Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have Some PVC Smell With Your Haircut

I just had about the most grossest haircut, and it wasn't the hair, but the barrage of PVC smell and the stylist's BO. One smell or the other or both, fitting with the recently escalated fuckery of creating combinations of noise that once ran singly. The stylist was also behaving strangely and hadn't shaved. All too strange, especially when the guy was hanging around outside this apartment building yesterday. I suppose this is a prepatory engagement for yoga that will begin in 20 minutes, always a high-harassment event afterwards. Hopefully no BO there as I need a respite from the offensive malodorous haircut.

The odd smell from the above repetoire has erupted since the above foul smell affront, but nothing too serious. Between the first trip to the stylist's and the second to yoga and back, I have had one vehicular rundown attempt, one elevator run-in (the asshole is parked at the door and attempting to get in before I got out, this on the main lobby floor), two Left Hand drive pedestrians coming straight at me for 100' and wouldn't veer until some 10' in front of me and then give me the stare, and I was't allowed to pee in toilet as the stream gets diverted no matter where aimed. All in a day's work as a targeted individual (TI), and still one more outing for the cleaning job later.

And more weirdness at the yoga classroom with all four of the classmembers (10 minutes early this was) sitting in the chairs at the side of the room. This is where I usually initially sit to take my shoes and jacket off. After getting on my mat they were still there for my pre-yoga stretches. After a few minutes they all went to their respective mats at the same time, even though they don't know each other. Perhaps some herd instinct is expectable from the newcomers, but not among the regulars. And again, the latecomer planted herself and her brown top beside and behind my left side. Opposite, the dude with the hair bob was in his loud orange grunge shirt, and an off/on regular woman was beside him in a red top. More color clashing games it would seem, as this is a common combination among the street freakshow they put on. I don't know why the assholes like to present me with the red-orange combinations, and yellow-red combinations, but they do.

In the yoga class there was plenty of plasma beams flitting around, and a much more intensified delivery of yellow light flashes and strings of yellow dots off my lenses of my eyeglasses. All I had to do was change the direction of my focus and the lens flashes would stop, which shouldn't happen if it was real world reflections. But as regular readers will know, I have given up on attempting to detect the difference, and anything adverse is considered to be malevolent fuckery. They even had a blue plasma beam sitting in the mouth of the instructor for a few seconds at the begining. The perps often like to place blue plasma beams from dark shadows, often in the evening. Though of late, they have just tentatively begun placing red plasma beams from the shadows, and this might represent perp research/harassment progress.

While at yoga I had my usual white and light colored crumbs arriving beside me and on the mat or stick to my black track pants. I also routinely get the sensation of a small gritty pebble arriving under my hand, usually the right one, and then sweeping it off on the carpet beside the mat. This little fuck stunt was so popular they did it twice this time. Funny how the grit manages to find me at yoga where one does many hand placements. And I see they have finally allowed a class member to leave at the same door I did. It is the most obvious place to depart from as it is direct to the street, and no one but me had ever used it except for me in 14 months of doing yoga there.

And strange music choices for yoga it would seem, though I am hardly the expert. Songs with words in them are expectable in most circumstances, but not usually for background sound. But anyhow, at least two "hurting" tunes were played, which I found most curious.

And what is with the gangstalkers that they have to put on long beards today? At least a dozen such wackos so far today, and this time not hiding them in their jackets like Scary Dude does. He is a seeming local, and became so local that he now purports to live in this apartment block and accompany me in the elevator. Still, that isn't good enough as he also lounges on the nearby public benches in a red hat and attempts to disguise himself by putting his long scragly beard inside his jacket. I have my regular weirds/freaks of the onging freakshow of gangstalkers that I get treated to, and also I get new ones. The plastic bag toting vagrants are also coming on strong; one leading ahead of me today, and one in the elevator yesterday. And I suppose that they like it that I handly plastic bags extensively in the partime cleaning job, and whatever they gain from this they want to apply it to other locations.

Just like I predicted above, I keep getting shots of the foul BO smell injected up my nose, and when exhaling the foul smell, a noise to accompany my annoyance of getting tagged with something that has no conventional basis. Repeat smells from nearly 12 hours ago? Welcome to my world, where physical reality is tweaked. As I type this with my earmuffs on a clicking noise has erupted in the left earmuff. And if I take them off, another annoying noise of overhead water gurgling will erupt. And as there is no plumbing overhead, how is this noise being created? And I had the same problem when further from the bathroom in the last apartment residence.

Here is a stunt staight out of perp school; Pranksters shrink-wrap roadway for third time in a week. My perp assholes fuck with the Cling Wrap every time I use it; they fold it up to make me unravel it, and then it never clings. Except I got a week off a few weeks ago, and then they reverted back to their malevolent form, same box of Cling Wrap.

More reading online with my plasma and maser games going on all around and over the text on the LCD display. The perps especially like to fill in text with yellow plasma, as if a parched ancient document. Don't ask me what this means in their analytical process, even if they have been doing it for years.

This one is done for the day, and time to post.


Anonymous said...

I do get the plastic bag toting gangstalkers as well. It's always a white color bag.

Well, today, they were doing this thing where I had this dark grey colored ball that would move with my eyes. At first I thought it was a floater, but it was bigger and darker than usual, and simply vanished at some point. They also like to put on the fake snoring noises when I breathe in or out. Sometimes, it's a high-pitched noise, like when you've got clogged nasal passages. But I can tell that was fake too, because it went away after a while, but my nasal passages were in the same condition as before.

AJH said...

I get all manner of plastics toted in my proximity, though plastic shopping bags, usually white, is a big prop for them. Also, the irrigation service trucks with 20' sections of PVC pipe.
The "floater" thing you mentioned might be the same as the masers I get, the filamentous kind or else the fuzzy ball kind. Both those shapes are more common than the thin beams.
I get plenty of planted noise in any given day too. Thanks for the comments.