Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ding A Ling Day

The title refers to the church bells that have started up as I finished up making the bed with the just laundered bedsheets. The perps are also on top of me by jamming smell up my nose, the scented shaving foam smell, and the kind I do NOT use or own. And yet "somehow", the smell keeps erupting under my nose. With the outside wind and rain storm one would think that these air leaky windows would be flushing the smell out of here, but someone decided that I should get up the nose anyway. It is just the same outside when walking; I get this escallated local breeze around me, that is not evident any more than 6' away, and then they jam other smells up my nose at the same time. The "for me only" breeze should dissapate the smell, but it isn't allowed to happen that way. And now the yellow plasma flashes are erupting as I type this. The post-laundered sheets must be an exciting event for someone. And they get further excitement as I won't be sleeping in them tonight, but at my perp-abetting parent's place, which then invites the extra gangstalking and harassment action on Mondays. As does eating different foods, watching TV there, using different soaps and the rest of it. Just all too interesting for the party that would rather engage in action at a distance life rape for seven years than come clean and figure out their dumbshit energetics research in weeks if they had my cooperation. Obviously, the payoff is considerable, otherwise they would be this stupid, though that is a moot point given the history of their abuse.

More of the same smell jammed up my nose since the above entry. This infernal faux essence smell is fucking awful, and the reason I only buy Gillette Foamy Sensitive that has no scent added to it. And lo, if my father didn't recently adapt to my shaving methods and use the same Gillette two blade razor and the Gillette Foamy Sensitive shaving cream. And then after a month, and some four months short of using it up, he then gets that awful Foamy version which is scented. And of course, they jam the smell up my nose when I used it at my parent's place, and now have decided to continue the smell jamming even if there is no source in my apartment.

Onto neuroscience; I see that the perps placed a likely relevant article on the seat of fear and predation in the brain, and it is in the hypothalamus, and which also happens to be the very location where smells are directly sensed. I suppose the perps knew this long ago, but the article does indicate there are two neural regions that deal with fear, the amydala which is buried way deep in the inside of the temporal lobes, and the hypothalamus. How nice of them to deliver relevant research.

Other action has been dull today; the storm has settled down, and even at 0800h on Sunday, the silver-grey and red vehicles were parked outside and arranged to plug up nearly every metered stall on the streets you see in the past pictures. Even earlier than church goers it would seem.

More smell up my nose as I change web pages to upload this picture that was not taken today, but this was how this portion of the street looked like at 0800h this morning. If that doesn't say "arranged", I don't what does. (Taken 01-27-2009, but a very common arrangement of vehicle colors on this same block).

I am off to the perp abetting parents soon, aka, the First Feral Family of life trashing. Mine that is, though it seems that they have paid some price of their association with the Surrepticious Sickos, the SS. Just to think, my father was in the RAF in WWII and here he is, playing along and fomenting the abuse the real SS would of loved to dish out. Another irony of this insane mind fuckery. Time to call this one done.


Anonymous said...

Another area they excel at is the song requests,timed perfectly. I've found that if I'm listening to a particular station long enough, the song that comes on next seems to reflect my immediate situation, or deals with what I'm thinking of or my emotions at the time.

When eating out at 10:00AM, the station just happened to start into 'Who Loves You' by the 4 Seasons as I was walking up to the counter. I know this will be written off as crazy, but I've gotten this too often for it to be coincidence. Not that or any particular song, just that there are 'strange occurrences' with songs being timed perfectly with my arrival or departure.

One time while walking down the street, these roofing guys had the radio on, and the announcer kept saying the word 'pop' over and over again so many times, it was insane to hear it. There was a fair amount of static, so maybe it could've been a trick recording they were playing, though I HAVE heard DJ's and announcers get into the perping act as well.

That's why I can't understand why one girl was sent in to grill me as to which stations I listen to, because it seemed they ALL were into 'the act'. Maybe it was a mind game... Perps seem to love having their operatives ask 'profiling' questions such as these, and I've always suspected it was to make it look like the gangstalking was happening at a more 'human', local level, rather than with the controlling unseen perps. Maybe it was cloaking on their part, or just a 'dummy' question that had no purpose other than to get me to interact with the interviewer verbally. They seem to do that a lot, too.

AJH said...

There is no question the perps like to create repitition as to what is said; all my growing years I had people say "what?" when it was perfectly audible, and I could never figure it out. In the college years they backed off, and now it is my parents who put on the "what, what?" games, most of which I ignore. But it is clear to me that they want words and terms to be used in differing contexts, enunciations, grammatical constructs etc. I also get the elicitations to have me speak/respond more than I usually do, as I think vocalizing causes certain vibration in ones vocal cords, and maybe elsewhere, and that is always important for the perps it seem. They like to create vibrations like bells, rattling crockery, glass etc. in my proximity. It is a strange existence to be living like a test rat in a situation where you have no idea as to the outcomes or when it will be over. Never mind the compensation, though I am not holding my breath on that one.