Monday, March 09, 2009

Snow on Monday

The recent snow flurries aren't totally unexpected as there were a few last week, coiniciding with my walk to work, the one hour per day cleaning job at a nearby car dealership. But they were on today, for high-harasment Mondays, primed by the fact that I stayed at my perp-abetting parents' place last night. Extra special fuckery was having my father return early from his road trip to the center for waste case geriatrics, dementia, or a dementia act more like. He arrived back within the hour and in time to stand over me while having breakfast until I told him I didn't appreciate it and it was a startling coincidence that he could replicate what other public gangstalkers could do. My mother intervened, claiming he doesn't know what he is doing. When in the dining room he normally has a pacing beat, walking down the W. side of the table to do his window staring at nothing, for minutes at a time. I take this to be gangstalking, as I don't see how anyone so far down the dementia path could be so consistent. Regular readers will know that Mondays are a big harassment day on account of staying at my parents' place, watching TV with them, the irregular foods that I ingest (red meat, vegetables, different cereal etc.), the different soap products that I use there and also the lack of ingesting the yellow colored pills that is my partial ticket to the subsidy racket that is my source of income.

And too, the perps were already on the yellow fuckery games when my father returned and was doing his posing in the kitchen, 10' from the dining room table where I was, and then presenting partial profiles by moving behind an intervening wall portion. He is entirely consistent in doing this all the time while I am there, moving back and forth for no reason whatsoever to present an arm and leg from one side, then more of him, and then reversing his stance so the other side is partially revealed and the other obstructed by the wall portion. The perps had that house well planned, and that was 1967, a custom built house. He kept his coat on which somehow splayed outward and revealed a yellow and blue patterned scarf across his front, nicely pasted down on his sweater for a full scarf-wide view.

I took the bus into downtown and had my usual freak show with me. There was one Asian dude with an intense yellow "safety" coat who was sitting some four rows behind me, but it seemed that the color was too much for somebody, as he got off in two stops. For the latter quarter of the bus trip a yellow ball capped Asian was his likely replacement.

The pattern on the bus that the women predominantly populated it for the first half, and then they slowly filtered out so the dudes and other males could flush onboard. I have never figured out why so many males are "showing up" on the bus at 1030h, except to surmise it is part of the gangstalking arrrangements, and it is highly consistent with the perps needing to imbue nearly most situations with maleness, and femaleness. I don't know what they get from this, but they also take great pains to ensure I see at least a few females that look like males from a distance, and vice versa, and then have them come closer and for me to have made an error. Once I detect the error, a noise usually goes off, one of the regular repetoire noises usually.

Other action on the bus was more odd; a succession of riders who got off after two or three stops. They could of easily walked to the stop they disembarked at, and there were at least four who did this in succession. I don't know what the deal is, except that in many circumstances they carefully arrange the seating vacancy, and ensure that the person with the correct attributes sits where a Favored person sat before. They had a blonde woman some two seats in front of me, and made sure that I looked at her wonderful hair a few times, and after her seat was vacated, they put an Asian woman there with a red hat and a deep red long coat for the remainder (majority) of the trip.

There was another instance of one of the bus gangstalkers getting up from a seat and walking back to "find" a seat directly below me. She didn't even look for vacant seats, she just got up and wandered to it, probably because she knew by unseen means. This isn't the first time this has happened, this proximate seat ESP location act. In this case, the woman sat on the lower level below me, and instead of sitting transverse with the seat direction, she sits on the seat pair transversely, facing forward with her ample back pressed up against the dividing panel between us. Regular TI's will know that one's back seems to be a big aerial for the perps, and that they cannot get enough spinal twists, bendovers, back facing and other spinal flexure in any given day. Hence their fascination with yoga.

Also on today's bust trip I noted that they are back to putting their operatives beside me on the same bus seat. I got a orange coated weird who sat behind me, and made a minor show of reaching forward to extend his hand to the seat in front as if to brace himself, a ludicrous proposition by anyone's account. Then when getting up to exit, he does the same fucking thing, putting his arm across as if to hold himself, and long enough to annoy me as to this blatant obstructive manouvre and then he pulled his arm away allowing me to pass. The perps have a long history of timing many of their stunts to the cusp of annoyance and then suddenly removing the irritation. Their timing is always impeccable, and represents one of the more obvious traits that the assholes have my mood and mind state monitored in realtime with no delay whatsoever. And that so many can pull this off with such precision speaks to the widespread orchestration that is going on.

Other nonsense that arrived at the house of the First Feral Family last night was the "quality" (har, har) of the TV signal. As soon as 60 Minutes came on there was this very deliberate garbling and pixellating of the signal. First it was desynchronizing the audio and visual sometimes, and the visually mangling Leslie Stahl's face and that of Scott Pelley, momentarily changing their noses to have wide nostrils, possilbly negroid like. The piece by Leslie Stahl on the woman who identified the wrong negro rapist who was eventually freed on a DNA test, was beset by artful pixellation fuckery would be arranged around the negro's face, but not on him for a second or two. Then later, it was reversed; the negro's face had pixellation dithering, but the surrounding portion of the screen did not. And with me watching this with my perp abetting parents, why they could examine the viewed brown skin neural reaction energies in all of us simultaneously. Presumably it is different for me, if the inflicted developmental age ( 3 to 5 y.o.) traumatizations related to brown colors and brown skin that the perps claim are true. See the posting on the Favored and the Unfavored as a write up on the potential reasons for the perps and their brown color games. And of course too, the unaffordable imposition of making me eat chocolate three times per day, only recently ameliorated by having the part time cleaning job. Hopefully I can get a subsidized apartment soon and cut my rent by $150/month. According to the housing subsidy application, only 30% of one's income is charged as rent.

I went out and bought a replacement watch, identical to the one that was broken yesterday. I have become a near regular there on account of the perps and their games. They wouldn't let me change the time for at least three years, and I had to go there to get the watch changed by the watchmaker each visit, twice a year. Then a watch band "decayed" (rubber), and a new battery last year, and then a new watch today. He almost had it ready it seemed, pulling it from his case, asking if I bought it there and then because I did, he sold it for $20 instead of the $35 it cost the last time. No box, manual or papers to go with it, just like a bar room deal almost. I suspect I will be back there for more games, as the change to daylight savings time was totally sabotaged to enrage me before they broke the case, so who knows until next November.

I had my streetside gangstalking gauntlet per usual, and Asians, starting in the elevator, seemed to be the featured race today, including the watchmaker. No big deal, and it is likely the Asians on the bus, one sitting in the former place of a Caucasian blonde, were the warm-up to this afternoon's watchmaker visit. I will expect more when I head to the car dealership to do my one hour cleaning job in 20 minutes, though what the perps' interest is on this topic is unknown to me. Surely there must be enough Asian-Caucasian interaction over the centuries to keep their covert agenda objectives satisfied.

But I did get treated to a "race switch", or else a facial portrayal stunt while returning from my outing. An apparent negro was some 90' away coming toward me with plastic shopping bags in hand, a seeming vagrant which is rare. The few negroes in this city mostly work, and there isn't the usual inner city racial demographic profile that one associates with US cities in particular. So this nego ducks down behind a half height wall, seeming looking into a trash can, and then when I was 15' away, he pops up with his plastic bags and is Caucasian, and heads the opposite direction ahead of me, and then duplicates my timing in crossing the street, though not arriving at my apartment building lobby like some recent past blatant gangstalking acts from my UBC Forestry alumni.

Anyhow, this is the second recent facial/racial modification stunt. Two days ago it was a totally blacked out face with no features whatsoever; a driver in a commercial vehicle, one of at least four that erupted on this residential street on my way to the office services shop. A similar stunt is "greyed faces" where the gangstalker is wearing a ballcap and has their face greyed down by dint of some extra-conventional fuckery, and it never does get brightened up when closer. Obviously, face color is exceedingly important to the sick assholes who keep me in this abuse. The presentation of faces is constantly manipulated for images seen online; green, grey, yellowized, extra pink, extra red, extra purple from nearly all races get regularly featured on web sites I visit. In the long (covert) past they even arranged a kidney dialysis patient, an IT worker to have a few month's project time on my team. His face and skin was decidedly greenish, and of course it would vary according to the duration since the last dialysis. I always wonder about Gabor, and did he get a kidney transplant out of the deal in aiding the perps? This might of been the case with another person who was party to it all, he got a heart transplant.

One has to wonder what the replacement watch has in it that aids the perp's cause. I am always suspicious when normally reliable objects suddenly "fail" for no apparent reason. The last LCD monitor had its panel switch slide sideways, and a few others that I am getting blanked out on as I type this and a Windows dialog box pops up for no reason whatsover.

An full-on street and worksite gangstalking, but no more than usual Asians as I thought there might be (above). The perps have also taken to creating a squeaking noise with my footsteps "from" my runners, even if they aren't wet and there is only a wet surface and no puddle walking. I had a greeter group of four dudes at the door and the blonde woman. Then the blonde woman "happened" to come by when I was at the broom closet, and later featured herself outside as seen through the glass door I was cleaning. Later, another blonde woman from three days ago "happened" to be descending the stairs when I was headed up, and I was obliged to hold the vacuum cleaner (brown plastic body) close to me as she slipped by. This is where the stairs reverse direction. The perps like their gangstalkers to be changing elevation such as going up stairs, as much as they like them to change direction. It doesn't get any better than that to have both at once with a brown plastic vacuum cleaner with a 60' coiled extension cord in hand. (That is four perp favorite materials/objects; brown, plastic, vacuum cleaner and looped copper wire). This was the same blonde woman of three days ago who asked me to follow her out (and over the just vacuumed carpets) to lock the door behind her. Funny how they need to insert blonde women at certain junctures and their need to keep working the blonde hair color variations.

The perps also like to place objects on the carpets after I vacuumed them, presumably as some kind of color and object material test, and of course having me interact with them in picking them up and putting them in a new garbage bag. It was another "go fast" night again, the instructions from the boss man who is arriving earlier than me for some curious reason. He claimed a few weeks ago it was pointless for him to come early as the car sales people were still busy in their offices, sometimes with customers. It was OK for me, as I clean the Service and the Parts sections that are closed by then. For whatever reason, the boss man came earlier anyhow. Nobody is terribly consistent with their story these days, and they want me to know that.

I stopped at the local supermarket when coming back from the car dealership cleaning job. As usual, they were all over me and had at least four males in a cluster at an aisle opening immediately following me placing chocolate in the shopping basket. And another two males were immediately beside me when I was at the chocolate. Obviously, there is some kind of brown color-male event they are looking for, but I don't claim to understand why all these perverse combinations are arranged. Perhaps the shit stunts by the guy at the car dealership, mentioned a few days ago, is the clue. It is all too consistent to be anything but ongoing and relentless life rape.

And on that note, I see that the Firefox browser I am using has suddenly developed some non-standard behavior, aka sabotage. Three clicks to get the Bookmark Manager ("Lbrary" in the 3.0 version) to come up, the first twice with some kind of slow motion display of the display header bar and then it vanishes, as if a warm up to the full page display. Other odd games with accessing the pages from the Bookmark Manager where the display stays there instead of opening a new page as requested. Only in this imposed realm of ever mutable hell does this bullshit pass for normal.

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