining noise had set up across the street, and what is it, why a large Roto Rooter tanker truck pumping sewage from a condo building that is on sewer, 120' away. Go figure. It is the second such instance in 8 months. Not a big deal.

When I exit the building and walk down the street why there are two brown vehicles parked in the metered stalls, one being a Volvo with the windows open and no one around, the make of my past vehicle, given to my daughter as she turned 16 last month. And while she did her best to feign surprise, it wasn't. Anyhow, that is how it goes all the time now, nothing is what it seems. More of the white, red and green vehicles were set up enroute, both mobile and parked.

And there were plenty of extra brown dressed gangstalkers about, and a few more of other brown-skinned races, also part of the "color problem" the perps let me know about. Not a big deal. But as it unfolds there are more and more gambits; someone packing coffee on the street, others lounging in the public benches also with coffee in hand. More brown vehicles on the suddenly busy streets that I traverse.

But the top story was the actual cooked chicken; none were out in the usual display case, so I asked the deli staff it they were ready, and it was "only" the barbequed whole ones. "I" (not allowed to think this one through) said that was OK. And presto, she had one at hand next to the cooler and passed it onto me, and I thanked her (sort of, it was another improbable stunt). Anyhow, I bring it home to find out that not only had it been severely cooked to falling apart stage, but that the sauce and the combined cooked on fat conferred a whole lot of brown color to the normally white meat. Another gotcha, browner food testing this time.

Just the usual, and in the context of the perp's stunt characteristics, more of the same. Predictable even, another fly in the clinical diagnosis ointment, and always ignored.

And in the pre-harassment days, for years even, I would pack coffee and brown cinamon buns all the time as my morning snack, and here they are still chasing me around with these same combinations. They even have bus passengers waiting at a bus stop sitting on the ground with their coffee too, as one more extreme example. And small Roto Rooter tank trucks have arrived on my walking route to the grocery store and remained here for my return, for no seeming reason. Past driving activity has seen the perps passing these same small septic/sewer tanker trucks past me in traffic, about every two months or so.

There is more that I can add, but I think I will refrain from this scatalogical theme unless anyone wants to hear more about it. Suffice to say it is an extreme obsession of the perps, and I suspect it is true for not only me, but all the mammal species. The perps like to dump fresh horse manure on the hiking trails ahead of my visit, and the cattle mutilations often have the anus cut of them. There is just too much consistency with other mysterious happenings in my life, and all I want is to be left alone. Not too much to ask after a 52 year lifetime of being surveilled and monitored, but no, the sickos carry on like thankless juvenile delinquents left permanently unsupervised with god-like tools at their disposal.

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