Monday, March 16, 2009

Shaving Gear Tour

I stayed at my perp abetting parents' place last night, and had an evening of watching TV (magnetic beam irradiation) and watching my father do his gangstalking bullshit again. Totally fucking predictable, and tell me which Alzheimer patients can pull off 100% of walking in front of the TV just before or after the IR remote control is used. Yet he does, and puts on the Alzheimer's act, with the odd blown cover such as four weeks ago when he said, "you just don't know, you just don't know" and then wandered off while I was telling him, "tell me then".

I did the driving my my mother this morning, doing the foliage clippings drop off at the municipal yard, and then onto doing the run to deal with this ongoing bullshit over razor blades, ostensibly for my father. She bought some after market ones yesterday at the nearby LD store, a half block away. Then she found that they did not fit in the Gillette Sensor head, and had to take them back today. I stayed in the vehicle at the curb as the parking parking meter "broke" and would be able to then talk my way out of a potential parking ticket. And while waiting I had the freak show parading by, only 60' from the location where they did this twice before at the cafe where I got paid twice. (But not today or yesterday interestingly). Then, onto downtown to park at a different parkade, where there were clusters of white, red and green vehicles, just like the usual one. Then we stopped at a downtown drug store on this razor blade quest, and there was no after market blades there. I looked for Neutrogena Deep Clean as the LD store has a two month "shortage" still running, but got skunked. I met up with my mother at the cashier, buying the Gillette blades, and in the process she tells her story to the ponytailed male cashier, showing the razor blade handle and the razor blades that she was supposed to have returned from the first stop. I give up, what is so fascinating about shaving and razor blades that the bullshit story is allowed to blow the cover story? I have mentioned the perps obsession with cutting meats, using steel knives to cut things, and the in-place "treatment" they applied to my 12" kitchen knife to make it stainless instead of the iron leaching staining metal that it was. I cannot figure out why a billion dollar per year budgeted organization has to tail me over using steel knives when human metallurgical history has been going on for at least five millenia. Not to mention the use of steel and iron as weapons and the boundless scenarios of their application. Ditto for surgery. So why are the perps so obsessed over the use of steel knives, shaving and the like? They even had me looking up ceramic knives last week, finding a local supplier even. I don't need to spend $100 on a ceramic kitchen knife and yet they keep planting this notion in mind. Fucking absurd.

And I see that the perps are busy on their concrete activities; two established parkades are getting major renovations and a new residential tower is going up one block away. I also got the redi-mix concrete truck stalking this morning when waiting in the vehicle, per above. And once out of the vehicle, I got the concrete barrier/block hauling "stalking" as well. Needless to say, this is the subject of another perp fixation, concrete exposure and its energetic interaction. They tell me it is the limestone, as it exists in our bones as it does in concrete. I don't give a shit, just leave me alone and fuck with your hired criminals instead. Maybe a blonde escort is needed for concrete games. Who knows, it is all too absurd at times.

I did my one hour job at the car dealership tonight, cleaning floors, washrooms and doing the garbages. The boss man was in ahead of me, even if I was early, and then proceeded to stand around in the latter stages of work while I finished up his area. He was in his bullshit passive/aggressive state again being friendly when paying me for the first half of March, and then being rude when he was doing the loafing and I was doing the working. And part of it too, I was fucked into "forgetting" the usual task sequence, and ended up mopping at the very end, and he using my mop for his area. The color of the mopheads seems to be a big deal; he has the blue one, and I have a fugly red one. In the past I was mopping his area as part of my duties after finishing my area (Service and Parts), but this has changed for the last four weeks, and I don't mop his area (Sales and General Office), but only do vacuuming and glass door cleaning. Not a big deal.

The perps put on a three emergency vehicle show some 100' away from the car dealership tonight; police, ambulance and a fire truck all came to put on their flashing red and white lights, and per usual, no apparent reason. No smashed vehicles, no debris littering the street, and no bodies. This is common for staged "emergencies"; they will have the street blocked and yet there is no fundamental reason for the event. I have pointed this out to passengers in my vehicle at the time, and they too couldn't see a compelling reason either. The jist of it is that besides the noise, they like to have strobing white, red and blue lights going in my proximity, and this somehow aids their remotely applied energetic measurement objectives. Also, shutting down traffic lanes is part of it. This morning, they shut down a lane downtown for no apparent reason, arranging the dayglow orange traffic cones when we drove by and then removing them when we later walked back the same direction.

There is a crazy strobing flourescent light at work where I clean the bathrooms, and perhaps they wanted to extend whatever gains from there to further across the street where the emergency vehicle lights were flashing. I also notice that all the news footage on TV has the strobing effect amplified, covering the entire screen. The locality of their stunts seems to be a big deal, which is why Mondays are such a high harassment day. I am coming back from a stayover at my parents' place after watching TV the evening before, and there must be some gains in terms of their nonconsensual research that are attempting to extrapolate to me in other locations. That is the theory, but it is so consistent that it defies any clinical explanation whatsoever IMHO.

And too, the fact that I got paid (financial transaction) is a big deal for the perps, and having the post-payday event of an "emergency" outside of the very desk at which I got paid might also be the attraction. No doubt they will be all over me tomorrow when I go to deposit the check, putting on the extra flush of shiftless dudes in their hoodies for afterward. I had plenty of them tonight; a pair in the elevator when heading out in the rainstorm that became a slushy snowstorm. Then after work, when heading to the local supermarket I had at least 20 of them for the block and a half doing their plastic bag packing act, and a two strong vagrant gauntlet. I see the chinless supervisor dude at the supermarket is on extra duty; posing his chinless profile at every place I go for the past five visits, this week and last week. I don't get why he has to so his little "freeze action" poses, but he does it as often as he can, and in differing locations while I am at the checkout. And no reprieve from the dudes at the checkout lineup either; another cashier shortage, and then longer lineups, all with dudes parked at the end of them. Next, it will be the negroes and whoever else from the Unfavored that needs more exposure time in the opinion of the Fuckwits.

Some job board looking tonight, and I was allowed to send off two applications, the first in two months. I don't know what the deal is about job applications, work, professional affiliations and career, but the perps have an abidding interest in these concepts and structuring my activities around it. And I see that they fucked with my resume templates and messed up the bulleting and paragraphs. I spent no end of time repairing that some months ago, finally got it all stabilized and stayed away from certain file formats, and the assholes have gone and fucked it again. I have Open Office, and a new version was since released, and they are also exploiting this as well. Perhaps I will have to pay the money and get the wretched Microsoft versions to end this ongoing harassment circus over documents and file formats.

This one is done for the day, and I now get to ponder what sleep deprivation games are going to erupt tonight. Last night they had the voice of someone talking outside while I drifted off to sleep, 30 min. worth.


Anonymous said...

One time when I was leaving early in the morning for work, I encountered the garbage man standing outside his truck. As soon as he saw my car approach, he did this weird act, with his knees bent, like was doing the 'swing batter' act, or maybe he was going to get down on his knees and plead for mercy. This came after a relatively harsh night of e-harassment, where I found myself to the brink of begging them to stop the harassment. That little act was to mock my pleading with the perps the night before.

Of course, that did piss me off, where I wanted to roll down my windows, stop my car, and scream at the a-hole. But I just toughened up, ignored him, and kept driving.

Also, cutting ham with a steel knife, I've noticed, fascinates my perps. It always seems to be the big ham cutting that gets them going berserk, as you put it. Cutting hoagies or anything else, such as pizza, doesn't seem to interest them. I suppose it's because meat is very conductive to electric currents, compared to other foods. Also, ham is usually saturated in a saline solution, which increases the conductivity of the meat substantially.

Anonymous said...

About software: it seems like the exact type of operating system is of great interest to my perps. For example, I replaced my Open Solaris installation on my laptop with Gentoo Linux, and my perps were trying to tell me I was replacing a good operating system with an inferior one. Maybe that wasn't their exact intentions, but it did seem to piss them off and stir them up.

Anonymous said...

Strobing: yes, I've noticed that, too. It must have something to do with the frequencies our brains operate. Back in 2006, when the stalking reached its current peak, the guys doing the renovating at the place where I eat out installed a ceiling fan with the blades directly over the fluorescent light. I've noted back in '06 that the chopping effect of the lights was somehow supposed to be disturbing to my thought process, to the point of possibly even triggering a seizure. Of course, the fan/light combo was positioned directly over my favorite booth, too. That comes as no surprise, right? At the time, I thought the strobing light was supposed to be intended as a form of mental torture.

I've noticed the local news stations love to show pulsating red/blue police lights on the walls of buildings in their camera shots. They never show the lights directly; they only seem to show them bouncing off houses, walls, other objects. They also like to do very quick scene-changing shots showing favored and unfavored bodies in rapid-fire sequence.

AJH said...

Yes, the perps like to add some thematic continuity from day to day, and all the better if they can mock you. I don't get too much of this thematic stunts, but plenty of online mentions or web page advertisements.
I don't know what the deal for the perps is over cutting of meats with steel knives, but it is interesting that you have experienced the identical circumstances. The perps are also fascinated by cutting food into portions, say, quartering a whole tortilla. Each cut is often noisestalked, and in Avery's book, "The Dimensional Structures of Consciousness" (see Book List to right), he mentions the consciousness of aggregation and disaggregation, which is exactly what the tortilla quartering scenario is.
Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to Strobing...

The perps like variation more than anything, repeated and consistent until they have milked of all its research value. And as light and magnetic properties have quantum level interactions, I reckon the flashing and strobing of lights allows them to dig into our brains deeper by remote means. Each color has its own energy level as well. And don't forget, a flourescent light has a plasma field in it and gives off plenty of magnetic radiation. So placement of a chopping fan is exactly what they wanted to further the remote neural research agenda.
And for the record, I have measured 400x normal magnetic fields around me in late 2002, and I suspect it is at least two order of magnitudes greater by now as I see masers and plasma beams all the time, both controlled by varying a magnetic field.
The presentation of emergency lights has changed on TV in the last two years, or at least, the for the limited amount of TV that I get to see. The lights fill the full TV screen and are often in a fast cycle. I still don't get why the perps don't arrange cooperation as they could of done their research in a tenth of the time it has taken. Now 6 years and 11 months of overt harassment and arrangement of my entire existence.
Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to About software...
[Second time that I have answered as the first reply "went missing". If you see two replies, you will know that the first response came back]

The perps have had me purchase SUSE Linux twice, but never let me load it up and run it. Related to this in the crazy intense harassment of 2002, the assholes arranged for one of my thought-to-be friends open the set of discs of my then new SUSE Linux purchase. I don't know what the deal is over that, but somehow he was assigned to open it up. Which of course, made it vulnerable to hacking, or so I thought at the time. But the reality is the perps have a back door into all major O/S and I suspect that even if you ran in encrypted mode they could decode it in real time. Thanks for the comments,

Anonymous said...

That seems to be one of the games, to invite you to do something, and to punish you for doing what they said to do in the first place. I had a street theatre skit arranged for me back in 2006 that demonstrated this.

When I used to go for long walks, I used to see this one punk-type kid, around late teens or so, and he would start messing with me all the time, under the guise of 'I just like to mess with people and make it look like I'm nasty when I'm really not'.

They had the kid say 'Here, take a load off, sit on my car' after a long walk, the hood, that is. When I sat on his car, he screamed 'What the hell do you think you're doing?!! Get off of my car!!'

Looking back, I think this was letting me get a look into their mindset of how they carry out certain harassment tactics. It's sort of how they will tell you that you need to leave town to escape your harassment, but somewhere else, they have even worse harassment planned for you. That's why I'm staying put into I can figure out what my long-range plans are.

I get a lot of young kids like this all the time, posted on street harassment duty via car-stalking. Thankfully, I don't have this too much anymore. It was getting draining having to mess around conversing with some total stranger, having to talk to them on their level just to satisfy them.

AJH said...

Recanting their instructions is a long standing perp habit. I don't know quite why, but it fits the pattern of perceptual reversals they like to do. Also, having me look at the wrong object, and then let me in on that mindfuck just as am about to pick it up. Again, no reason, except they seem to be parsing every action, thought, written word and statement that I make. Total coverage on all cognitive activity. Thanks for the comments.