Friday, July 21, 2006

A Cabin Fever Day

So far, the perps haven't taken the expected advantage of me with the central apartment hot water shutdown from 0900 to 1400h today. I expected them to get me up at 0900h to disrupt my morning routine of shaving, showering and the dishes. But no, up at 0730h amazingly and all done before the hot water shutdown. This is the second time in a year, and the last place had the same in 8 months of tenancy. The perps are very vexed about my water supply and even had me go out and get it at 2300h with an passel of gangstalkers (>20, a weeknight) in the store at that time, unbelievably.

In this situation with no vehicle, they can jerk me around as they have done; the 4 liter jug brands were changed each week and now they have purged those in favor of a six-pack of 1.5 liter bottles from Italy, partially carbonated. Go figure, as they have been at this for 52 years, and are still pissing with how, where and when I imbibe water, right down to the orientation of the drinking glass at the time of intake. And always, under a flourescent light and some plasma flashes inside the drinking glass on occasion. They had me on a rotation of using two drinking glasses, now just the same one each time. Every inconsequential detail (to me) is of extreme planning interest based on the number of mind-controlled and stunts to vary or disrupt my habits.

At the same time, the perps use water droplets as small monitoring stations; they plant water drops on the stove, kitchen floor, toilet rim, etc. where they have sliver of plausibility (who are they fooling again?), and in advance of me locating there to for an activity. And somehow, they monitor the energetics of those droplets when I am nearby. They put some 10 droplets on the unused burner on the stove where I make coffee (think brown) each day.

My daily shaving is still of intense interest to the perps; they can mind control me to start in the wrong place, cause me to "forget" where I shaved, and so on. All this was habit, things I never had to think about before now get dithered and disrupted.

The zinger action is big today; these are what the optometrist might call "floaters", though in my case they have become hyperactive, flit about in my vision in formations of two or more and other acrobatic feats. I cannot focus on them, but at the same time they seem to exhibit traits of being outside my eye. They also like to sit exactly at the location I am reading which is quite a feat, and ample evidence that someone else knows that as well, if they don't control it themselves. They are small blackish or greyish clumps and have the unerring knack of sliding in between my focal point and me over white or light colored backgrounds, and do not follow my head if I move it aside. And of late, curvilinear vertical versions also pass back and forth in front of my central vision.

And as one who worked out twice a day, running and swimming, I am leading a very uncharacteristic life of inaction. I would get out hiking twice per week, but that is now ended with giving up my vehicle. The swimming ended according to plan though I didn't realize it at the time. I had plenty of gangstalkers in the pool to be sure, often loitering in long debates, but the perps put some kind of mind-control jerkaround on me, making me "anxious" about swimming when I have 15 years of adult level Masters swimming experience. So as I was leaving the pool early, some 10 of the familiar male gangstalkers were in a tight single file, walking in step, past me on the pool deck. Although I planned to return, "somehow" the communal "I" has never felt like doing so. Which strongly suggests that the all male gangstalker troupe, and their overseers, knew that was the last time for recreational swimming since 2004.

No such theatrics for running; they would dither me so that it became physically worse, and in the end, it wasn't worth it when they sacked me after two blocks. Again, this in 2004, which reduced my outdoor activity to hiking which was sufficient as it was a gorgeous location. That at least gave me some "outside" time, enough to feel that I wasn't getting cabin fever. Not that I was free from gangstalking and other hijinx, but at least I got some exercise. And that ended in 05-2006 in giving my vehicle to my daughter, who now has her learner's licence and will likely drive it this fall.

For the most part "I" (in the collective sense) don't get out much which I suspect is the perp's plan. They want to keep me in this brown decor apartment with brown walls facing me and then script 100 to 200 ambulatory gangstalkers about and all the rest (>100) of the stationary and mobile gangstalking vehicles. Naturally, brown vehicles are also at the ready to gangstalk outside the apartment building, as well as other colors.

A well written tale of gangstalking and gaslighting is here. by the name of "Vera" (thank you JM). Some of this is very familiar; the wall of denial of everone else, like one has entered into a Fellini movie where nothing is what it seems. She does mention the "smirk" expression among the many conspirators, a familiar stunt of each of my brothers who blow me off any time I ask about it. Perhaps that is reason for a spoof name; operatives of SMIRK, as MIBs and WIBs came to work today just to be seen quaffing (brown, note) coffee while pretending to lounge about the shopping center. Never mind that there are at least 30 dress color coordinated working age males doing this mid-weekday. That is, appear not to have a day job save gangstalking. Go figure, there is nothing funny about this venality.

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