Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dull Saturdays

Saturdays are about the worst of the weekly harassment schedule, though I may not have arrived at this notion without some "support", har, har. The reason is that it is the day of the least activities, and for an imposed existence that seems to need to create such conditions for its victims, the relative lack of activity seems to be at its most.

And given the amount of debris in the hallway, all perp props it seems, I didn't expect that the hallways would be vacuumed cleaned anytime soon, but they are. In one apartment building, three residence locations ago, they were nearly always vacuuming outside in the hallway, and even had commercial trucks with hoses to the street doing the work. The nature of the tasks at the cleaning job has also changed in the last three weeks, as I do all the vacuuming in the boss man's area. I suppose this could be categorized as vortex energies, as it seems a number of prominent scientific thinkers came to that conclusion, as evidenced in the link list to the right side of this blog. How that fits in with the ether physics hasn't been analyzed, but the perps are very consistent in getting vacuum cleaners, even large 8" hose ones for doing street drains around me, even if the cleaning isn't operative. It was about four or more weeks ago when the had a commercial street drains vacuum cleaning truck parked outside this apartment with a septic services vehicle next to it. Why would either of these vehicles be parked there on a residential street, let alone in file outside my apartment building? I suppose the vacuum cleaner truck has some kind of energies that others don't and having a portable load of shit just might be a prop/surrogate for that in me, and anyone else they are evaluating such as their operatives. It is all very predictable at times, and yet TI's cannot get any respect in the news for their cause.

I did the part time cleaning job at the car dealership tonight. One of the staff was all over me, immediately before and after I entered a room, on the pretense of looking for lost keys. He covered me in at least four rooms, and crossed my path at least three times as I was entering or departing. It is fucking outrageous that these assholes cannot come out of the closet. Worse yet, it is getting more blatant and pissing me off all the more.

I had my dude posse of at least six of them when departing the car dealership, and even a hand holding couple of dude and blonde. And I cannot get over all these assholes wandering into my path, pretending they don't notice me when their colleagues cause my runners to make a squeaking noise at every footstep "because" they the road conditions are wet. Anyhow, I wasn't put through the gangstalk gauntlet of the grocery store on the way back as my chocolate supply is still sufficient.

I also had my weekly rundown attempt tonight when walking back from the car dealership. I was on a crosswalk and on the pedestrian walk signal when a Prius Bluebird taxi driver to keep coming at me until I stared him down, and when I removed my gaze he started coming at me again when he could of gone behind me the entire time. It must be that more evident game where they want to reduce the time between crossing paths, me on foot and the taxi going over my tracks. Hence the buses in this city taking runs at just-turned red lights at full speed.

I suspect this link (Face Recognition) is at least a few years behind the times, meaning that the perps have already accomplished the ability to remotely usurp my facial recognition abilities, and by extension, that of anyone else's. In fact, it was 09-2006 when they had my dentist's office assistant pose as a cell phone salesperson at LD, and I didn't recognize her the entire time I was talking to her. Not her looks, voice or mannerisms. I have also had some operatives/shills place themselves in front of me, and they have a hoodie pulled up to cover most of their face, eyes excepted. And I did recognize the asshole with a second look to their eyes, and as soon as I did, a noise went off.

Another long-ago accomplishment of the perps is to track the fixation points (The Nose Knows) when someone evaluates facial recognition. The conventional world is still catching up, only some 2.5 years behind. And I suppose the most malevolent of the harassment physics, action at a distance technologies, won't ever be allowed to be made known to us mortals. Physics took a dead end route with Einstein, and hasn't been able to get out of it since. Partially due to professional mobbing/witch hunting, and also by bumping off leading thinkers.

I see the "cold fusion" experiment is in the news on its 20th anniversary, and is getting some positive press. Probably not enough to paste over the way Pons and Flieschman were run out of town, but ignoring them and all the corroborating work as well. They may yet get a Nobel Prize, perhaps in their dotage, or maybe "cold fusion" will be cast back into the too-politically-hot isolation cell for another two decades. Hard to call this, but I notice that the article does not mention that their results have been widely confirmed by others within a year of publishing their paper. I suspect there are more hidden energies involved and that it isn't entirely, if at all, a nuclear reaction. Hence the strident doubters shrill demagogery. Just riffing here.

I was compelled to do some book reading for the first time in at least six months, and got a barrage of noisestalking, all of which could be somehow heard through my earmuffs. Eventually the noise from outside, and the crackling noise within the earmuffs got so bad I had to stop. My attention control was also being dithered with to make the cognitive processes of reading to be pointless. Nothing new there, it was just something they had to do to me for whatever reason.

And the perps let me in on what they did to my eyeglasses while they were stored for the past three months and am now wearing. The assholes darkened down the frame color and the bridge. I am totally pissed at the assholes for fucking with my eyeglasses, changing their color to, guess what, dark brown. So it would seem that this was the real intent behind getting my new ones sent away to deal with the problem that they create in the first place, having them slip down my nose.

The eyeglasses frames changing color isn't the first such event like this. I have a tripod that was in an brown anodized metallic finish, and some months later after storage at my in-town brother's place, the anodization was green. As far as I know it is still green in color, but having something personal turn to a brown color is an intense piss off.

The overhead and through-the-earmuffs noise assault has started up, and since I am also being kept very much on edge, I shall end these provocations by posting this and shutting down for the day.

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