Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yoga Day

I was given some ugly dreams before getting up, the kind I would normally bail out of, but because some asshole can now defeat my "bad dream bailout" capabilities, I get to go the distance. More meat aerial games in the night, and I don't understand what they are for.

I did yoga today to no great difference than last time; the same masers and plasma beams coming off the lighting, carpets and other objects in the room, even the flowers where giving the ghosting plasma treatment. And no class member arranged behind the instructor from my vantage point, and that was a surprise as they nearly always have one Fuckwit aligned in this way, harkening the "blonde aura" games where the thuggy dude hangs out behind the attractive blonde woman. Some four days ago at the car dealership when I arrived for work they had one dude arrive at the entrance with the blonde saleswoman beside him, and had another three males on the other side of me. Why some innocuous dude in boring clothing needs a blonde escort in my proximity is beyond imagining, save my present theory of shared aura, penumbric ether, blonde goodness and the like. If any TI's have any idea, please let me know via comments or email.

And I get crumbs and lint arriving beside me or on me while at yoga, all the time now. It would seem the perps need these little color references nearby, and ones that don't move with me.

The instructor still has a partial military look, the color of her workout pants, though a black top with white lettering today. Last week it was a grey top, and the week before, her first time, was a same military green top, making her look very military-ish. But without the attitude thankfully, as she is really pleasant and never gets her left and right mixed up. There must be a reason for the perps to keep pushing the military look, and the only rationale they have supplied is the Indian Lake Project where children are being tested by the military. As regular readers know, I have no recollections of such, though there are some extended and perturbing lapses in time aged 2 to 5 y.o. "the lost years", that might be where I was exposed to military personnel in adverse circumstances. If you look at the photos of the children at the above link you will see that none of them are happy. Anyhow, this topic is getting tired, and if it seems that way to you, let me know. Like any blogger, one writes for the newcomers and the regulars both, and it is a judgement call as to how much old ground one should bring up.

I have had a few uncharacteristic memory drop outs in adulthood, not including the ones where I don't get it, or it is not important and the rest of them that simply fade away like high school physics. In about 1984 I bought a camera privately at the house of the owner. Then some 10 years later I did the same thing at the same house and seller. I was mostly done as the camera purchase price had been agreed upon when it came to me that I had been at the house with the same person before, and I said as much. The seller kept saying I hadn't, and only later I figured it out that I had, and was roundly shocked that I would of forgotten altogether as there were so many clues; location, house, seller, circumstances, and yet nothing really tripped off my recall save a generalized notion. I was so fucking annoyed that I had totally "forgot" as I never had known myself to forget a face or a place, both visual memory. Only when into this harassment did I become aware of the memory fucking tricks that the perps can do, even then it took them a year to tell me that I have been followed all my life. And it seems that they can now mess with very specific memories and knowledge thanks to their relentless experimentation on me. And also, they can now plant the notion of being absolutely sure about something, and then be totally wrong. That is another "never-before" memory debasement that hasn't occured until late 2008.

Back to yoga again; I notice that I am even more flexible in class, even more than the instructor for some exercises and as this is the only exercise I do, I find it extremely odd to be so supple. Which then points to the perps doing some messing around with my physiology; muscles, joints etc. Normally, everything (learning, life, physical exercise benefits) is adverse, including the assimilation of physical benefits of exercise, but this is one odd exception.

But I do find it odd that someone who was in the yoga class to be sucking on a cigarette afterward when I "happened" to cross paths with the person, a suspected operative that keeps "showing up" at all my yoga venues and then drops out for the longest time. Burning cigarettes convey some kind of localized space/time "ripping" games according to one of the science links of J. K. Harms. Also, it is brown tobacco and a white cover around it and may also serve as a local color reference. I notice that the perps are getting more daring with putting brown colored vehicles around me; deeper browns with an escort of black, white and silver grey vehicles around it. So perhaps the assholes are making progress on brown colors, in whatever way they measure it.

Like I figured, they did have extra gangstalkers on me when I set off to my part time job tonight. A halfwit act in the hallway, and another halfwit act in the elevator (my regulars), and all to meet another predominant same floor dwelling operative who I see more of than random chance would dictate, he of the smirk. And lo, if they didn't "know" each other and the halfwit hung with the operative just outside the elevator while I exited the building. Another one of those "instant street debates" that erupt in my presence. My theory is that there is something about my energetic interaction with the elevator halfwit standing behind me that then can be conveyed to the waiting operative at the lobby, and they are evaluating this energetic conveyance by remote means.

I had plenty of Fuckwit gangstalkers on my way to the place of work, a car dealership, but oddly, didn't get the greeters or their facsimile. Only later when I brought back the vacuum cleaner for the boss man did the Sales Manager appear with the blonde saleawoman, presumably to bask in her Favored auric penumbra. That is my theory, that the Unfavoreds, a male in this case, need to be placed with the Favoreds, blonde in this case, to somehow measure me for my subconscious reaction to each. This has been plenty consistent for the past seven years, and has nothing to do with what I say or how I behave. It cannot be a clinical event if the behavior of others is so strange and ordered.

I fixed up the On Blondes posting, cleaning it up mostly as nothing new was put in the posting.

Picture time for lack of anything to say.

Taken 01-27-2009, 1339h 05sec. A cute array of vehicles, from right to left, two slightly different hues of silver-grey, one with blue trim, then a Smart Car (the rage in this town) of two tone silver-grey and black behind the tree branches, and a white SUV in the lead of the file of parked vehicles. Not random IMHO, but arranged for silver grey gradations against white. There are three silver grey vehicles parked in file on the road on the left leading to the top of the picture, decidedly not random.

Taken 01-27-2009, 1338h 51sec. Taken before the above picture, showing an added white vehicle going by the arranged file (IMHO) behind it. I suppose the gangstalker colors are arranged too, but I don't see any particular pattern. Orange is a decidedly "go slow" color, one they meter out after a introductory run-up of other colors.

Taken 01-27-2009, 1339h 14sec. To the south (right) of the above pictures. Plenty of color ordered vehicles, many clustered; red, silver-grey, white and black and two light blue and one light brown. Not random IMHO.

This blog is done for the day, and I wonder what is in store for tomorrow and if it will be as dull as today.


Anonymous said...

That is one thing I've noticed -- gangstalkers and their cigarettes. Sometimes they'll have the burning cigarette sticking out from the middle of their hand like they're flipping me the bird. I used to get them with unlit cigarettes dangling from their mouths. Lit cigarettes are a common tactic they seem to use. I've noticed how they wait until they're just about to pass me, and they'll be doing this long, intense puff as they're driving past me, so the end looks bright red.

And of course, don't forget about the lane squatters on 4-lanes who won't let you pass. They get next to a car in the right lane, and maintain the same exact speed as the car next to them, preventing me from passing on the left.

Or the asshole on a regular 2-lane who drives slow enough to drive you crazy, the entire length of my 6-mile commute. It's funny how when I got there, had my 1 hour 15 minute class, got out, took a roundabout detour, and lo and behold, the same asshole was on the same 2-lane, right in front of me, headed in the opposite direction this time. I can tell it was the same guy, because he had this license plate that said 'GRRR'. I really would like to know how they pulled this one off. That must've taken some considerable tinkering and practice to get that one just right. The cover story is he had an appointment in the next town I was headed to. That could be the case. But it was the same guy driving the same car. What are the chances, especially considering I took the 5-minute detour around the other town? He was positioned precisely in front of me in the opposite direction. I'm thinking I must've been distracted, and maybe he was sitting at a side street waiting after 1 hour, and pulled out?

Funny how they seem to be able to arrange these license plate harassment games as well, with their 'messages'.

AJH said...

The cigarette fixation of the perps is fascinating, and they even make it obvious that the operative doesn't know how to smoke or handle the cigarette when lit. I also had a spell of them wandering around with unlit cigarettes.

As for the games with vehicles, and them "happening" to show up when you took an alternate route; same for me, though walking nowadays as I don't have a vehicle. They very much like to have ambulatory gangstalkers take an alternate walking route and "happen" to arrive at the same place as I do.

When I do drive my parent's vehicle, usually with them in it, I get several thousand extra gangstalking vehicles, often populated with personnel who were at the location I was just at, say, the airport. I have passed vehicles, monitored the traffic to ensure they didn't get by, only to find them ahead of me at the next highway intersection. I mentioned this to my perp-abetting parents while driving once, and they both went very quiet. Easy to do if you are a perp; teleport the vehicle and occupants ahead, usually when one is not looking or the vehicle is first obscured by another or a change in road direction. Thanks for the comments.