Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Accounting Without Extreme Abuse

As I type this I am getting a succession of Harley motorcycle noise outside, as if this apartment is near a biker's bar when there isn't one for at least five miles. This particular noise is highly grating, and I don't think I'm the one to know exactly why.

But on the relative good news front, I did my month end Quicken entry and reconciled all the reciepts and statements, and to my surprise, it wasn't with the customary abuse of relentless cognitive and display screen contents fuckover games, and without being rage-ifed for the entire 40 minutes, unlike last month. Sure, there were some disappearing and re-appearing transactions that would change when I came back to the screen, and sometimes the amounts would be altered after I thought I had a balance error for a given date, and at the outse they royally screwed me as to reading the direction of the account. In the latter case, Quicken reads downward datewise, and my account, even with directional buttons on it, stays reading upward datewise. I was quite fluent at reading in the two different directions for the two applications until some party was able to sabotage me doing so, and then made my life utter fucking hell ever since.

But I did have an ongoing and continuous noisescape outside, the putative cause being a demolition a half block away, though I think most of the noise is projected and generated via some perp fuckery as the timing is so accurate. They script the noises for the instant I copy a transaction, flip between the Quicken or the browser account screen, enter an amount in, and every possible other detail one can think of. I never knew there were so many ways to cognitively fuck one over, but thanks to being a victim of this remotely applied abuse, I now know what my other TI colleagues also experience. This entire episode is of course part of the financial transaction interest of the perps, something I have described in past blog postings, and more noticeable when the gangstalkers are on me at the checkouts, ATM and other locations where such activity occurs.

Another common "feature" of the month end accounting is to have me perform this immediately following eating chocolate, usually at an afternoon tea time. Though today was a little different in that it was Cadbury Creme Eggs with the white and yellow goo in the center. And I assume it was also planned that my yellow colored medication ran out yesterday and that I didn't have any this morning, but will pick up the filled Rx when I return from the cleaning job tonight. The timing of yellow colors (extra vehicle sightings, yellow dressed gangstalkers), has been particularly acute with anytime, Mondays in particular, when I don't take the yellow colored capsule medication. All these things, as disparate as they seem, are inter-related for the perps' harassment and experimentation purposes.

And of course the assholes modify Quicken to be more problematic for me, and to incur extra entry and senseless dialog box popups. A new jerkaround was to block month-end reporting; last month screwing me out of doing it was sufficient, but this month they decided more blatant obstruction needed to be made apparent, and so they reminded me to do the reporting but blocked any results. Real sweet of the fucking assholes I cannot be allowed to know where my money is getting spent, which includes copious amounts of chocolate to continue the brown color fuckery games that so interests my tormentors. Yesterday they parked a septic services truck outside while I was having my five minute lunch and then when I finished and was to get my camera, the truck was gone. I will refrain from furhter speculation about this particular subject, but regular readers will know that there are an inordinant number of such trucks in my proximity, and the contents just might be particular to me.

I have often mentioned the extraordinary presence of certain races in my proximity, specifically negroes as they are so rare in this city. On a seeming unrelated front, the perps are always on me with gangstalkers when I exit and enter the building, and they cover me with negro gangstalkers then, in both daylight and nightime conditions. So it was with the flush of gangstalkers last night when I was buying some items at the LD store; as I was heading through the exit door, and lo, a negro woman "happened" to be entering. So what is it about negroes, or more like, brown skin, that interests the perps at the moment, or immediately after a financial transaction? And the same for eating chocolate in advance of month end Quicken accounting? I don't really know, except to note that it is consistent, just like the "breadstalking" games that they put on. One time they had a breadstalker positioned at the entrance to the building, pretending to make out that they had their key stuck in the lock as an excuse to loiter there for longer. Go figure, it is bizarre, and like one of my TI bretheren says, no one could make this up.

Now that I have returned from the one hour cleaning job, the perps are back into extreme abuse; plasma color flashes (reds, oranges, blue and greens), messing up the task order of taking a piss, blocking the toilet, flicking foil crumbs around, a nuisance phone call adroitly timed when I was about to put on my socks and a few other provocations to get the rage level up. Obviously, I had it too easy today someone figured. I also had the vagrant and dude gangstalker population out for my walk back, via the LD store. And lo, if they weren't out of the yellow pills so I will have to come back again. No wonder they let me purchase more of the Cadbury Creme eggs with the yellow centers. This game might have a longer run than expected. But no yellow vehicles in the car dealership shop where I was working tonight. A silver grey RX 8 with its rotary engine out on the floor though. I reckon the black Miata with the brown colored convertible top that is getting moved around each day for the last week must be the priority color combination for vehicular gangstalking.

I see that they have a silver grey colored hood part in the Parts shop just where I pick up the soap for putting into the mop bucket. I wonder if is the same black painted hood that was in the same area a few months ago in it brown cardboard packaging. It seems that most of the body parts come in black and then are painted to the appropriate color by the autobody shop, hence the oddity of a nonblack painted hood. But then again, I am not a Mazda parts specialist.

At the car dealership I also had my ball capped thuggy dude with the greyed in face do his back and forth stalking exactly counter to my own movements; they just do some putzing in the adjacent bathroom to then time themselves to be passing by when I am filling the mop bucket. That the mop bucket is a brown color, of plastic construction, might have extra excitement for the perps who cannot get enough brown games going. I haven't quite figured out their rationale for greyed-in dude faces, except it may be a way of visually parsing out the face from the hat or the silhouette, comportment or whatever the perps are working on to itemize the particular traumatization components. Similarly, with blondes, they will present them in the dim lit shadows at night.

And I have to complain here about the yellow strobing lights in my vision, "from" (read, placed there by plasmic fuckery) my glasses each time I go into the Parts department. I make about six passes through there in my cleaning duties and each time I go in there I get this foul linear yellow stroboscopic lights which I find highly annoying. There were placed horizontally until today, and now I am getting vertical stroboscopic assaults, all of a second or two long, but a piss off all the same. Until late last week this never happened before, and therefore cannot be extraneous reflection of the overhead lighting.

I see the boss man at work is continuing in his expedited routine, so now he does the windows when I was normally doing them. Part of this new arrangement is to have me do vacuuming upstairs as well as downstairs entrances. And there is nothing like a vaccum cleaner to bring on extra perp action; extra vehicles passing by, extra vehicle noise in the form of Harley Davidson like motorcycles, and even empty tour buses that "happen" to be passing by at 1830h when dark. With this changed routine of the boss man I don't do any mopping as he has finished it, or directs me to do other tasks.

And one would think when doing a manual labor job that it would become routine after a few months, and it has. But that isn't good enough for the perps who are duty bound to fuck up everything they possibly can. Now they have me "forget" to put in the plastic can liner, and then also turn me around to engage in nonsensical task order, and then let me in on it later to provide an annoyance provocation. And I see that the brown colored vacuum bag that was "accidentally" left in the hallway last night by me, and "missed" by my boss as well, was "neglected" for the entire work day and was still there tonight, 1' from a garbage can that anybody could of put it into. Funny how these "oversights" become infectious almost.

Other games tonight were to parade the Parts guy all over me, especially when I had a 2" thick pile of black plastic bags in hand. Regular readers will know that the perps have a problem with plastics, and placing them around me, and having a gangstalker nearby is as routine as brushing my teeth. Another related game is to have the irrigation supply vehicles parading their 20' sections of PVC pipe on their roof racks. The perps tell me that ingested pollutants create the problem for them as they have different properties at the quantum scale than at a macro level. Ask me if I care, but they have been highly consistent on this theme.

I wasn't free from the thuggy dudes until I was back in my apartment. Not only at the car dealership and then on the way back, but one shiftless Fuckwit dude was senselessly loitering outside the apartment building when I got back, and then he starts coming toward me and then "changes his mind" and turns around and paces the other way. And it might have been his pickup truck that was parked outside with its headlights on to be directly aimed at me while at the nearby intersection, and on me for some 80' of sidewalk before passing the vehicle. There are more of these dudes starting toward me, often in the elevator while I am in the hallway and about to enter it, and then relenting, sometimes feigning "wrong floor", sometimes not. Undeclared faux aggressiveness perhaps. Another example of more strange public behavior unbidden by anything I do or say. If that doesn't spell orchestration I don't know what does.

A run on reading about food and where to find cocoanut butter tonight. That took the better part of an hour, and I have no idea why the perps like me to research this topic and bookmark interesting web pages, all to the sounds of the din in my earmuffs and the odd noise from outside making it through.

This one is done for the day, hopefully a decent night's sleep.


eagledove9 said...

I just looked at this blog for the first time today and wanted to say that I am also a TI and have experienced some of this too, though not as badly as you are experiencing. I read your profile and I believe you when you say you were temporarily forced to drive on the wrong side of the road, because whenever my attacks began, I was on the 'receiving end' of OTHER PEOPLE'S cars suddenly driving into my lane straight towards me. They were probably innocent people who didn't know what they were doing and had no control over it just like you said happened to you. There is of course a lot more stuff going on, but that's just one example. Anyway I will keep reading and I hope you are doing okay.

AJH said...

Welcome to my blog, and I hope you find some commonality and perspective on this situation we have been conscripted into without our consent. The perps like to put on a show for me to demonstrate their newfound capabilities, and the wrong way driving incident was one of their more blatant examples. Since mid-2006 I don't have a vehicle and the oncoming driving nonsense (lane straddling, centerline encroachment etc.) isn't so much an issue. I get to drive once a week or so in my parent's vehicle, and with them in it the assholes back off on the bizarre stunts and road rage games.
Doing "OK" is a moot term in TI experience; existing is more like it. Thanks for stopping by.