Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing Special

This is meant to be a shut-in day, or at least to 1515h when I head out into the gauntlet of gangstalkers who seem to be particularly ready at that time. It seems that my earmuff wearing is getting greater perp interest of late. Before shutting down for lunch I had been web surfing with the metallic green colored plastic earmuffs for at least two hours beforehand, and when I looked outside on my way to the kitchen, there was a same gree colored pickup making a turn among eight greyscale vehicles. The greyscale vehicles were all stopped or parked in two lanes, the colors being white, silver-grey, mid-greys and blacks. I took a photo, so if I am allowed to remember I will post it. As I am six stories up in this apartment block, it would seem that they wanted to get some kind of comparable result from that distance, versus the same colored earmuffs being on my head. This would be the time to chuck the earmuffs, but often these brilliant ideas get "forgotten" or serve the perps interests if undertaken.

I was allowed to get to sleep last night within 20 minutes, which is very good for a Monday, as they have often kept me awake on Mondays for two or more hours. I haven't figured out what causes their change in harassment regimen, but I will take it anyway.

Another forced crap, toilet plunging and a shower to clean up, just like yesterday and at about the same time. Getting me ready to go out it would seem, the 1715h departure to the car dealership. Last night one of the stay-behind staff members in Service crapped in the just-cleaned toilet. His confrere has doine this twice as a pre-emptive gangstalking stunt. I call it "shit harmonization", "browning around", or "brown sync-ing". Lets just say it is one of many imposed adversities that suddenly erupted almost seven years ago, and has continued (threaten or actual) with every crap I have taken since. I am sparing you the details, and that is probably for the good.

No doubt the gangstalkers will be all over when I exit the building for the first time today, at the above mentioned time. And too, they might put on some negroes again like yesterday; the funkadelic seventies afro wearing dude is overdue to repeat his face hiding act. Or will it be one of yesterday's coming back for a reprise, especially the negro fuckwit who was banging on the door to get into a locked building yesterday. Perhaps he needs more "brown" time to show off his corduroy pants and navy blue jacket. Having negroes wearing dark brown is a big advance for the perps, as they had them in light brown coats about two months ago.

The re-read of the above paragraph got me a loud mufflered vehicle noise, so loud it went through my earmuffs as if it were just outside. And it wouldn't be, as I am six stories up. Regular readers know that most of the noise campaign comes from some projected means, and not an actual source. Anytime I go to the window to look for the noise source the entire outside road traffic noisescape calms down to silence.

Both times today when I was putting the first piece of chocolate in my mouth I had a loud mufflered vehicle sound off with the usual protracted trailing off of the noise. That isn't the reality here as the buildings would attenuate the noise, which never seems to happen for these protracted sounds.

An evening of bookmarking web pages for the exercise of gathering all the desired components for a PC; the fast box/processor variant and the home theater variant. Not that I have the money for one, let alone two, though the present PC could be converted to the latter purpose in a new case that would cost plenty. But the reality is the perps just love me doing bookmarking, changing the title, adding to the description and adding the cost into the description line from the web page. Two hours of it at least to keep them occupied with simultaneous vision perturbations, noise from outside and noise in my earmuffs.

I came across, as in encountered a scripted web page, about Morgellon's Disease, and possible measures to ameliorate it. It was interesting, as it mentioned glues in drywall, and if possible, to eliminate them from one's environment. I had no idea that there were glues there, but I never gave it much thought. I suppose that might be why the ordered cuttings of drywall were left at the street corner yesterday, though gone today. This disease is relatively new, and has a plethora of confounding symptoms, but as far as I can tell, is not harassment related, save the fibers that can grow inside one, and then project out from the skin. I have seen these brownish fibers being used to conduct light from holes in the walls back in the early days of harassment, though I think there is a big difference in how they appeared. The ones that I saw were straight and supple, but the Morgellon's variety seem to be irregularly shaped. I haven't made a determination as to whether Morgellon's is a perp created biological invasion or if it is a genuine organic condition. It is most curious, and I must check my past postings on this topic to see what I had concluded.

And not too many weirds out on the gangstalk gauntlet, to and from the car dealership where I have a part time cleaning job. In keeping with yesterday's negro gangstalking there was another one arranged in the lobby of this apartment. He was on the couch and was being attended to by an Asian woman. He was in a red hoodie with a red and white jacket over top. The scenario I was lead to think was that he was injured in a dust-up of some kind, as he might have been the owner of a 6" splat of blood-like fluid on the sidewalk outside. Perhaps this was a negro calibration exercise, as there was a murder at the same location three years ago. I wasn't convinced it was blood, and it could of been faked, along with my first glimpse of him through the glass, as it appeared his entire face was blanked out, totally black. I have been through a few of these exercises, and it is some kind of vision fucking, as I have never had a prior occurence of not seeing anyone's face, no matter the lighting conditions.

I going to call this one done for the day, though I might fix up the Morgellon's entry above once I have read my old posts on the topic.


Anonymous said...

It seems my perps are very interested in my tasting and eventual purpose of a red wine. I stopped at the winery, and of course, there just happened to be a (very favored, I must add) young lady that walked in as I was paying for the wine. Was a nice dark, sweet red wine. I'm sure alcoholic beverages are of tremendous interest to them, as they affect the conductivity of their measurements. I've noticed that pattern, that I get gangstalked very heavily around stores and bars as well.

Interestingly, I saw a lot of unfavored gangstalkers at the fast food place I ate at. A typical pattern. Again, a different location, but they were still all over me with the same annoying pro vocational tactics. They have mostly unfavored at convenience stores, too, but for some reason, the winery brought a very favored person while paying.

AJH said...

The perps likely fomented my winemaking hobby for the two decades that I engaged in it, before the overt harassment began. They especially liked me to source the grapes and crush from differing locations; California, Oregon, Washington and here in British Columbia. There are likely at least two major objectives in their wine obsession; being able to capture the provenance (geographic location) in energetic terms, and to determine the energetic responses from ingesting a red colored liquid into one, which of course, contains many red colored substances. The perps red on red color variant testing goes on every day.

As for placing attractive young females with fugly males, I sense that the perps like to engage in comparisons, and are monitoring one's full set of reactions and their energetic properties remotely. Time without fail they plant the babe with the unsightly dude and I always wondered what the attraction was. Now I know, it was arranged for comparative purposes and monitoring one's neural energetics comparing an attractive person (young female) next to an unattractive and uninteresting one (male if hetero). Sometimes these comparisons will be between an Favored or Unfavored person to an object, often a vehicle design or even some ugly colored vehicle of a design that you like. This entire comparison activity between likes and dislikes is a substantial component of the gangstalk freakshow it seems. Thanks for the comments,

Anonymous said...

Ah, that helps me understand it better. I too have noticed their presentations consist of sharp contrasts of many kinds, and this can be done with the human physique, as well as the clothing. They used to have people wearing pants that had a kind of opaque or translucent quality to it, so that you could almost see through them. Maybe it was a trick with the way the clothing fit.

The wine I bought was a sort of maroon color, a very dark red, and that seemed to get them very interested. I'm sure they're also interested in the way the alcohol interacts with the internal systems of the body, including the organs.

AJH said...

Answer to: Ah, that helps me understand...

There are many human physique presentations that I get, and the perps know I abhor them; skinheaded males, large gutted males, baggy dressed males as examples. I haven't had any translucent like clothing though, but perhaps soon.

As you suggest, it seems that the ingestion of wine and the action of alcohol digestion and breakdown in our body is very important for the perps as well as the color and provenance interests that they have. I was making some excellent wines until 1999 when I moved to Washington State to work there. After that my wine consumption was limited as I did not have the facilities to make it. And of course now, I cannot afford it on a disability claim, but only get it when offered when dining with others. It seems the perps are now selectively arranging wine intake for me, which isn't too much of a hardship. Thanks for the comments,

eagledove9 said...

I have something going on which is relevant to red wine. I recently researched what types of things would be able to stain the plastic dental fillings that I got recently. I want to remove those fillings, because they contain bisphenol-A and they are causing chronic breast pain or possibly fibrocystitis. I intend to remove them before getting pregnant because I am sure that they will interfere with the development of a baby, since they are having such noticeable effects on a fully grown adult.

I was thinking of removing the fillings myself, because I found that they are soft enough to scratch. But I wondered how I could SEE them, to know whether any plastic remained in the cavity after drilling them out. (I am thinking of just using some small object held in my hand, not necessarily a real dentist's drill. Dentists won't allow you to just remove a filling and replace it with nothing. They want to replace it with another filling, but I have decided that ALL fillings are unsafe, and I am going to tolerate unfilled cavities instead. I am troubleshooting what causes cavities. Anyway that's why I'm thinking of finding a way to do it myself.)

So I was researching what kinds of chemicals will stain plastic fillings, and red wine was found to be one of the most effective at staining them. I got the impression that it didn't really stain them very MUCH, though. But this was just recently that I did that research.

Also, after I posted to you about how they were 'trying to convince me that they can predict the future,' I started having more of those incidents again, where they try to demonstrate that they predicted a random event before it happens. Still, the incidents that happen with me seem almost as though they could have CAUSED it to happen. I wish I knew more about this, because whenever they do it, they always give it an aura, or feeling, of 'extremely dangerous,' 'extremely powerful,' or 'very threatening.' Like this subject of time travel is extremely scary and important, and if anybody is able to do it, they find that idea to be terrifying.

They like talking to me about worst case scenarios, and then finding some more reassuring and positive ways to interpret it, or not worry about it, or prevent it. I started doing that partly because I read a book by Julian Simon, who writes about environmentalism, and he explains why a lot of the predicted apocalypse scenarios were wrong. His books made me feel safe thinking about the future, and I got into the habit of looking at worst case scenarios and then finding ways to solve or prevent them from happening. Whenever I predict the future, I try to explain why I don't think everybody will die, or the human species will go extinct. I think that at least some groups of people will survive almost any catastrophe that could happen.

The only one that I can imagine which would destroy the whole species is if a very large object hits the planet, and either shatters the whole planet, or knocks it out of orbit. That's the only catastrophe that I am really concerned about, and I see it as a 'totally helpless' situation where, if it happens, there's just nothing that can be done about it, and we all probably will die. But I think some people will survive a lot of other catastrophes, whether they are natural or manmade. But 'they' worry about, and talk to me about, the possibilities of terrible things that could happen involving mind control.

(Such as 'What if somebody puts up a satellite that we can't reach and can't get rid of, and it uses mind control to make everybody unable to invent weapons that will shoot down satellites, and it has solar power so the computer system in the satellite won't ever run out of energy, and it's really durable and never breaks down,' etc. etc. Sort of like that movie, 'The Forbidden Planet,' which my dad showed me. I won't give you a spoiler, but the idea is that somebody created a computer system which could not be turned off, and it did something bad to them.)

So they are very worried about certain things being too scary to imagine, like 'what if they have the ability to time travel?' The incidents having to do with that are usually portrayed to me as being very scary or unthinkable. I haven't really solved that issue yet, so it is still in the 'scary and unthinkable' category of ideas.

Anyway, that phenomenon started up again because I commented recently about 'predicting incidents before they happen.'

Anonymous said...

I just cracked today, and called some girl a 'loser', and she was doing the giggling thing, saying stuff like 'well that would freak me out too', i.e., making it obvious she's a gangstalking twit. I saw her earlier standing outside one of the doors that I normally would exit while going for lunch. And as I walked out the other exit, I tried to get to my car as fast as possible. They've really created a hostile environment for me, and I try to avoid some of these jerks.

They also have college girls with favorable looks/physiques doing the "Oh I'm so hot" routine. When I snub them, it makes some of them visibly uncomfortable. In general, some gangstalkers are easily rattled if you say something to them, ignore them, or act like their routine isn't affecting you.

These people have a lot of nerve, trying to take something from people that isn't theirs to take. I work plenty hard for what little money I make, and of course, that matters little to them. What matters is what they gain from studying me. I do have the feeling, though, that they can have me killed or have me get into a serious accident if they wished. I try to stay calm, but I'm sure they're trained to expect certain adverse reactions from TI's. Some gangstalkers handle it better than others.

This one girl was pretty much your typical college freshman or sophomore, but she seemed very much like a 'seasoned' gangstalker mold. You know how they are? They do something to piss you off, and when you retaliate, they have the eerily calm, almost fake "you know, you really are a pathetic loser", like you are the one acting like a jerk to them.

I've had problems with certain photographers harassing me as well, getting into the act with their psy-ops. All these involved with gangstalking seem to think I'm some sort of bum or something. That one girl was so calm, like a soldier. remember that all these people are soldiers, waging war against us Ti's.

And thanks again for your replies. It sure helps to compare experiences. I'm having a guilt trip about telling that one gangstalking girl off. I'm almost afraid to leave here now. I'm 100% certain that if I reacted any worse, she would've called security and I would've wound up looking like I was harassing her for no reason. Some members of security are involved, though, and help the perps.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have something going on ...

I didn't know the non-metallic fillings had bisphenol A, which is why most of my metallic ones were replaced a few years ago. I believe the ingested plastics and pollutants, bisphenol A being one, are a big hassle for the perps as they don't conform to expectable magnetic irradiation. Which is why they always have vagrants with plastic laden shopping carts, irrigation service trucks with PVC pipe and others in my proximity.

The perps like to saddle me with apocalyptic scenarios at times, especially with various alien abduction scenarios that I may "come across", read, scripted interaction. But never for more than a few days, and then relief. They tell me Mars was inhabited until there was some kind of inter-alien rumble and then they wasted the entire planet. One cannot take anything at face value in this existence of course.

I don't get too many of the predictions that will happen, though in hindsight there is often a clue. They had me pondering the name Natasha a few days before Natasha Richardson died, and it is all the more odd as I don't know anyone by the name of Natasha. They like me to get things totally wrong and all balled up often, so in my case there is a considerable credibility gap with anything they plant in mind. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I just cracked today...

I learned early on in my harassment that someone's facial expression means absolutely nothing in this double life of being targeted. In the early 2002 days certain staff of the office would look real grim and avoidant as if I had done something terribly wrong. I hadn't, and all those two weeks of strangely behaving work colleagues were total bullshit. This is the level to which they run me; every nuance, inflection, utterance etc., all orchestrated for my reaction. I don't think it is the same for all TI's, though it could be and they don't know.

As part of this, the guilt should be dispensed with because the scenario was totally set up, designed to make you feel that way when they had a script for it all. I have become, or more like, have been allowed, have greater emotional resiliance than I ever had before. Which is a good thing, but now is totally controllable by the perps. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi eagledove,

well I've got fillings myself, amalgam to be exact, and some of them are pretty deep too. I was worried about the effects of the mercury they contain. Also, I believe they are very conductive to electricity and E/M waves, which could actually aid their 'surveillance', however they're carrying it out. I believe one filling that was between two teeth came out, but I am certainly in no hurry to have it replaced.

batvette said...

IIRC the Gilligan's Island episode where Gilligan's tooth became a radio receiver actually had some basis in reality.... no I'm not pulling your leg (or tooth!)check it out....
funny how many people will accept a Gilligan's Island episode as fact but if a O/S TI claims voice to skull (40 years later with patents applied for and granted!)they are considered nutty. Bob Denver, RIP.

AJH said...

Answer to: IIRC the Gilligan's Island...

I often wonder how it is that there is this generalized fear about mind invasive technologies such that there is a predisposition to disbelieve what technologies can do. (And keep it fluffy by putting it one Gilligan's Island). The same for alien abducted victims; why is it that there is generalized perspective that they aren't real and it is mildly humorous. It is clear that it is happening; read Dr. John E. Mack's books, a Harvard professor and shrink who was bold enough to state that these cannot be delusions or of clinical origin. Harvard University tried to oust him but he trumped them with a good lawyer. And even 16 years later after the first publication, the alien abductees still cannot get any mainstream media respect. It is apalling, and yet this is one of the biggest stories of the last century. I don't expect any white knight activist will come to TI's aid as it is clear that this existence requires collusion with many entities; doctors, hospitals, police, firemen etc. Hence, a larger base of arranged disbelievers. Thanks for the comments.