Monday, March 30, 2009

An Irregular Monday

Regular readers will know that the Sunday night stayover at my parent's place and the following Monday when I get back is the event that kicks off escalated harassment for the rest of the day. There were a few irregular events, the main one being that if I didn't shower or shave, and helped my mother drive to the paint store, then I could get a ride back to downtown where I live. And the events of showering and shaving are one of the greatest harassment events in any given day, as there is something about them that the perps don't understand in their nonconsensual human experimentation and study. Normally they harass the living shit out of me on Mondays, but for whatever reason, it has been moderated today.

I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, a 30 minute walk in each direction, and that was duly arranged to have huge vehicular gangstalking formations. And the road noise was amplified to be extra noisey, as if it were high speed traffic which it certainly wasn't. And lo, if there wasn't another medical student at the doctor's office today, but thankfully someone who was engaging and part of the appointment, not one of the "just sit there" kind. And so, I got to tell my story again today, and mercifully, I was allowed to be reasonably fluent and conversational, not the stilted and word impaired presentation that I usually get stiffed with. Not a big deal, and once done I walked back to my place, and was glad for only spitting rain and not a deluge.

Then at 1715h I go to the car dealership to do my one hour cleaning job; there was some escalated "staff" stalking action, as well as some oddities of one staff member staying over 35 minutes after closing, and lo, if a customer didn't show up even if the door was locked. I was about to mop the floor and I didn't want anyone to step onto a slippery floor. The staff member arranged for the person to pick his car up outside and then left as well. This meant the door was unlocked, and I locked it. I find it odd that some staff abandon their duties of door locking and leave it to me to perform without any communication or apparent certainty that it would be looked after. Anyhow, not a big deal for me to lock a door, though the perps find the exercise to be highly interesting given the chicanery and noisestalking that goes with the activity.

Then while vacuuming in the Sales entrance a negro dude starts pounding on the door and wants to get in. I tell me the business is closed and he gets in a big huff and storms off. Him and his brown pants needed to be seen through safety glass for whatever reason.

He was the fourth seemingly independent negro gangstalker today; the other three were all at the NW corner of the same intersection that I passed though to go to the doctor's appointment, and when heading off to the car dealership. In other words, three out of four times at the very same corner the perps planted a different negro each time. Regular readers will know that they are very uncommon here, and to have such precision appearances is extremely odd, and can only be orchestrated IMHO. I don't know why these Unfavored demographic group specimens were especially represented today, but it wouldn't be the first time that such unusual circumstances were arranged for me to see. Perhaps it was the 60 Minutes show last night that I saw in TV at my parent's place; a story on lion poisoning in Africa and then a piece on a star basketball player. I don't get it in any event as to why the perps are so consumed with skin color, never mind all the other colors they present as part of the gangstalking.

I noticed at the corner that I passed four times today (two in each direction), that "somebody" placed a stack of drywall lathes, some 2' long x 4" wide, and two stacks of them in an X configuration. This also happens to be the corner where I often get some 5 to 10 gangstalkers where I get relatively few before. They even put a 14" splat of red paint on a tree 8' away, and one time had a Fuckwit standing with his back to it and doing nothing else but look totally stupid. I suppose drywall is a very common element in the nearby stores and residential buildings, and the perps wanted a "reading" (or whatever the fuck they do) of drywall in close proximity at a strategic corner with varying angles, hence the X shape made from two stacks of drywall laths. And of course, there was no cover story like a wayward drywall job nearby, just plain strange.

And I noticed at the car dealership cleaning job tonight that the black Mazda Miata with the light brown fabric top, (similar brown to that of cardboard boxes), is still in the shop, now the fifth or sixth week of it being moved around with other vehicles and never seems to get worked on. As part of the "browning around" games, I noticed that there was a new flush of autobody parts in the Parts section, and they were arranged to crimp down on the aisle space for me to get by. There has been a flurry of brown cardboard boxed parts arriving, and in some cases, only the box is remaining. I also noticed that they pinched down the usual egress for us cleaners between Parts/Service and Sales. Normally we go through the Service Garage but "somebody" placed a vehicle there to cut the egress width from 4' to 2', and of course, with plenty of brown cardboard boxes as nearby props. Regular readers and TI's will know that the perps have a brown color obsession, and I do my best to explain it at this posting, though I am sure it is a very complex issue for them, given that my brown colored clothing got sudden holes in it and had to be tossed.

And no one of the regulars noticed my new extra brown colored glasses over the past three days. These are the glasses I wore from 2000 to 12-2008 and were put away in a drawer until used three days ago as the backup pair while my new glasses are sent away for cable temples to be added on. While stored in a drawer for the past three months they "somehow" became anodized with a deep brown color. I am sure there is much more to this as far as the perps are concerned, and the vision fucking action three days ago was a testament to that. I don't have nearly the problems in seeing today that I had on Friday when I put the old glasses back on.

On TV last night my parents and I watched Inspector Morse, and I suppose the episode was at least 15 years old. I couldn't but help noticing at a parking lot where Morse parked his distinctive Jaguar there was a 900 series Volvo station wagon and a yellow VW Beetle adjacent. And lo, if I didn't once own a yellow VW Beetle, and a Volvo wagon, though at 240 series until 2006. Funny how these happen. And this morning at the end of the street when I was driving my parent's vehicle, why a Jaguar station wagon was parked. I didn't know they made station wagons, and yet there it was.

Also on TV on Sunday Night, a CBC news magazine format, they had a segment on urban chickens. It "so happens" that Seattle, Victoria and New York are the only cities that permit suburban backyard chickens. That would be the city I lived in 1999 to 2002, where I live now, and where they say I will live later, all respectively. Another of the "sort of" coincidences, of which there are many in any given day, but normally don't have enough substance that I normally present in this blog, keeping my standards up, ahem.

And that is enough of scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog content tonight, and now to bed and ponder what my Monday treatment will be for permitted sleep time and its quality.


Anonymous said...

I was just going to say that, too, that taking a shower seems to make my perps go crazy. Something about that act fascinates them. Also, they seem to be very anxious to have gangstalkers relate any unusual events that occurred during the shower. For example, if I shampoo twice, or use more soap than usual, I will get harassment that is bigger than the event deserves. Shaving is one that they are all over as well. Going to the bathroom was another perp fascination, and I could never understand why. I've had perps just be so fascinated with something as minor as that.

Another big event for the perps is the moment when some female gets me excited. That is another huge one, on par with the showering event. They are very into this, and seem to want to get me to fantasize about various sex acts with women more. For example, after one of my fantasies, I'll get a barrage of harassment events after a fantasy, or just the mere act of having a very brief fantasy is enough to set them off.

They also love to have two women discussing whether or not I'm 'hot' or various other facets of physical and/or sexual attractiveness. Again, it's one of those contrasting opinion things.

One for example, will say I look good, the other will say I'm hot, but the other will get on the other's case and tell her 'he is not hot!'. There may be a contrast of ages as well: One will be the daughter, the other will be the mother. Sometimes, the opinions will reverse, with the same women. They also love to experiment with having various ages, from very young 'posing' in front of me, followed by a much older mature, who looked a lot like the first very young woman or girl I saw earlier. Something about sexual interactions between older and younger are very intriguing to perps. They love experimenting with combinations of young/old.

AJH said...

Answer to: I was just going to say that...

The perps seem to have a substantial interest in soap and detergents and how they interact with us, skin and possibly internally. The water interest is another one of their obsessions, and might be the fact that water's properties are very different to the water that is inside us. Which might explain their interest in urination, as we are expelling water for the most part. There is an interesting book titled "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto. The author claims that if you genuinely say nice thinks to a glass of water then its crystals, when frozen, will have a much stronger structure than water that has been subjected to abusive language. I know it sounds totally flakey, and I am not saying that I buy it, but there might be something about this that the perps also are so interested in.

As for the young/old attractiveness I have noticed that the perps like me to follow some movie stars in their youth to their current old age look. I suppose they want to determine how we visually evaluate age and at what point does it flip (in the mind of the beholder), from attractive to unattractive. I am not so fortuneate to have operatives and shills discuss my looks, as in "hot" or not, but then again, my perps ensure that there as few interactions as possible. Thanks for the comments.

eagledove9 said...

Sorry, this comment was so long, it ought to have been just a regular post on my own blog, and I should have sent you a link to it instead, but you'll see why I just posted it as a comment.

A bunch of 'Me Toos' have been accumulating, and I haven't had a chance to write more comments on your blog yet, so this is a long comment with a whole lot of stuff. That's in spite of my saying that you had certain phenomena very different from my own.

First of all, when I became aware of being attacked, in 2003, it began with lots of nightmares about going to the bathroom, touching feces, etc. You have said many times about how they are fascinated with brown materials and anything having to do with feces or bodily wastes. So I have a 'me too' on that phenomenon.

They also do 'word themes' lasting for days, weeks, or months. Some particular word or phrase, which often seems meaningless to me (but annoying), will be whispered many times, and sometimes I eventually figure out what it means (or they TELL me what it means), or I don't. They had particular phrases that were symbolic of going to the bathroom.

But it's hard to explain their 'symbols' unless you give a long, detailed story of how the symbol was created and why it means what it means. It seems to come from an artificial intelligence. What little I have seen of artificial intelligence, when I read about it on the net and have seen examples of how it talks, resembles the whispers I hear in my head. The 'jokes' and 'symbols' made by AI are sometimes hilarious and bizarre - if only they were confined to just being spoken by a computer, instead of being forced into people's heads, where I can no longer find them funny because of all the damage they cause.

Anyway the 'joke' about going to the bathroom came from when I used to work at McDonald's. Whenever we put hamburgers on the grill, our jargon was 'Put reg meat down.' (reg meat = regular sized meat, instead of the larger kind.) Well, 'put reg meat down' became the phrase for having a bowel movement. It would seem funny, again, if only it weren't being forced into people's heads all day long. The other one was 'put nuggets down.' Chicken nuggets are 'gold' colored, and they had already been talking to me about 'gold' representing urine, so they started saying 'put nuggets down' to refer to urination.

Well, last summer, they started up something new. They found a guy who I thought was very attractive (I'll keep this story short, but it's actually a long and complicated mess which is still going on) - I actually described him as 'beautiful.' He and I made friends with each other, but then, for whatever reason, we became unable to talk or write to each other anymore.

So they started focusing on people, asking me who I thought was attractive and who wasn't. I was also reading Weston Price at the time, and I'm still very interested in that, how malnutrition and toxic chemicals can cause people to develop mild to severe facial deformities that seem 'ugly' even if they aren't as obvious as, for instance, a cleft lip.

Because of where I work, I can watch hundreds of customers walking past me all day long. So during quiet moments, they would call my attention to people walking by and asking me to evaluate their looks. That only started last summer after I wrote in my journals about the one guy being 'beautiful.'

The one conclusion that they drew, after all this observation and questioning, where they got me to write in my journals about the subject, was that I am very frustrated by our society teaching men to cut off all their hair and their beards. (And women, also. Even though I am not looking at women sexually, I still want to admire a healthy appearance that meets my standards of beauty, and I don't like eyebrow-plucking or haircutting.) I also don't like perfume smells, and I actually like the smell of sweat. And I love the sight of racial and ethnic variety.

I am interested in holistic/complementary/alternative medicine, basically non-mainstream medicine, where you troubleshoot problems, looking for the causes, instead of just giving someone a drug, or blaming them for their problem. Obesity is the most obvious health problem in the United States, and it has very specific causes that are not their fault - it's a problem that starts when they are infants, or even when still in the womb. So they were happy to find that I was looking at obese people in a non-blaming way, with sympathy, instead of hating them or making fun of them.

They also convinced me to stop using shampoo, and I agreed to go along with that, because that is very similar to my existing pattern of questioning why we have particular grooming behaviors. That began in the early nineties with a friend of mine - she and I both 'broke the rules' and agreed to stop shaving. She went back to shaving, but I chose to continue not shaving, and have stayed that way ever since. So 'they' knew that I would be willing to question even more things, like shampoo and toothpaste. I don't mind agreeing to do things if it's something that I almost would have thought of by myself.

They nagged me and nagged me to blog about it, but they also wanted me to be writing my blog under my own name, openly, and I wasn't comfortable writing about sexual subjects whenever I would have to go in to work the next day and feel like people were remembering what I had said in my blog. So, posting a comment on YOUR blog isn't quite as open as writing a blog about it on my own.

Feeling distrustful is inevitable when you're a TI, and I almost feel like your blog was designed for the sole purpose of convincing me to write about this subject. I don't usually allow those distrustful feelings to just sit there without being argued against... but right now, I have to just leave it as it is, and can't explain why it's okay, because my brain's having a hard time since just a few minutes ago, I accidentally had a severe mold exposure incident here in my apartment, so I'm no longer able to really think clearly. (Yes, I'll be leaving this apartment and moving into a new place in the next few months.) The mold is in two places: the ceiling, where somebody's sink is dripping through the floor and onto the ceiling tiles of my apartment, and also there's another moldy place underneath the sink in my own kitchen.

Anyway, I'm kind of surprised to hear that they're pestering you about showering and shaving and haircutting and body odor (oh, I forgot to mention the 'fake body odor' phenomenon where they make you smell an imaginary smell that's nowhere nearby, or you smell body odor on somebody who you KNOW is obsessively careful about showering and putting on deodorant, and simultaneously they give you a 'fake nausea sensation' to signify 'this is supposed to be disgusting' and 'they should be ashamed.' They have done that to me a bunch of times to find out if I believed that body odor was inherently disgusting.) because those are all the subjects they have been interrogating me about for the past year, as I am the local 'alternative grooming specialist.' I'd be described as a 'hippie' except that I don't want to be associated with the negative aspects of that stereotype. I thought I was the only one they were pestering about those subjects, because of my alternative preferences and grooming rules.

Sorry for such a long comment. It's a blog post in and of itself.

eagledove9 said...

I forgot to mention the other 'me too' incident. By the way, I am in Pennsylvania. I would have to check around to see for sure where you are blogging from, but I was thinking that you are in Canada. Anyway, the other day I saw a black man wearing a white shirt and brown pants, and I really liked the way that the color of his brown pants matched the color of his skin, and they called my attention to this person to see if I agreed on that idea. You wrote that some black person with brown pants was called to your attention in a recent incident.

I've seen pictures of Africans - the healthier people who come from tribes in Africa, instead of the sick/obese poor people living in the cities of the USA - and how they are sometimes wearing very bright colors (including red and yellow, which you don't like, but also orange and pink and many other colors). This is also true for brown-skinned Indians. I have read about choosing your colors - this is something in women's beauty advice columns on the internet - where they talk about how certain clothing colors work best with certain skin tones. And I actually envy brown-skinned people for being able to wear those bright colors and I think it looks good on them, whereas most of those bright colors look bad with my pale, pinkish skin and acne-scarred face.

'Seduction' was the theme going on for me over this past year, and how there are seduction communities which try to help men get women. This was a men's seduction-oriented example: . This one here is for caucasian females: .

I had a hard time finding a website about bright colors against brown skin, but I seem to remember reading it somewhere. It goes against the usual clothing styles of the USA, but it can be found in traditional clothing in Africa and India. I like the way it looks in their bright-colored traditional clothes.

(It's not only about seduction and attractiveness, but also about facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence, which is part of the surveillance program, so that they don't need a human being watching every single other human being all the time, but instead they can gather their info just using an AI to recognize faces, and to understand and interpret everything automatically.)

In my Paint Shop Pro program (from back in the days when I was still buying software and doing fun stuff like that), there is a tutorial about how the eyes see one color when it's placed next to another color. You can find stuff like this for Photoshop too. At the boundary between the two colors, you see some overlap where the afterimage moves on top of the other color. You see the opposite color in the afterimage, and that opposite color blurs over onto the color next to it. I'm not explaining it very well, but you get the idea. The point was that this tutorial explained why one color can make the color beside it look better, or worse; how it makes the color beside it look brighter, or darker, etc. Brightness, tint/tone, grayness, etc were all discussed in the tutorial. So that has to do with the reasons why certain colors don't look good against my pale, acne-scarred skin, but other colors are okay.

I don't usually think about this subject very much... however, 'they' are encouraging me to create an intentional community, sort of like a new religion. And this is something that I am mostly in agreement with. I don't like it to sound like I 'gave in' to them, because one purpose of the community is to break the taboo on the subject of electronic mind control, and build countermeasures against it. So when I say that I 'agreed' with them on the idea of building a community, it's something I was already thinking about or wishing for.

Anyway, one aspect of some communities and religions is that they regulate what clothing people will wear, like the Amish and Mennonites. 'We' have been talking about what kind of clothing regulations, if any, I would like to see in my community, and what is the rationale for them. Some of it is health-related, some of it is aesthetic, some is modesty/sexual, some is economic/survival (can we still obtain a particular fabric after an economic collapse, etc) and some of it is 'questioning the rules' of modesty - for instance, a nudist colony. Or the kai dang ku pants for babies, instead of diapers. (Yes, that is in the subject area of 'fecal material' and 'going to the bathroom,' but it's really true: in China, there is a tradition of making infant clothing with a cut-open hole underneath the pants so that they just go to the bathroom freely, instead of wearing diapers, and I am in favor of this, and wondering how to make it workable.)

So anyway, everything about colors, what looks good and what doesn't, what types of fabric are better, what is healthy, etc, are all being questioned as I form the concept of clothing regulations (voluntarily agreed to, instead of forced by the government) in the plans of my imagined intentional community.

Some of the theme has been to go against people's fears and phobias and shame. We teach kids to be ashamed about going to the bathroom, but in reality, it should be a natural and normal thing, although you still need to think about diseases or parasites being transmitted by feces. Still, it doesn't have to be so shameful. So the theme has been about questioning those social rules and finding a better way, and building a community around those ideas.

So that's more about how my own experiences are similar to the things you're writing, especially over the past year.

eagledove9 said...

Okay, me again. You are probably going to get sick of me. Anyway, as soon as I post a comment I think of another thing 'we' have been talking about, in the intentional community concept, or, the desire to change the way a lot of things are done in the USA.

A couple reasons why they worry about showers, as it's been explained to me:

1. If someone wants to get 'off the grid,' and be financially self-reliant, and be an anarchist/libertarian/rebel of any kind, then they sort of have to give up the government monopoly utilities: water, electricity, sewage, telephone, internet, etc. In rural intentional communities, they might have to get well water, or stream water, if they aren't using government water being piped in. So you might end up having to get used to life without showers, or showers being more difficult to obtain. So, with me, for instance, they wanted me to get used to life without showers. I couldn't do it, however, because I have something that I contaminated my apartment with - long story - so I still have to take showers and wash it off my skin.

2. Health problems having to do with the water supply. First, not everything gets filtered out when they clean the water. I'd say they do the best they can, but some chemicals or germs are still in the water. So they worry that people might be absorbing chemicals through the skin, or inhaling them, during a shower or bath. Second, the pipes themselves might have mold/fungus/whatever growing on the insides, and also, either the plastic of the pipes, or the metal (copper pipes, or lead solder) can possibly cause health problems also. Copper pipes are one of the less well known problems: most people worry about lead contamination, not copper. Copper is pretty bad too: I've had my own experiences with feeling really weird after touching wet copper, and it's not good for you to drink it, and it can cause burning sensations in the stomach, and also affect your thinking processes. So, that's another reason why they were calling my attention to showering, and it looks like they're doing that to you, too. Taking lots of showers is a United States phenomenon which doesn't exist in some other countries.

3. Sexual reasons or intimate bonding reasons. I can't prove this so I'm calling it 'theoretical' for now, but since other animals use pheromones to communicate sexually, some people believe humans also do that. I don't know what to believe whenever I read about people purchasing bottles of human pheromones and then going out to a bar and the women are all over them all of a sudden, because I haven't tested anything like that myself. But I'm open to the idea of it, and it seems believable, that humans emit pheromones through the skin. So they don't want you to just wash off all the pheromones. It supposedly can help you bond more with other people and feel closer to them, if you smell their natural scent, and it is partly sexual, but also platonic/sociable as well.

People also want to hide the smell of fear and anxiety, which is what the deodorant commercials are about. But it gives you important information, if you can smell that somebody is fearful, and 'they' have been telling me this is important, and they want people to be more honest and open about their feelings, and more emotionally vulnerable, and more self-accepting.

It also can help reveal people who are lying or hiding something, if they smell fearful. This is important in communities where you need to know that somebody is a double agent, hiding their true motives and identity, or a sociopath who is there to manipulate people and hiding their malicious lies. Any clues that somebody is afraid and anxious are important information. Although, you will get a lot of people who are chronically ill and feel anxious and uncomfortable all the time - but 'we' (sorry for using that word) are focused on improving chronic health problems anyway.

4. Some people like the smell of body odor. It is similar to musk. They want to break the taboo on this subject. If children are raised among groups of people who smell natural, they get used to it and it doesn't bother them, if you don't brainwash kids into believing that all body odors are 'bad.'

I saw an incident in the grocery store that bothered me and made me angry. A mother was walking into the deodorant aisle with her little boy. She was one of those bitchy, domineering, I-control-everything-you-do-and-you-obey-my-every-word type of mothers. She was picking out a deodorant for her little boy, who was so young I cannot imagine he could even HAVE body odor yet, since it mostly starts during puberty. The boy said 'I don't want that one! It hurts my arms!' She snarled in this bitchy voice, 'WE'RE GETTING THIS ONE! YOU HAVE TO WEAR DEODORANT!' or something to that effect. He protested and was arguing against her, and he didn't want to wear the burning, painful deodorant, but she wasn't listening at all, and was making him do it whether he wanted to or not. I remember having the same thing happen when I was a kid - we bought some anti-perspirant for me and it gave me this horrible painful burning rash all under my arms, and we had to switch to another brand. At least MY parents were understanding enough that they didn't force me to use the one that gave me a rash. The bitchy mother, in this incident, was forcing him to wear it even though it caused agonizing skin pain. To be more sympathetic to the mother, I have to say she didn't know any better, and was doing it because SHE felt forced to make sure her children didn't have any body odor, and she herself was as much of a brainwashing victim as anybody else. It made me angry at her, but in reality it wasn't really her fault either, for herself being brainwashed.

So, those are a couple reasons why they have been focusing on the phenomenon of showering and deodorant, at least as it was explained to me. I am having these dialogues with them in my head all the time, when I lie down in bed, and when I write my non-published journals that I'm not putting on my blog because they're too personal or too sexual.

AJH said...

Answer to: Sorry, this comment was so long...

No need to apologize for a thoughtful and detailed comment that affirms the situation of being neurally invaded by a remote entity. Not here, anyway.

That was a very interesting collection of observations you made, and I won't go into many, save a few that might need more exposure.

Your experiences about mold is interesting as Rachael O. of On Gangstalking has had mold problems, and still has a residual lung problem from that event. Something I should mention, though I don't think I have to date, the perps have an abidding interest in my lungs, the air I take in and breathing. Not to mention smells, and have them come "from nowhere" days after a legitimate exposure. When I was doing hiking unti; mid-2006 the perps would arrange cool weather days to be the "cause" of a large aggregation of "condensation" of micro water droplets on my chest and knees, nowhere else. Which tells me that both these regions are under increased experimentational scrutiny. (One of their hooligans at the daffodil farm job last year managed to nail me with a bulb at my knee).

Interesting about the shampoo too; the perps have a long history of intensified activity over soaps, shaving lotions and hair cleaning products (shampoo and conditoner). If they can arrange it they will have me go without shaving or washing my hair, particularly after a stayover at my perp abetting parents place. (I have lived in many camps and remote places where I didn't shave for weeks). Which suggests that the substances and very likely their plastic containers cause the perps problems in their remote experimentation and monitoring capabilities. Thanks so much for an informative comment.

AJH said...

Answer to: I forgot to mention...

The color of everything is important to the perps, long after exposure, say contents of a bag or box etc. They like to leave the cardboard boxes around at my partime job at a car dealership. Many autobody parts are black colored and then get painted by the autobody shop on an as needed basis.

There is some kind of reaction I have to white colored pants, especially the bottom half and with white shoes. Once they put on a 1950's like nurse gangstalker in full whites, and it was only then (read, planted thought) I realized that they were attempting to emulate hospital like conditons for a purpose. It may well be that this is in subconscious memory and was purged when aged 2 to 5, an odd blanked out time in my life of virtually no recollections save smatterings when aged 2. Again, thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Okay, me again...

No problem, comment as much as you like!

I suspect the contact the water has had along the route from the resevoir to your tap/showerhead is also of extreme interest to the perps. My readings about etheric energies is that the water will have picked up energy from all the pipes; here a wooden pipe, and then likely PVC, and copper. The perps cannot seem to get a handle on the vagaries of water transportation energy changes. That applies for bodily waste as well, because they dug up a whole block to put new PVC pipe in, twinned 30" pipes, likely all for me as there seems to be a paucity of residents in this and adjacent buildings. There is nothing the perps like creating is a main waterline or hydrant leak with a large fountain of water spewing onto the streets. Again, thanks for the comments.

Interesting that you get extensive telepathic dialogs with the perps. I usually don't probably because the nature of the harassment is abusive, but that is OK with me.