Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enforced Isolation

Another day like yesterday it seems; an early awakening with a preceding train of noise from outside, as if this were an industrial zone. And as always, when the "road traffic" noise is evaluated when I am up, it goes very quiet, just the occasional vehicle. For the uninitiated, that means projected/fake noise in the guise of vehicular traffic; heavy duty vehicles, loud mufflers, sirens and the like. I also get street shouting at any time of the day, but have yet to see one actually shouting.

I suspect there will be a full gangstalking once I emerge from this cocoon/prison as there was yesterday. I had a five strong native Indian delegation commanding the full width of the sidewalk and as I approached one seemed to know I was coming and made room, his back turned to me all the time. Very clever. I suspect this was some kind of distance dependent "brown-ness" (skin color) test, as this group was entirely in view as I negotiated the adjacent controlled intersection. The perps just love me to take direction changes and are usually all over me when I do, putting on a flush of gangstalkers each time I turn a corner. This was the native Indian's turn last night it seemed.

And on the social isolation front they are still keeping me relatively isolated; I am expecting at least four emails and yet no response. (Keep the blog coments coming!) Ms. C from the story communicated by Linked In, my very first link in that realm, and I suppose that was a big deal for the perps. The job/resume response has been nil, and not even acknowledgement responses. Even the spam has suddenly dried up, and normally I get at least 10/day. Not to worry, it will all change again with a sudden onset of an activity focus. They have also shut me down for my job searching and investigating as part of the kowtowing to get training upgrade funds for 09-2009 and 01-2010. This seems to be a long haul situation with those courses timed, not to mention the other things like the new roof at my parents' place; the perps have a very strong interest in roofing that is overhead, and this big change-up from a cedar shake to ashphalt/fiberglass shingles is a big one for them. That might be the reason for more tar smears at the car dealership where I have a part time job, 1hr/day. They put on tar smears on the door handle and door frame in the Service section where I clean, oriented at right angles in the usual formation of much of the arranged debris, markings and other props they arrange. And more tar spots are arriving on the floor of the Service section that cannot be removed, so I suspect the perp's abidding interest in petroleum and derivative products is still under intense investigation. They also move automotive tires around, another product they demonstrate great interest in, and when I owned a vehicle, I had the repair bills to prove it; three front tire sets for the single set in the rear. (The magical front end misalignment eruptions, even after alignment). Now, they have me vacuuming around the tire displays in the Service and Parts section, and also put them out in the garage, drape plastic over the tires of vehicles on the hoist, pull off wheels and orient them transverse to the direction on the vehicle and arrange them near my activities etc. Rubber is a petroleum product in part, and I am sure there is some material properties overlap the perps are attempting to determine. The perps also eliminated the Rubbermaid dish drain mat I had and ensured that it was replaced by a plastic model that was more resistant to water. Even at that, it has become fertile ground for the algae they like to grow on it, and having the algae species change from a red color to brown a few months ago. Funny how that happens; another never-before, algae on the dishes mat, begets another never-before, changing algae colors/species.

Now onto idleness, and all the plasmic light flashes even the mere mention of it begat as I typed this. I have read all my regular blog sites, and a few new ones, and have plenty of time to putz around, if I only knew what. Regular readers and most TI's know that the perps like to create situations of no work, aka unemployment for their overtly harassed victims. It is a topic that gets plenty of perp attention; not only light flashes but noisestalking, imposed bodily sensations and other impositional fuckery.

I haven't quite figured out why they are interested in unemployment, but it does make one wonder if they aren't wringing the economy into ruins, all for this agenda. Though, as a reportable perp quest, this topic lacks the focus and the antagonism that more direct harassment to one's person does.

I did the part time cleaning job at the car dealership earlier. Same as for yesterday, I have no idea how I am doing it 15 minutes faster than a few weeks ago. Nor do I have any idea how the boss man has changed his routine as he arrives 20 minutes later than I do, and we finish up at the same time as before. I suppose in his case I could ask him, but it hasn't come to mind. Meaning, the answer is not meant for me to know. Or who knows, as he might of been faking it before, though I did his cleaning areas about four weeks ago and it took me at least 1.5 hours.

Anyhow, I got my full-on street gangstalking when headed to the car dealership. I had two negros gangstalking on the way there, and one "happening" to pass by while I was vacuum cleaning the showroom. The second negro was on crutches and had this huge sway to his movements as if seriously disabled. He had his hair done like a golliwog which was totally repugnant, or at least, that was how my "reaction" was managed to be. The perps know I loathe dreadlocks as much as other Unfavored demographic group members, so why not put them together? And this hobbling negro had a camel and white coat on, and it would seem that his presence represents the perps attempting to get brown skinned people to be wearing brown. IT is likely they will ramp up the degree of brown-ness on the brown skinned in a few weeks, following the pattern of the Unfavored being ranked according to skin color. I notice that the gangstalking dudes are wearing middle and dark brown colors, so they must be further ahead on that Unfavored demographic, and haven't got negroes and brown clothing figured out to the same degree.

In another incident at the cleaning job tonight they had the "tea bag dude" as I call him arrive for his mysterious wander through the Service area. He as attempting to get in from outside, and then came around and passed through, timing his visitation/gangstalking when I had just finished mopping the floor. This dude has presented himself as a car salesman, as one of the "greeters" when I arrive, and then later I learn he is one of the staff at the scooter place in the basement. Which is another way of saying he blew his cover story intentionally, and is a operative. The perps managed my "reaction" to him coming through as one of sudden tension, making it up, rather than allowing my own blase reaction to yet another Fuckwit. This is the dude who same up behind me twice in two days while I was cleaning the coffee bar, and wanted a teabag. I have encountered him once before when he blew in by unlocking the door, and I asked him who he was, as the perps had fucked my recall as I had seen him the day before as a greeter in the automotive showroom. I don't know what the deal is, but if he has the keys to get in, why didn't he? Yet another mysterious ploy by this intermittent visitor. And also, I have never seen him coming for teabags before or after the twice that he wanted one when he positioned himself behing me. Talk about feeling targeted, and I reckon that might be the objective for his strange arrivals and walk throughs.

On the science front, there are some interesting correlations (and here) of cosmic rays to planet weather, the cosmic rays, called cosmic ray muons (which I suspect are the same as neutrinos), were measured in a deep mine shaft observatory. The reason for such a site to count neutrinos is that they wanted to study the ones coming through the earth, and not those falling upon it directly. The reviewer states "something is amplifying the known solar radiation, and I would suggest that its the missing link – the Earth-Sun-Galaxy electrical system". Regular readers will know that I do a little dabbling into the science of applying extra conventional harassment and mind control from a distance, and it would seem that the reviewer has suggested a "Earth-Sun-Galaxy electrical system", which is interpreted by many to be a universal plasma continuum. And it is the ability to remotely direct these energies that give the perps the avenue which they exploit to fuck the hell out of TI's lives. I find it fascinating that leading cosmology thinkers talk about "dark matter" pervading all of the universe, and yet there is this institutionalized timidity about stating there is an energetic ether (aka, universal plasma continuum, electric universe etc.). But then again, there is recent rework of the "cold fusion" results, and it would seem this 20th anniversary of this experiment is about exposing the Luddites in science. The original experiment was replicated by others, and it was put on the back burner owing to political decisions. So it is not too surprising that the concept, and some results of observations of the "ether", "dark matter" is at least 100 years old, and has been largely ignored by mainstream science. A related topic is Birkeland currents, at this link for a short primer.

In a related scientific quest, researchers have determined there are direct Earth-Sun magnetic ropes that form, and then break off. What exactly is the mechanism isn't understood, but it at least does suggest yet more magnetic interaction that has been largely unknown. This might also have something to do with the Northern Lights, those fantastic displays of plasma in cold evening conditions. I have seen the Northern Lights once, the last day of my field work in the Yukon going back to 1973. I have no idea if it was manipulated or not, and as far as the perps directing my travel in the past 40 years, it has been mostly southward; I have never been that far north, save the polar route nonstop flights to/from Europe to western Canada. I am sure there is much more behind all of this, but as usual, I have no clue.

This one is done for the day, and perhaps I will be allowed to get to sleep in short order, unlike the last two evenings where I have been kept awake for at least an hour before sleep was allowed. Last night they awakened me for 30 min. for no seeming purpose.


Anonymous said...

Hi again. More harassment at Wendy's this time, this afternoon. This time, there was a large group of people timing their exit to my opening the door. There was another guy directly behind him. The small crowd was in the little 'holding area' between the outside and dining room, and the whole thing was set up so that I was in position to hit the guy directly behind me in the stomach with my elbow. I imaging the stunt served to test crowding, and as a practical joke so that the guy behind me gets elbowed. Maybe there is something important about making contact in some form or other. The crowd leaving crammed the 'holding area' and would not exit until I entered. One of the persons from the group said "Welcome to Wendy's", as though it were clearly scripted.

When in Wendy's, I had yet more minor provocations, but from everyone there, so in total, it was still pretty hefty harassment.

Also, there is another anonymous who recently started posting here. Maybe you could check the IP addresses to see which is which. I'm the one who has been replying here since a couple of weeks back. The 'Greydove' and the anonymous who posted about driving 90 MPH might be the same person.

Thanks for your replies to my replies,

the REAL anonymous TI

AJH said...

Entering and departing a building are big harassment moments for the perps. I have had someone run me from behind when entering, as well a surges of gangstalkers.
I don't know if I will be able to sort out which Anonymous id is whose. The Google Analytics are trashed after I tried to get rid of it, which wasn't completely done, and Windows doesn't see it to get rid of it that way. The entire blog monitoring scene has been sabotaged from the get-go. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Ah, again tonight, on my walk, they had one guy in front of me the entire 1 mile of the road I was walking. That was a fave tactic of there's back in 2005-2006, having a 'walker' waiting for me at the corner, and then would walk out in front of me, be there for the entire length of the 1.5 mile walk down the main sidewalk. That was annoying, but now I'm starting to see that perhaps they wanted to measure some of the energies I was radiating using those walkers out in front of me. I imagine they could always monitor and measure mine directly, but they're probably after some sort of sum/difference comparison of various 'signals' coming from both of us.

AJH said...

Answer to; Ah, again tonight...

A gangstalker tail for over a mile would drive me squirrely, or at least that would be my controlled "reaction". They especially like to get their backs facing the victim. One TI told me that the perps measure/assay one's spine like it was an aerial. I have read of a researcher who discovered that there are radio communications in our nervous system, and that they course through the spine. The essential part of the gangstalkers is that their energies interfere with yours, and then by way of futher comparisons (them, other proximate gangstalkers and historically), they hope to detect more from you. (The gangstalker may have rehearsed this route days beforehand, and if my observations are applicable to others, aftwerward as well). The Tom Bearden site (
has more on this interference methodology of scalar wave detection. Thanks for the comments.

eagledove9 said...

I guess they meant me when they said 'greydove,' but I'm not the same person who wrote about driving 90 mph. Whoever that was, it was somebody different. I have my RSS feed set up to look at the comments, and I noticed that and thought I should clarify.

I haven't posted a lot of comments yet partly because your experiences are somewhat different from mine. For instance I don't experience anything like objects teleporting into a location. But I have learned this: so many things are possible to do, when most people believe they're impossible, that I keep my mind open - something might be real and I just haven't ever seen it yet. (And yeah, I'd RATHER NOT have people and objects teleporting around me.)

For a while there I did get them trying to make me believe that they were able to time travel or to see the future. They would 'predict' something a moment before it would happen. However, I decided that most of the time, those incidents were scripted/forced to happen. The goal was to scare me and make me feel helpless and to believe that they're 'all-powerful' or 'omnipotent,' when they aren't. But even so, I know they use technology that is far ahead of everything that the general public knows about.

Anyway I'm still here, I just get the RSS feed and check it every day, but I'm not the anonymous person you were wondering about.

AJH said...

Answer to eagledove;

I got mixed up as to who was who under the Anonymous name. I wasn't making much of a distinction as I reply to the comments as they are.

I am definitely in the escalated harassment camp, and as far as I know, I get more than most TI's. And I am not trying to sound immodest, it is just that I have more on my plate at any given moment, including being allowed to read what I just wrote.

It is problematic to deal with the harassment all the time, and it seems that keeping me out of a job was to aid in having more free time to be on the recieving end of this abuse they constantly dish out. I suspect that they will one day be able to correlate other TI's who have had the same experiences in part. Also, as they seemed to have wiped my recall from age 2 to 5, there is a large component of the perps simulating the experiences for which I still retain subconscious recall (and associated traumatization). And it seems that such recollections are now problematic to the perps, and they are doing their damndest to recreate them and then remediate the associated traumatization. That is my theory, and the perp behavior has been fairly consistent along these themes. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a lot of the harassment is scripted to correlate a directed conversation heard earlier with an event you will experience later. Some of the harassment is smoke and mirrors, simple mind tricks with humans to make it look like the TI is crazy or the 'players' somehow have access to really top-secret info. For example, I'll hear one person making a comment about how she will call the cops on this other person if he ever did xxx, and then later that evening, lo and behold, the cops will stop me on my walk, and tell me somebody reported me. It's all a trick, with the cops getting into the perps' mind games. but they also seem to be able to predict the future with some of their top-secret tech nobody knows about. And I suppose the feds could be involved, though I suspect a criminal element involved in human research, which could explain why the tech is so top secret in the first place. Or maybe it was developed that way, away from private eyes, to facilitate such a sick game they play with TI's.

And expect imposters, too. The person signing his/her name 'greydove' seemed to be impersonating eagledove. We TI's really are nothing more than a game to them.

And I don't get the teleportation games, though I have experienced sudden lack of motor control and sharp pains at times, which I know is due to the perps' tech.

Probably each TI is being used for a different purpose, though we will see very similar tactics and 'characters' being employed. There is definitely an 'all seeing eye' being used on me, able to tell what I'm doing, and what I am thinking while doing it. That counts as surveillance, and is being fed through their system to help script their smoke-and-mirror, seemingly god-like stunts with human gangstalkers.

Note: I'm using a text-only browser (links) to post this, so it may be submitted twice. It's very difficult to see where the submit buttons and other input areas are at. I kept using the preview feature in concert with the back arrow, which helped, but there are still difficulties writing this.

AJH said...

The "designed coincidences" is a big part of the game, often seeming innocuous subject matter. The perps like me to be correct as much as incorrect too, so they set up false recollections and then put on the noisestalking the instant I determine (read, am allowed to access my own knowledge) the facts. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that reply. They do like to create confusion. Some of it involves mind games with two individuals, both giving conflicting opinions on a certain subject matter. It seems like random stuff, like not important at all, more akin to a form of what I call 'information noise', that is, not in the sense of the usual compressional waves one detects with one's ear, but rather, random useless informational stuff. If you've ever seen Einstein on the Beach, you know what I'm talking about. That was an interesting 'opera'. There were strange scenes, like a whole bunch of actors brushing their teeth to some words that had nothing to do with the act itself.

And they really do know what I am going to be reading, thinking, or looking at sometime in the near future, like 1 day or less.

And for some reason they believe it's important for me to know what it is, like I have to be 'confronted' with what I will be encountering in the future. I've always interpreted that as a gaslighting tactic, or they wanted to show me how powerful and mighty they are. But maybe knowing ahead of time what I am going to be experiencing in the future is somehow important to me. Maybe they want me to confront my future self. Some of it is just more mind games to scare me, no doubt.

AJH said...

Answer to: Thanks for that reply. They do like to...

I call the organized confusion, cluelessness and ignorance FUD. This was the IBM mantra for the salesmen as to how to treat the customer; ensure Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The perps like to plant as many incorrect notions as correct ones, probably even more. They put on noisestalking when I figure out something is incorrect, and likewise for correct. We are being studied to levels of detail you have never imagined. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I always take everything personal they do. They have so many people involved in this, and they're always the ones I trust the most it seems. Why exactly is puzzling. Maybe they were scared or coerced, or simply are getting some thrill out of this?

AJH said...

Answer to: I always take everything personal...

I don't think there is any particular thrill, as they likely spent weeks planning these stunts as well as having their operatives rehearse it in advance, and perhaps afterward. The operatives seem too calm and collected that I have come to observe. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I've noticed they like to mix some overt intimidation in with their harassment sometimes. I guess they need to have us scared for some of them, so they can test a wide range of emotional states.

AJH said...

Answer to: Thanks. I've noticed...

The perps like to test our fear detection responses, hence these intimidation games. Such neural determinations are with the amygdala part of our brain, which is likely to be the location of our psychic energies. Or, at least, that is what I understand from reading Bearden's site. Thanks for the comments,