Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad Dreams

I got tagged with some strange dreams for the 30 minutes before awakening, and the perps like to remind of this at breakfast for whatever reason. I suspect they want to do correlations between dream content while sleeping and horizontal to that of while seated and eating breakfast. (And with brown colored food in my mouth). It was a horrid image, the burka dressed figure that morphed into a male wearing some kind of cat on his shoulders to change his apparent shape. Fugly isn't enough. Somebody knows I cannot stand the sight of hooded or masked figures, and does an excellent job of posting them as gangstalkers, and has now gone one extra with dream invasion.

Now, post-lunch, the noise campaign has started up; the thumpy stereo noise, even if It isn't like music and I don't have any apartment neighbors (it seems).

Other action earlier was getting my towels from the laundry room after putting them in the dryer at 2245h, late to be sure, but only towels and without the clanging of metal studs on jeans. The towels were used yesterday in another toilet overflow stunt, a particularly blatant one as the offending object (small), hadn't gone down the pipe. I use towels to mop the floor, and the entire effort was elegantly arranged to have multiple delays in getting laundered. First the wet towels were left in the bathtub until I got back from the cleaning job, then I had to extract the laundry in the washing machine that had finished and place it on the adjacent dryer. Just as I had finished the woman who owned the laundry arrived with more, so my towels were laundered between her two loads of laundry. Then I got screwed into "forgetting" about my laundry, and when I was allowed to know about it, it was late. The towels were clean and damp and on top of the dryer, which likely meant that she dried all her clothes when my laundry was on top of the dryer. This morning, the dryer was in operation when I arrived, and my clean and dry towels were on the counter. All elegant from the perspective of maximum delay at each task in the chain of events, and having someone elses' laundry activities interleaved with mine. And the big question was who was she? I don't know, I have never seen her before, and even if she did give me a little flirty look when we first met, she is at least 20 years younger. It was likely someone I know in morphover I suspect, though one can never be sure, even if there is at least one "go to" female gangstalker.

Time to launch this and call it done before meeting up with the First Feral Family.


Anonymous said...

Some more vehicle tactics this evening:

1.) Car down the street is in reverse for a long period of time, so that I see the white backup lights. This is when I am walking. I am still far down the road, yet the car is idling, apparently waiting for me to pass.

2.) A guy pulling over, blocking one of the side streets, waits for me to pass, and then continues on. He does the pretending to let out a passenger act. The passenger door opens, but nobody gets out. He drives off as I pass that street.

3.) Cars brighting me with their high beams (as usual).

4.) The all-time favorite: cars blasting their stereos with the windows up, and I can hear the pounding/rumbling bass. Maybe a tactic to target the low-frequency range of hearing (bass range).

5.) Cars with extraordinarily loud horns: not tonight, but it's the one I hated the most. Cars blasting their horns with ear-piercing volume, scaring the shit out of me.

Of course, there was the usual flock of various 'types' of people that show up at my usual place to eat when I arrive.

I do get the person waiting in his/her vehicle until I arrive, and then all of sudden decide to get out and cut me off (when I'm on foot).

If I think about a particular person, place, or thing, I see a car with a plate on front that has the name of the person or object I was thinking about. For example, if the person's first or last name is Henry, the plate will say "Henry's". It's always possesive like that, like that person or thing is like my 'lover'. Like for example, a "Wendy's" cup left in my path if the person I'm thinking about resembles another person named 'Wendy'.

AJH said...

Reply to; Some more vehicle tactics this evening...

These vehicular gangstalking and stunts you mention are identical to what I experience. There is something very important to them about distance dependence, hence vehicles stopping with backup lights on (red and white together), and the like. Same for the close proximity "happenchance" egress around parked vehicles. It seems that there is some important property that the person egressing the vehicle had (usually getting out) that has interaction with the nearby TI. I say it is an energetic interaction, some kind of nonevident energies that one assumes being in a vehicle of a specific color, as well as the clothes worn, gangstalker and TI.
I also am getting more "coincidence stalking" like you mentioned. These themes, even if seeming trivial, can play for a few days until superseded by another equally pedantic theme. Thanks for the comments.