Thursday, March 05, 2009

Black Vehicle Remediation Therapy

A yoga class today, and there were some minor reshuffles in the places that everyone sits, save me and the very regular A, she of the perpetual bad hair dye job, reddish brown in color. I reckon she might be a morphover of my ex-wife, but this is total speculation on my part as it is rare that one can tell. In fact, I never would of known about this capability of the perps, aka shapeshifting, if they hadn't gently introduced me to it by changing the person's face in a minor way, and then later building more complexity into it by having them the same height and build, and then later, same face and build but different race and so on. It is not a big deal, and any suggestions as to who might be who in the shapeshifting department is all perp planted as it is totally pointless to even make such speculations. Only the very regular gangstalkers warrant some speculation as they are likely family, ex'es or others that know me well, and very likely the Ms. C of the story too. Anyhow, this is a total bullshit tangent.

But outside of the yoga venue they had a pre-2002 Volvo 850, the last most good looking Volvo IMHO, and it was all black with black tinted glass all the way around and had the most absurd pimp bling chrome wheels on it. There has been quite a few large black official looking unmarked cars of late that park or circulate around me, and this has been off and on since the early overt harassment days of 04-2002. Then they would have these large black vehicles, as if unmarked police vehicles, sometimes with federal government licence plates on them, and would parade them around when I was outside at my lunch hour in downtown Seattle. But it would seem, like so many features of the Unfavored, the perps use props to simulate components that I would dislike out of natural proclivity or from childhood traumatizations and experimentations (the latter is speculative with some circumstantial evidence), and add them to ones that I find visually attractive. Much like attractive blonde women are being used as an entre before the fugly vagrants, wheelchairs, thuggy dudes and the rest of the Unfavored gangstalking ilk arrive, the bait is that it is a pre-2002 Volvo 850 (Favored), but the black color and glass and bling wheels (all Unfavored) have some kind of negative connotation that is of interest to the perps. It seems that this "visual parsing"of the Favored and the Unfavored in the form of one object (or person) is continuing on the black vehicle front. Another exciting moment for them, another WTF for me. Just like Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon for the first time, but in a more tedious, technical, constrained and abusive construct.

And another black vehicle was brought into the showroom at the car dealership I work in cleaning for an hour after work hours in the evening. A Mazda Tribute, same as a Ford Escape (like my parents have), and no less, new with black tinted windows. Naturally I end up walking beside and around it to deal with the building cleaning, but another perp prop it would seem, given their preoccupation with placing these in my proximity. Not my problem, so why am I enrolled in this bullshit? If I don't like black vehicles with black tinted glass windows, so why do I have a phallanx of Fuckwits chasing me around with these props?

Never mind; at the cleaning job tonight the boss man put on the message, "quick job tonight". OK, so I just run the vacuum cleaner over the spots of dirt and the paper chads that are becoming ubiquitous; I have learned to be less conscientious about the job. I did it all in 45 minutes including an extra five minutes for an area that ordinarily doesn't get done, and afterward he still bugs me about being "slow tonight". Given that this is the speediest that he expects it, and I did an extra area, I tell him how long I took. He then relents and says it was about right for a quick job after telling my how much more work his area is. Another WTF; these conversational quirks/insinuations of no merit and when challenged he immediately backs off. Nothing new there except that they are more frequent of late. And of course he doesn't explain how he is cutting corners to get his area done faster as normally I would help him out for his last 10 minutes, and that was when I was taking 55 minutes to do my area. Its all a bullshit barrage it seems.

And too, the perps were extra excited when I set off today to go the car dealership. Not only did I have my brown food consumed that was made fresh from the ingredients with a new plastic tub of tapenade, but I even was honored with the blonde and fugly dude combination, in the hallway when waiting for the elevator. The fugly dude in the low brow ball cap hiding half his face "shows up" as a neighbor happening to exit the adjacent apartment while I was waiting for the elevator. And when it arrives, why a gorgeous young blonde woman steps out in a hesitating way. That was it for excitement, because I had him, and three more dudes on me when I exited the building, and one geriatric case just standing there outside the adjacent pharmacy, looking like a fish out of water, and intending to look extra obvious about it. There were plenty of others out on my tail, and when I arrived at the car dealership and secured the vacuum cleaner, why another swarm was on me; a woman from behind, and this creepy salesman that just keeps getting in my way, being behind the corner. There was another party circling the building after I got fucked out of remembering to get a new jug of floor detergent. These extra back and forths jerkarounds because of forced forgets are now of a frequency never experienced before are getting to be a fucking pain.

And heavy noise today; loud mufflered vehicles both "performance" mufflers and the hoarse sounding ill-maintained ones, and at least four of these per minute, often serially. This was apparent in yoga, here in my apartment and then when transiting to yoga and later to the car dealership. Obviously the noise escalation is expected to exact more results, whatever they are for the assholes without the basic gumption to present themselves.

The third consecutive stop-by at the LD store after the cleaning job tonight, and lo, if they didn't fuck up and give me only half of my Rx. That should make it four visits by tomorrow night. And of course, the assholes totally dithered me so I wouldn't catch the mistake. It is all about getting the two bottles of pills in separate plastic bags on separate days. This would be considered their latest accomplishment after seven years of being fucking hounded and prescribed medications that I don't need to keep this entire bullshit clinical excuse (and my rent subsidy) going. And I notice that the LD store is out of Neutrogena Deep Clean again, now running two months, and likely for a similar gambit; to get it from another pharmacy to add to the variability of the source of plastic packaged products. It is endless, this constant churning of combinations and permutations of every plastic or other item, and close to seven years of this utter insane fuckery.

Other assorted gangstalking nonsense was two "guitar stalkings" today, both without a case, just the exposed instrument. One was carried with a black duffel bag slung under it, as if a color reference for the guitar. Most TI's will be familiar with the black, white and greyscale colors that are associated with something the perps are featuring. Carrying kleenex is a popular white color reference object. And one "bread stalking" by the local scary bearded dude. I thought he was a local from the the highrise residential tower nearby, or at least, that is where he disappeared to in his past, some 15 gangstalkings. But no, not when it comes to slinging a loaf of bread in its plastic bag with no carrying bag, just the loaf. Regular readers will know that this curious "bread stalking" is another strange perp feature, and seems to "happen" on yoga days more than any other. Once, one new and odd yoga class member was waving a loaf of bread around after class, claiming she had extra. Truly and fucking bizarre as it is consistent. Go figure. I suspect that bread, or more likely some of its components like gluten are interbound with plastic pollutants in one's blood and tissues, and this "bread in plastic" act is some method to remotely determine an interaction. Of note, today's bread stalking was in the elevator with the scary fuckwit making sure to precede me and then loiter in the lobby before I got back. Another gangstalker somehow arrived ahead of me to also wait for the elevator, the pair of them doing their near routine alignment games.

Enough for tonight; on the happy TI newsfront, Rachael O. is on the road and going south for warm weather. I hope she finds some relative freedom from a grim winter in Boston, though I am sure the sickos have her life arranged for her somewhere, based on previous experiences she has had. A change is as good as a rest in this fraught realm, the hassle factor remaining the same of course. (Very often the perps intensify harassment in a new locale or venue as they know you are not aware of the routines, patterns and the terrain.


Medawar said...

Rachel hasn't blogged since last week, when she had reached South Carolina. This being where "The American Loon" had her worst experiences, Medawar is now worried for her.

AJH said...

I don't know what the reference to the "American Loon" is. Rachael is a survivor and is way street smart, and I am sure she is likely settling in, and hasn't yet got access to free internet like she had in Boston. She could have travelled on from South Carolina, and may still be on the road. I suspect she will be online soon.