Friday, March 06, 2009

Retrofitting My Eyeglasses

Back to the attractive blonde woman at the optician's to measure my glasses and fuss all over me while the quest to get cable temples retrofitted to my glasses continues. All because the said eyeglasses get pulled and jerked with by unseen forces, most often when my hands are occupied. A few days ago they just "shot off" my face and landed in my hand that was at the ready. Getting cable temples, notoriously unavailible except for a few models, will take away the excuses. And I suppose sending them off for a custom job will be part of the game while the old ones are back on my face. They already pulled that stunt for a few days when they "forgot" to edge polish the glasses, and the optician "didn't notice". Never mind the bad acting when she said that. And I found out that my email to her back in January "didn't arrive" somehow, so I resent it with the accompanying sound of noisestalking.

And said blonde optician was dressed in a white and brown colored top, the white portion raised in a filagree like pattern over the brown. A few years ago when they were hounding me at the doctors' office and jerked me around with "forgetting" my appointment while I waited for a half hour, there was a young attractive blonde woman seeming to do counselling for one of the patients. Only near the end of that half hour was I allowed to know it was the same woman who was in my swim lane for at least five years, and "somehow" I didn't recognize her or her voice until they let me in on the fuckery.

There were the usual flush of dudes and Unfavoreds when I exited the opticians; skinheads, native Indians, shiftless male fuckwits, suits with papers and the seeming moronic one who purports to live next door in what I call the "common room", the apartment where a variety of gangstalkers have emerged; negros, Asians, grannies and now the certifiable halfwit who has the unerring ability to "happen" to be where I am. For those who don't know why I am going on about Unfavored demographic group members/gangstalkers, brown colors and blondes, these are the links.

Talk about severe gangstalking tonight, it was disproportionate. Six fuckwits waiting outside the doors of the apartment building on my exit to the cleaning job at the car dealership. Then at least 60 others for the two block walk, never mind the vehicular gangstalking. Yesterday on this beat I had an illegal left turning vehicle cross the sidewalk 10' in front of me, and the asshole driver was staring at me. WTF; who has the stupidity to make an illegal left into the oncoming driveway lane (all visible beforehand) and then look sideways at the nearest pedestrian he cut off will negotiating this stunning piece driving? Only those who are orchestrated to do so. I also got a stare earlier yesterday from an oncoming cyclist on the sidewalk. Another WTF; engaging in an illegal act and then looks at me pissed off at this fuckwit.

Back to today's insane and intense gangstalking; it wasn't too bad at the car dealership save some late staying "customers" that managed to circulate twice around me, 35 minutes apart. The seeming staff member in Service that was lingering behind pulled his second shit stunt. While I am cleaning up downstairs, he goes upstairs to the men's, does something but doesn't flush the toilet, and then walks through the cleaned area downstairs. Cleaned with the vacuum cleaner, and regular readers know how much the perps like to arrange vacuum cleaners around me and have me or other gangstalkers walk over the just vacuumed surface. I go upstairs to clean the washroom and this guy has left shit particles in the toilet, as if it were suspended sand. How can anyone take a shit like that, never mind if the use of the flushing could accomplish this. As this is the second and identical time it has happened with this Parts dude, I can only suggest it is yet more of the perps' shit and brown campaign. Somehow, the major turd gets teleported out of there, and the few remaining grains are there for some kind of color reference. This topic is so fugly I am going to stop, even if there is more I can add.

Tonight, I learn from the boss man, who came for some "time out" as there were too many late customers for him to finish the job, that I don't need to mop the floor every night like I was doing for the past three months, only every two days. Funny how he never asks the details on what it taking me the longest to do and why, but drops out these "training bulletins" every so often. When I first started I was cleaning the entire Service area floor each night, and was finally "allowed" to relax this to just the busy areas each night. Now, just the busy areas every two nights. And so it goes, but I am grateful for the job, and it keeps me in chocolate and that has been the biggest budget drain for the past five years, being stiffed with a food item I don't need and could easily do without if it weren'f for the mind fucking and the perps' "need" to have me eat brown colored foods for them to figure out what their fucking issue is, vis a vis me (victim). If I don't like the color brown, then who cares? A relentless and depraved phallanx of Fuckwits, now nearly seven overt years of harassment, and for 47 years before that.

Anyhow, when I got out of the car dealership I headed to the LD store for the "forgotten" (them) half of my Rx, and lo, if I didn't get a buck toothed, obese negro woman behind the counter. And of course, more games to delay "finding" the Rx, and what medication it was again, after telling them the first time. This entire episode started out because the doctor didn't "think" to provide me an Rx when I saw him the time before last. Then I had to get a phoned Rx, and the doctor doubled the white pills, and the pharmacy tech told me about it, and advised me not to double up on the medication. Fine, I have been taking the same Rx for over six years now. When I saw the doctor a week ago he gave me a new Rx and I took it in to be filled, He asked about the doubled up white pills and I told him that I didn't know how that happened but it was incorrect. So..., I take the Rx into be filled and come back the next day and lo, they are out of the yellow pills. Finally, I get the yellow pills and then they "forgot" to add the white pills. Four successive trips to the LD store after work, and each trip I purchase Cadbury Creme Eggs, chocolate eggs with a white and orange goo in them to simulate the inside of an egg. Needless to say almost, the noisestalking has increased markedly while eating this infrequent item, and too, the pill intake has varied each day accordingly. Day 1, Monday, no medication intake, the "forget" day, Day 2, no yellow medications but old white one availible because the Rx was doubled by "mistake". Day 3, the same, Day 4 new yellow medications with old white medication. Day 5, new yellow medication with new white medication. All I hope is that this colossal and obsessive machinations over what color of medication I take and the associated yellow color games (eggs, vehicles and gangstalker colors, often with brown), is fucking over. But it isn't, and the assholes are totally predictable and will be at it again, mark my words.

After the LD store then I stop in at the supermarket to get bar chocolate, and had four women clustered around me there. Two were dissimilar redheads, both in grey long coats. Then I had to get coffee, and get it ground up in the grinder, which means I am total gangstalker bait while doing this. Not only is it a brown substance being actively created, but that I am tied to the spot for some five minutes to prevent fuckups, spills and other perp fuckery if allowed. Just like always, I had the assholes around me; left side, then right side, and back again. Then I got fucked out of remembering to get goat milk and was only reminded when seeing it at the checkout. So I go to the back of the store and the fuckers are all over me, blocking aisles and crossing my path in front of me. I get back to the checkout and there is a surge of "customers", and my coffee grinding gangstalker was two in front of me, a large woman between us. Then the redheads "show up" and linger beyond the checkout. Finally I get through and then when leaving the chinless store assistant and a customer converge on me, a mini-swarm. The I get through the doors and the redheads and the others are there in the sidewalk, leaving a narrow 2' path past them, beside the flowers. I was being mind fucked to be highly reactive as well, scooting out of there in an imposed panic. I still had my Asian dude show of at least six at the next pedestrian crossing, and finally I was out of this infernal gangstalk gauntlet the assholes spring on me. Count the Unfavored demographic group members; chinless, redhead, large persons, negro, buck teeth, etc. Enough of this perp beserkness.

Other prepatory games were to force me to have a nap this afternoon with constant road traffic noise for the entire nap. And I wore the earmuffs for most of the afternoon, and it seems that doing this is major gangstalking bait anytime I head out. A long way of saying that the perps went totally beserk tonight, and even rage-fied me when I got back for good measure. It is interesting to note how this is changing in the daytime, and not always full-on abuse all day.

I see that the local boulevard trees have pink blossoms on them, still on the trees. And as part of the perps' color balance games they put on some same colored plasma clouds some 20' ahead of me, presumably to test this same color over the concrete sidewalk. This is very common for the perps to "balance out" colors in short two second or less exposures to a 6' wide, 2' high plasma cloud in this case. Sometimes the plasma games are larger, especially if they need to put it over a street to emulate a vehicle's color that is not in the current mix they have nearby.

Knee torquing torture tonight; this is where the lower part of my leg is remotely manipulated and twisted slowly until I notice the knee pain. This is to presumably "tweak" neural energies in the brainstem area, which is connected to the knees to enable bipedal walking. Note, I cannot apply this myself, and that it is now "happening" just as I move to a new web page, bookmark a page etc. Much like noisestalking has been arranged simultaneously at these same moments for the past seven years.

This one is done for the day, and now to ponder if I am to get another disrupted sleep like each of the last two nights; kept awake for hours with loud vehicle noises at a rate over three/minute, forced head flipping every two minutes, a light REM sleep, an early 0600h awakening to hear yet more serial road traffic noise (projected IMHO, as the streets are not that busy then), and a 0700h get up time. An near identical sleep script both nights, another never-before overt harassment event.

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