Friday, March 27, 2009

Eyeglasses Swaparound

There is no question the perps have an abidding interest in my eyeglasses, and the recent (12-2008) eyeglass prescription with new eyeglasses was a big moment for them. And for the second time, I am sending them away, this time to get customized cable temples put on them. These are the springy kind that hold one's glasses in place for sports and other active events. They have been essential in the past as the perps just love to pull my glasses down as well as use them for an excuse to have them imbalanced on my face, one side up, the other down. And so it has come to pass that 3.5 months of jerking with my glasses is sufficient, and they are now allowing me to deal with the problem. I hope that is all it is, and they don't fuck them up.

And so it was today that I went down to see the ever dishy blonde optician again to fuss over me and take some more measurements off of the glasses and then send them off to the customization suppliers she brought to my attention, per my request. I was going to send them off to NYC to get customized but those guys stopped emailing me for no apparent reason. And it has been a pissing match with the perps over wearing my old eyeglasses again so far this afternoon, a few hours of vision impairment games that were getting highly annoying.

While there at the opticians there was a courier delivery that the optician signed for, and it was one of those frightful DHL employees in their bright red and clashing bright yellow livery, as well as the parcel too. I cannot stand these colors by themselves and most certainly not together, but there I was captive to this process, and they put on the adjacent clown show. The color combination taking up from McDonalds and that horrific clown with red and yellow being a large part of the livery as well. Anyhow, for anyone else it wasn't a big deal, but for me, and the way that I am being run, (read, mind controlled "reaction"), it was. Thankfully the parcel delivery was all over and done with in short order.

The part time cleaning job at the car dealership went reasonably OK, no major stunts or targeted adversity. I did have one member of the staff tailing me, and just about crawling up my asshole. I am sure they know how much I hate being tailed, but they are getting more blatant about it all the time. I had another street wacko with a hideous brightly colored toque on me when I exited afterward, one worth jaywalking to avoid. And of course the perps had two gangstalkers jaywalking ahead of me, just to make sure I was covered. Earlier, when headed to the optician, I had another brightly toqued wacko on the opposite side of the street putting on the senseless hollaring bullshit for the five minutes/two blocks to the optician's. Street hollaring has decidedly picked up in the last few weeks, and more the men it seems. It must be all part of the traumatization by males remediation activities. I get my male posse most times I am out on the street, with most of them travelling the same direction, equally oncoming or in the same direction.

I also got the pit lamping, aka, headlights aimed at me, when I exited the car dealership at the end of the cleaning job. And another one on me when making the first outing. What in the fuck is going on that I need to have headlights aimed at my face when I am on the street? I have never seen so many unattended vehicles with their headlights "left" on. The worst of it is that the perps do something to the lights and make them have a crackled appearance which also pisses me off. The light beams don't come out the same as I see them when I take a picture of this bullshit.

Other action today was a return visit of yesterday's three yellow firetrucks for no seeming reason. There was no sirens, flashing lights or other faux emergency, and even no firemen. Just the trucks there to put on the gangstalking parking for repeat yellow color testing purposes. Imagine, three firetrucks parked outside for no apparent reason; someone has some pull to make that happen. I wonder how they get paid off; I will be looking for some fire hall improvements, or perhaps a new ladder truck. It is my observation that not only does the participating organization get paid off in some form, but the associated individuals do too.

I am getting plenty more vision impairment fuckery of the constant kind. Not the "usual" transient attacks. Also, the knee torquing torture is being applied; this is where they rotate the lower portion of my leg to then cause pain in the knee, which happens to be connected to the brainstem. It seems this region has been where they have been working for the last year. I figured 100% mind control would be achieved by this time last year, but it still seems they like to start up noise (aka, noisestalking) when I shift my attention. I might have to read a book tonight and call this one done.

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