Monday, March 02, 2009

A Monday Posting

I stayed at my perp abetting parent's place last night, and my father in faux dementia act blew his cover again. And of course, they want me to notice it, hence allowing me to observe that he had his navy blue sweater on for the first half of the evening, and then his grey sweater for the latter half. This is someone who doesn't know how or where to put his underwear on, and yet he somehow pulled this off without a ruffle. I suppose the "big event" might of been that I was wearing neavy blue socks for the first time in over six months as I had been wearing the blue grey ones exclusively, even if they are worn.

And as staying at my parent's place offers new, once a week variations in my very dull and contained life, the perps put on extra gangstalking, stunts, and other perturbations all to determine if these are remotely detectible by telltale energetic signatures. I use a different shampoo, eat a different breakfast, and change up my shaving to be face only, no frontal chest area. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed by shaving and the energetic signature changes that it invokes, and engage in extensive changes to my routines and supplies to add the prerequisite amount of change to isolate one factor from another. And by factor I mean color, substance, skin and hair interaction and very likely some kind of nanoparticle intake across the skin and into one's circulatory system. It seems they cannot show me enough web pages about "nano" something, and there was a recent article about "nanoparticle pollution" that was raised as another issue for health authorities to consider.

I also get to eat red meat at my parent's place, my once per week intake that gets plenty of parental gangstalking/attention. In the latter camp, they have me talking while I am slicing the cooked meat. I also get plenty of noisetalking and enraging extra-conventional fuckery when cutting up the cooked chicken meat at my place, my week long protein staple. Again, I have no idea what this is about, but it has been so utterly consistent since they allowed me to cook on my own in mid-2003.

My mother jerked me into staying in the morning by indicating that I could help her out by driving her to her dental appointment for 1100h. And lo, if it didn't "happen" that she got it wrong and it was a 1200h appointment, foiling the option for taking the bus. Or perhaps there was another reason, as "bait and switch" (also included is mistaken identity) is getting to be a big deal of late on the perp stunt front. So..., the extra unexpected hour in the morning was spent attending to backyard gardening, not that I mind, but I don't like getting jerked with as to my time expectations. Somehow, the wind had dispersed garbage bags of clippings that I had tucked next to the fence and it had to be retrieved. Most TI's will appreciate that the perps' games with plastics, and especially plastic bag contents, is just about endless, as so it was another game for them to have me place the garden debris back in the same plastic bags, into new plastic bags, new debris with the old and vice versa and ad nauseum to cover their plans for combinations and permutations. And too, there were some extra plastic bags there too, and I have no idea how they got there.

Last night at my parent's place my out-of-town brother was on the phone with my mother, and then she made out that he wanted to talk to me but his cell phone petered out. (Like why would he be phoning Sunday night from a cell phone when he would be at his place?) The phone rings a few minutes later, and she indicates the call is for me, my out-of-town brother. And lo, by dint of coincidence, it was my in-town brother "happening" to phone then, and true, he did want to speak to me about some nonspecific things. This is one example of what I call a "bait and switch" stunt, and there are a few others that have been more prominent of late.

I walked into downtown from my mother's dentist's office, replicating half my walk of three days ago when returning from the doctor's office. This time I had my backpack on, something which I don't normally have with me on city walks as I don't need it. There were the usual legions of gangstalking vehicles arranged in color coordinated formations, and juxtapositions; red colored vehicles are getting much more attention today I noticed. Three or four together in traffic, and in file.

And I see they have ripped up another thoroughfare to pinch it down to one lane from three while I was walking by and vehicles also travelling at walking speed. (Yates St, Fernwood to Cook St. for locals). This is on a hill, and it faces the direction that my apartment is, and is one block from the car dealership that I perform cleaning duties at for an hour a day, 6x/week. I have noticed that the perps like to arrange a hillside or berm to face me and then later see them running a vehicle, an electric powered scooter across the berm face in mid slope. I took this to be a way of measuring the energy from the slope as it faces me, and using the electric scooter to get an on-slope reading. So it would seem this is being done on a major road artery, and from what I can tell it is simply a job to rip up the extant ashphalt (nothing wrong with it, and no potholes), pack down the underlying gravel and then reapply new asphalt. No ditches or pipe laying, an asphalt replacement job on a facing hill.

From my perspective, when the perps engage in large civil works projects in my proximity, I see that they are making a long term investment, hence more years of abuse and harassment. And too, from how far away are these energies detectable and interact? I don't know the answer, but from what I can tell it could be many 10's of miles if past and distant gravel pits are spitting out masers at me.

I had my usal tripling of gangstalkers out when traversing the two blocks to the site of work tonight; more of them were out afterward, at 1645h than at 1730h, which is strange from the perspective of the downtown workers returning to their residences. And especially in this government town, when working after 1630h is exceptional. There are no major downtown employers from which these throngs of gangstalkers could legitimately claim as their point of exodus. As usual, if I change my direction, I get extra gangstalkers on me. Nothing new there. But I did get the ambulance treatment; the loud siren shutting down nearby, and then when the emergency vehicle was visible once I got to the street corner, the flashing lights were shut down. I don't know what it is, but the perps like to have me see sights and their sounds disconnected, and then ended with me observing cessation. Everyday activity cessation is also getting noisestalked as well.

Plenty of permitted reading tonight, which wasn't the case this afternoon. They had me skipping and jumping all over the web pages, shutting down any kind of comprehension, and also forcing me to continue with this cogntivie abuse as normally I stop reading when I know my attention is getting fucked with.

Enough for the day, and hopefully this posting hangs together as I am getting prevented from reviewing it. As well as getting forced typo sabotaged.

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