Monday, July 31, 2006

Never One to Know

Back in the saddle, in this partially packed netherworld and I don't know where the next domicile is to be. BUT as it turns out, I was absolutely and totally dead wrong about being pulled into hospital today. Just when I thought this would be an artful confluence of somewhere to live (hospital) ahead of me looking for a place to live, my (if it is mine) notion of figuring out the next perp move was way too clever.

The doctor's visit was calm and he was asking family questions (recall testing?), not too much on the harassment side as it turns out. But he was respectful of this possibility. He did posit the question as to my parent's motivations again, and I just plain don't know, apart from some payouts like houses, vehicles etc, nothing too ostentatious. Why would parents hand the control of a newborn over to an agency that creates lifelong learning disabilities, likely Attention Deficit Disorder, and harasses the living hell out them, as is currently the practice? And then leaves them up in the air as to an eviction over mind-controlled rage stunts that immediately ceased July 01. Never mind for the moment all the surveillance, monitoring and vile stunts they have pulled along the way, foregone social opportunities and other curses that have plagued me. All that on top of being mind-controlled, and me not knowing until three years ago.

Another common perp stunt is to dry out the roof of my mouth, and this they did successfully as the doctor kept me talking the entire time, without a moment to rewet my mouth. The perps are particularly vexed at not being able to energetically model the roof of my mouth, as that location, the underside of the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex, must have some color interaction with the tongue and mouth roof, and any flesh in between. And very likely, they cannot figure it out, which may account for the significant dark red vehicles they chase me with, in an attempted color calibration exercise. Just my idea, as said before, I am the last to know.

More olive drab clothing following me on this second bus trip of the day; at least six more wearing this color buzzing (gangstalking) around me, between my apartment and the doctor's office and back. More bus passenger wierdness too; a standee on the bus, planted himself at the rear doorway, constricting egress at my stop and for some five passengers including me, then he gets out himself. Then two minutes later he wanders into the doctor's office and hangs about for some five minutes before leaving.

And if that wasn't wierd enough, the woman I was beside on the bus outbound, shows up again on the inbound bus, changing her sweater from blue to olive green respectively. And getting off at the same stop as I did. More co-travelling bus passengers, the second like event of the day. And a gangstalker with the exact blue colored sweater as the bus seat back decor, sitting directly in front of me. It seemed to me that she and her sweater were in place for some kind of color calibration activity, as a black leather jacketed woman sat beside her some minutes later. This on a warm summer's day. Black leather jackets (aka leatherjackets) have been a prominent stalking clothing item over the past winter, and are likely so because of the various metal salts used in the tanning process. (More energetic and then more interference energies with me is what I surmise). Another spate of bus passenger wierdness was a woman in a bright red full length raincoat planted in front of me, two seats ahead.

Even the 15 minute wait at the doctor's office was plenty enough; the constant gangstalker's entrances and exits, and even someone in a black and white high gloss raincoat outfit. (Again, warm and sunny today). Another gangstalker attempted to plant herself so she was partially covered by glass, and partially not, until I moved of course. And the perps do like to pass their gangstalkers by glass and then out again. Similarly, they did this on the bus with plexiglas today.

Another day, another freak show, and I at center stage without a script. Worse yet, no action on where I am going to move to next. Both my mother and ex-wife are pouring on the "don't move" faux frantic lines, and so, seem to be heightening the drama of this show. Yet they each knew more than three months ago that this apartment was untenable at my current disability income. My mother claims she is going to offer me extra helping money, but "somehow" the opportunity doesn't surface. Go figure.

Time to call this a post, the noisestalking, vision impairment (zingers), feet buzzing, finger dithering (typo hell) and the very strong emanations from this display are getting the better of me, and is likely what the script calls for anyhow.

----a blogger to blogger communication----

To JM at this blog posting, titled, Gang Stalking Tactics -- A Primer;

My comments were blocked again, but this time I was allowed to select and copy them, so here they are:

This is a thoughtful and serious piece of which you should be proud. Your descriptions brought back many unpleasant memories in dealing with the perps, though to be fair, I think they have been rougher on you than me. (E.g.I have no speeding tickets in 35 years of faster than speed limit driving, and often they "miss" me somehow).

As far as I know (caveats on that now), I haven't done anything untoward (or "against" you), and I have no intention to do so. As I see it, we are in the same boat, with differing degrees and kinds of torment, in the past and presently. Nor do I see anything that you have directed at me in any pejorative (negative) way.

And too, I gave up having TV for the very same reasons you articulated; it was repeats and erratic schedule changes with shows being "spoofed", in my case, partial color changes on repeats. I also get my audio CD's spoofed; they added in a live audience track onto one of my favorite CD's. Mostly though, they have prevented me from listening to music by taking out three CD players that have all been looked after. If that were to fail (e.g. should I buy a new CD player under warranty), they will dither the sound to make it horrid to listen to.

A minor item; my intense harassment began when I was in Seattle in 2002; the perps came with me back to Canada (all set up for me here). So for me, CIA, NSA, FBI = the same here. But I must agree, Akwei's description is the most technically deep and believable of how one is harassed and monitored (describing NSA capability).

Regards, AJH

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James F. Marino said...

Thanks John.

There's no doubt that we face
many of the same trials in this uphill battle against EVIL.

What is most frustrating is that your life is manipulated from behind the scenes to carefully lead you in a certain direction
and then you are subjected to extreme character assassinations
to destroy your reputation and credibility, while being forced to endure the worst violations of both civil and human rights ever documented.

The following link is to a rudimentary diagram which I drew to show how the NSA uses its Signals Intelligence program to spy on American citizens.

I would hope that you would find some place to include this link on your Website, since this diagram
and John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit should be seen by each and every
American citizen so they can learn the extreme ways in which the NSA
and federal intelligence are violating our Civil Rights.

I am pleased that the perps did not have you sent to psyche facility since your are not mentally ill -- just suffering from
extreme physical and psychological exhaustion due to some of the most
despicable crimes ever perpetrated on one human being.