Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ten Year Bitch

As in a complaint. It is official, I am now allowed to dry my cutlery with a tea towel after 10 years of owning them. But only every two to four days, not after each mealtime. I bought the cutlery in 1999 when I went to work in Everett WA, sans wife, and part of a heroic act to keep the joint property. I always had the habit of leaving the dishes in the dish rack, and come by in an hour and they were all drip dried. Totally copesthetic. Now, even after two hours, the same cutlery is still wet and so I dry it with the tea towel. This, in perp terms, is substantive progress, as it is clear that in the past, the assholes cannot deal with me drying dishes with a tea towel. I dry the frypan each time with a tea towel, every two days when I use it, and this exercise is always sabotaged by remotely applied fuckery of making me have a tenous grasp, having the tea towel not dry it and forcing a redo. And also, as the frypan drying was always a harassment event, I never bothered to clean the handle as I was fed up with the adversity of the situation. And in the last week, suddenly I had a "need" (read, planted thought by invasive remote mind control technologies) to wipe the metal handle dry, and now it has "happened" twice. There isn't any great news in all of the above, it just goes to show how fucking insane and relentless the perps are, and how long they are willing to conduct their investigation into the most pedantic of events, drying cutlery with a fucking tea towel for crissakes. No one, EVER, could make that up. And of course regular readers will know that using a tea towel isn't the last of their banalities, as crumbs, lint, and debris are a singular battle with the assholes who find such things so fascinating, at a dozen times per day when this issue gets heated, aka rage-ified.

And all the more interesting that they had me do my laundry today and clean said tea towel. Such things are of intense perp interest, laundry. No major jerkarounds doing laundry today either, another positive surprise. And who knows, perhaps tomorrow's haircut just before yoga will be another big deal, as it will be the second time in succession, a haircut followed by yoga. Funny how that happens, when it was last week when I wanted to get on with a haircut and kept "forgetting" until today.

I did the cleaning job tonight at the car dealership, and had at least four staff members doing their back and forth gangstalking by crossing my path in both directions. I even got the whistling dumbshit act again, and do I ever hate that one for whatever reason. I cannot figure why these assholes arrive within 3' of me, and then turn around and walk back. This staff member guy had visitors in his office at the time, and then abandons them to follow up on my ass and then turn around while I was attending to the vacuum cleaner. Last night it was the same deal; one of the creepy salesmen, the one who needed a blonde escort when I arrived at the front door last week, asked me if I would lock up after he departed and I said I would. He was heading to the door at the time and I was following him some 15' away. But instead of proceeding out the door, he takes a diversion, makes a call on his cell phone and walks a loop around the entire building's perimeter and then returns to the front door to exit, still on the cell phone.Who in the fuck does that who is rational, covering the building perimeter with an electromagnetic device when they said they were headed out? But isn't the first time the fuckers have had their operatives walk around the building or room perimeter to then arrive near me. One Australian operative did it when I was sitting in my seat waiting for a play to begin, and then came to sit beside me, putting on the friendly act.

I also stopped at the LD store on the way back and had my usual gangstalking entourage. I was stared at three time before I got there in less than a block, last time outside the store by this supposed vagrant, who finally deigned to say hello after putting on the fucking stare. Even my shrink said there is no reason for anyone to stare at me. So WTF?

On the cleaning job last night I had a bin at the coffee bar I was cleaning that got royally messed up as a load of coffee grounds (think, brown color) bypass the bag and still stay in the bin, messing it up and all the new bags that are stored in the base of the bin. I cleaned it up partially, but didn't get rid of the mess. So.. after asking the boss man how to deal with it, and learning the perfectly obvious method (which I wasn't allowed to figure out), I cleaned it up tonight. I had plenty of coffee mess on the plastic bags, and then on the sides of the bin to clean up, but at any rate, it got done. And while cleaning it up at the coffee bar, why, the blonde saleswoman "happens" to be 12' away, visible through the door glass, wearing dark brown. Anyhow, I think I got enough dark brown action tonight, and I did notice there were quite a few brown cardboard markers all about the places that I was attending to the cleaning. Browning around I call it. And if you don't know the background of blondes or brown colors, check the links out.

What is with these skiing accidents; Natasha Richardson now, and it was curious that the perps put me on a "Natasha" ideation a few days ago before it happened. Most curious, And my optometrist also had a skiing accident that left him brain damaged and unable to continue his career. He would of been a perp abettor going back to 1984 when I first met him, and may have been awarded with the upscale office moves he made that propelled his successful business.

I am getting knee torquing torture tonight, and am rendered very restless because of it. Also, some forefoot pain has also erupted, and that might be the new trend, multiple points of applied pain. One torture per given moment isn't enough it would seem.

And heavy noise from my earmuffs, but if I don't put them on other noise erupts and I am compelled to seek refuge. Perhaps it is time to wrap this one up for the day, dull as it has been.

For over two weeks I haven't had a single phone message, which is most odd as I had one or more every day before that. I don't think anyone is not getting through when they need to. Or at least, that is what I am lead to believe, this is just a "social isolation" spell the assholes are putting me through. Since mid-December it would seem, though the begining of January might be more accurate, once the holiday season is was over. And that was when they put a big crimp on job hunting, and slowed down my applications to just two for the two and a half months since.

Anyway, this one is done, and onto posting it.

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