Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get the Red Out

Post tea time again, and the red-brown roobius tea seems to be the impetus for more red plasma flashes in front of me and this LCD display. Regular readers will know how much I loathe the color red, and that this trait is actively exploited by the perps every day; excessive red dressed gangstalkers, clashing red and orange dressed gangstalkers and the rest of it. Then come the plasma flashes to then "fill in" where they need to piss me off with red colors. This would include pinks as well, another plasma beam color that erupts on this LCD panel, even as I typed up the comments responses.

The perps got me rage-fied first thing this morning at breakfast, one stunt after another. They wouldn't let my eyes focus when eating my cereal, so after screaming at them with a mouthful of brown cereal, they finally relented. I thought it might be the fact that I was opening a new coffee package, something that is plastic lined. Plastics of every type, and other common pollutants like PBDE's and glycol are also also highly arranged in my contained circumstances. As before, the perps tell me that ingested pollutants interfere with their remote energy assay activities, but as I don't give a shit as to their technical excuses, I have little patience with the ongoing games.

But then later, I read the news, and there were two school massacres today, one in Germany and the other in Alabama USA. I take the view that there is perp interest in these events, because they routinely noisestalk me when I read these stories, and often add a plasma or masers at the same time. I have a suspicion that such events aren't as random as they appear, but I will leave it at that so to refrain from going down the conspiracy path. All I wish is that someone would do a statistical analysis of these events to find out if they occur predominantly at term begining or end. My condolences for all that have suffered from these tragic events. Some web sites have analysed the details of the Columbine tragedy of 1999, and conclude there is no way the two alleged perpetrators could of pulled it off without outside help. In another massacre tragedy in Port Arthur,Tasmania, an alleged halfwit with no firearms experience managed to pull off world class marksmanship. Enough of this morbidity. [And of note, I was forced to take a pee before I could get the links made].

Great games making noises from outside while I was reading the above Columbine link. The perps have long had a morbid streak and like me to read of death, demise no matter if present or past. I don't get it, but the above tragedies has some harassment relevance that I won't get into here. Most other TI's feel the same way.

Anyhow, another dull day inside while I get the typo sabotage treatment. This seems to be the trend over the last month, since all my gardening efforts ended at my in-town brother's place. Supposedly he has had a succession of colds, and has been ill-disposed to contact me. I also fixed his email problem with Craigslist, as that was once an angle he used to call me to send emails on his behalf. It isn't the only time I have ended up as a go-between, but that role is of interest to perps; doing someone's elses bidding as a favor when I have no stake in the game. I suppose there are some psychic elements of being involved directly and as a pass-through go-between, and the perps want to be able to detect the difference, hence these endless combinations and permutations of involvement with others. Fucking senseless churning if you ask me, but I am the last one to know much about my circumstances.

I did my cleaning job tonight at the car dealership and had only one greeter/purported salesman at the front door. Yesterday, or was it two days ago I had three dudes, and then another with the blonde salewoman as if she was some kind of "auric goodness" escort. See the blog posting On Blondes of the Favored and Unfavored in the TI World Consolidated Links List if you don't know the story of why blondes are planted among the gangstalking population. As it "so happened", I was directed to clean out the latter salesman office with the vacuum cleaner suction tip to get the staples out of the carpet. The perps tell me that this dude is one of my thought-to-be past swim club colleagues in morphover (shape shifted) form, but as always, who knows, who cares. Though he does have the same dumbshit smirk, then and now.

As usual, I was doing extra vacuuming and there were surges of vehicular traffic outside while doing this. The perps cannot get enough out of me as far as vacuuming goes, but the money is handy to deal with the extra expenses they incur.

Onto something speculative; the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme and ripping off investors for an alleged $50 billion dollars. I won't lay this one on the perps, but I do find it interesting that he has a surname that is like the term to embezzle, "made off". Perhaps all those Dickensian characters like Chuzzlewit and Scrooge aren't so innocent after all.

The perps are stepping up the games each time I see a face; when I was walking back to my apartment, there was this tall attractive woman walking toward me, and she was doing the "look away" act when I saw her face from 6' away. And as soon as that happened, a noise went off.

Other games tonight were of the plasmic kind. When I first arrived there, the guy at the Parts section who has twice laid a turd in the bathroom in advance of me cleaning it, was walking ahead of me after I dropped off the vacuum cleaner and was heading to the hoist knob where I hang my coat. He was some 8' ahead, and these black and metallic pixels about 1" square suspended in the air came from his direction toward me. In the early days of 2002 harassment the perps would send maser beams (black, thin beams) from a wall location through one of my co-workers and then into me. Nothing much was felt. Even then they could jerk me around to not say anything such as "there is a maser going through you". It would seem that they were attempting then, and tonight, to obtain some kind of magnetic energy correlation between us. No wonder with the aforementioned shit games.

More from the photos of the past two months, my Blogger commands still working after the icons were taken out.

Taken 09-01-2009, 1427h 56sec. from my view out my balcony. Three black colored vehicles are parked in file of the topmost line of vehicles, with a light blue one in front of them all. Then in the line of vehicles below these, there are two light metallic finish vehicles, the lead one a very light metallic brown, the one behind it a true silver-grey. (Zoom in by double clicking on the photo). And then, is some perverse fashion is a deep red pickup that is lane straddling and placing itself very close the black Volvo 244 for no reason whatsover in normal driving terms. A bright red vehicle in the line of vehicles at the top of the rail, a silver grey, and a light metallic tan, almost emulating the same colors in the line above them that are facing left. And a third red vehicle in the parking lot, almost making an alignment of them with the aforementioned black Volvo 244 as backstop.

Taken 09-01-2009, 1428h 04sec. Another deep red vehicle has entered the scene, again doing lane straddling for some unknown reason. The Volvo 244 turns out to be a deep green color, not black. A post office van has entered from the left to supply a big orange-red panel, these vehicles being predominant in the vehicular gangstalking games. Not a random arrangement IMHO, but one that is configured for perp color fuckery games. Only they could explain why.

Taken 01-11-2009 at 1308h 39 sec. More arranged same red vehicles, two parked in file, and another similar red entering from the right. The street leading to the top of the picture on the right also has two pairs of red vehicles. Ahead of the red parked vehicle is mid-grey vehicle behind the tree, and a silver-grey SUV in the lead of the parked vehicle file. A white vehicle is either stopped (I suspect) or is in motion going past the arranged (IMHO) parked file. On the right side where the two trees spring from the arc of the railing from the courtyard the perps left an outdoor light on in the daytime, a common occurence. A woman is above the silver-grey SUV at the entrance to the ramp with a coffee in hand, one of the Coffee Corps I see all the time, the erstwhile portable brown color reference the perps seem to need.

Taken 01-11-2009 at 1308h 41 sec. The white vehicle from above has moved on, the red vehicle on the right above is just above the railing and another red vehicle is coming from the right. Almost as if they wanted to replace the above vehicles with others in the same places, swapping white for red, but still keeping a red one on the right side.

Enough diversions, time to post this, for yet another dull day, save the perps' provocations.


Anonymous said...

They have this thing where they can make my nose squirt snot like crazy (the runny faucet nose stunt). The perps were hard at it this evening, and they had gangstalkers squirt water over portions of the sidewalk where I walk. This happened at various places. Obviously, this is to go along with excessively runny nose stunt.

Another one is to have my ears ring on one side on demand. Both events (runny nose and ears ringing) were on the right side.

For some reason, everything they do seems to be on one side, whatever it is. My guess is that they are targetting one side of the nervous system, and can't get both sides at once?

Also, they tried to control my walking path by:

1.) Loud conversations at the corner of two streets, forcing me to detour in the opposite direction down a different street.

2.) Accusations of 'ratting' on one person (gangstalking related).

3.) Having two young guys sitting there mentioning certain relevant info, and some of it pertained to what street theatre I was going to be encountering.

4.) Car with headlights 'parked' in the middle of the street, deterring me from walking down in that direction.

5.) A gangstalker loitering on the driver side of his white truck.
I stood further down the street, and noticed his reluctance to move.

I've been busy working on a project, and I've noticed that whenever I have any activity at all going on, then the harassment gets scaled proportionally.

Also, my commenting on your and others' blogs seems to invite more harassment. Ratting on gangstalking related activities also is an invitation for more messing around by perps.

AJH said...

I get the runny nose harassment, often timed with eating chocolate. (Brown colored food = major perp interest).
There often is more one sided harassment for me. In fact, they like to work my right side all the more, and have left-hand "driving" pedestrians coming straight at me, hoping to pass me on the right side. (Major pink-yellow plasma in front of me as I try to compose this).
Plenty of street-side conversations is a big deal too, all to hold them up and perform distance dependent study while you move around them.
I call it pit-lamping when they have vehicle lights, usually from a parked vehicle, trained on me. They are always ready for this as I will usually have to spend more time in the beams, say, waiting for a traffic light to change.
I get the situational increase in harassment whenever I read other TI blogs or make comments. I suspect that as we are both under intense neural study, the perps are looking for some kind of psychic energy perturbation that will occur in your mind while I read, or comment upon, the other TI's blog. They have been totally consistent on this for a long time; there is some intrinsic psychic energy (or something) that can be remotely sensed whenever I visualize a person, read their blog, delete their email, edit their work, send them email etc.
Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating observations. Your conclusions look very plausible. See, I think I'm missing the point of their tactics because I always try to connect any current harassment, such as brighting, loud conversations, somehow to the gangstalking tactics that were used long ago. I've read about the KKK and their use of brighting targets, but I suspect that perhaps they were after a different aim, or maybe the technology has been in use a lot longer than we thought. Granted there weren't any computers to do the analyzing, and I suspect that nowadays the difference is that a lot of perp tactics are automated via computer without a human present. Ever since James Clerk Maxwell published his Treatise, it's very possible scientists not noted in history books began experimenting with Electromagnetic energy almost immediately. I've read many theories that a lot of what we read in history books has been censored or altered (by perps back in the day of course) so that we in the future won't be able to find out able experimentation tactics in the past.

The thing that's been facinating me most is the whole Salieri-Mozart conspiracy/myth, which has now been debunked for probably 100 years or more. What if Mozart's final and fatal illness was perpetrated by some early form of bio terrorism? That's been my present line of thinking for a long time now. I feel the completely absurd Salieri poisoning theory was concocted to divert attention to the true cause. I figured it couldn't have been coincidence that so many people were eagerly pushing that rumor back in the day.

Some proof:

Salieri suffered a nervous breakdown because of the death of Mozart and the rumors surrounding it. IMO, had he truly been the mastermind of Mozart's death, he would've shown no remorse, no nervous breakdown, and might've been ecstatic about the news of Mozart's death.

Some conclusions:

1.) artists such as Mozart have a profound influence on the public, and he had to be disposed of.

2.) Maybe he was the victim of early experimentation? I've noticed that he was getting the teaching jobs etc. that he should have. Instead Salieri did. So maybe Salieri did have some role, but was planted as a pawn the entire time (middleman)?

3.) It was all an accident (just another case of Rheumatic fever). However, there have been other theories, such as a skull injury that got infected after a fall from his horse.

AJH said...

Ah yes, the conspiracy theories. It is my belief that harassment/gangstalking/human experimentation/targetting was going on 200 years ago based on the journals of the day in The Air Loom Gang. (A loom has a large number of parallel metal rods held together in a wood frame. Now, the perps use shopping baskets as a substitute).
With a 200 year head start on TI's, anything could of been covertly happening to historic persons. And of note, the music industry seems to have an inordinate number of accidents to cause the demise of musicians, some at pivotal moments; e.g. Buddy Holly. I would not be surprised to learn that the music industry was highly controlled and ordered, though the proof isn't very solid. I mentioned a site about Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Movement a while ago that looked into the early days of The Doors, and there were some very strange things going on then that no one has explained.


So back to Mozart; we just don't know what really went on, and if there were some strings being pulled at the other end of the directed energy he may have been subject to. Thanks for the comments,

Anonymous said...

Also, there are other things throughout history we can't explain. For example:

Interesting that they were used for medical purposes. Even more interesting that there is no surviving documentation on these batteries. If they were so important, then someone should've made an effort to document how they thought they worked, and how they may be constructed. It would have important implications to future generations.

But why not? Was this knowledge somehow suppressed by those trying to keep the technology a secret? That's pure speculation, however. Maybe they simply had not thought of writing the documentation down. It seems like it was pretty advanced for the days, though there is evidence (or so I read) that ancients also know about superconductivity. Again, nobody attempted to write it down. Suppression of 'secret' knowledge, or a coincidence? This secret knowledge must've been a lot like the tech. perps of today used, and maybe it was important for it to remain confidential? I mean, written language was used quite extensively back then, and I'm sure they could've written the knowledge down if they wanted.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting theory, that there must've been some sort of means of directed energy/remote influence back in 1791 and before. Again, Mozart died during a key pivotal moment in his life: his compositions were getting more mature and darker, and he was starting to push the envelope tremendously with the symphonies 40 and 41. Again, a pivotal moment in his compositional life, and he disappears at a crucial peak in his career. Why, maybe the 'powers that be' thought he had done enough.

That's speculation, but it seems to re-occur quite often, as is the case with other modern musicians, such as Jimmy Hendryx, Morrison, Joplin, and back in the early days of blues, Robert Johnson. I find the story of the latter intriguing.

Again, an important musical figure dies at the height of his career. And nobody seems to be able to definitively pinpoint exactly how he died.

AJH said...

I suspect we have a very constrained perspective of history given the Bagdad Battery and the many other discoveries that don't "fit" the model. And what got documented and how is a further mystery that you rightly suggest. A very deep rabbit hole, likely connecting to the TI rabbit hole which is plenty big.

AJH said...

Comment on That's an interesting theory...

Another very big rabbit hole is the music and entertainment industry and the happenchances that occur, and how it guides later creative paths and up to and including national obsessions over the celebrities involved. Like I say, I don't go down the conspiracy path too far, and stick to the TI world I am contained in.

It is easy to make extrapolations; I get noisestalked and fucked with every time I change my clothes. It seems to have something to do with exposed colors, fabrics, eater source, detergent use and laundering method. Would it not make sense to study this where clothes and costumes are routinely changed all day long, say, in film making and stage? You bet it would; there is every likelihood that this may be part of the perps clothing/color/fabric/etc. research, but of course I cannot prove it. Thanks for the comments.