Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Tea Makes for Additional Noise Games

I started drinking roobius tea today, and that seems to have triggered the perps in a frenzy of extra noise and once I get outside, extra gangstalking I predict. It is deep red-brown color, different from the green-brown chai tea. And that is only one example that causes the perps to ge beserk with extra noise from outside that can magically get through my ear muffs. The masers and plasma game have been more frequent, as has the vision impairment fuckery. And more red plasma flashes in this apartment, especially in my peripherial vision. Another stunt is to keep pulling on the keyboard tray while I am typing this.

That I will be drinking the new tea for a week or so should add to the excitement, especially with the chocolate they like me to eat with it. And having me slump in my chair in a near vertical sleep as I type this must factor into the games somehow. Now the yawning games.

Pouring and steeping tea is a big deal for the perps, as is any color change in my proximity. Same with changing clothes, putting on or off coats, flushing toilets etc.

For the past three years the perps have scripted me for a Monday crap, almost without fail, except yesterday. I got the honor today, so who knows, perhaps it was a big deal for them to reschedule me the next day. As part of the preparation they had me get up 1.5 hours earlier, do plenty of online time beforehand, and made sure I never opened the curtains until afterward. As always, every little detail is important to them.

Picture time, my Blogger photo upload feature is working again.

Taken 03-03-2009, 1310h 58sec; an escorted brown colored pickup with a black steel rack escorted by two white trades vans, one ahead, one behind. Such is the perps "need" to have a color reference next to nearly everything brown colored, and this happens to be a mobile example. Though, it is interesting that the intensity of the brown has increased from the usual light tan brown vehicular gangstalking. Two blue colored vehicles are parked in file, and another blue colored vehicle is in the parking lot through the bars of the balcony. I have my sliding glass door to the balcony taped as there is so much air leakage, hence not getting out there for a better shot. From past pictures, sharp readers will note that this latter blue vehicle is parked where they have had red and silver grey vehicles at that same parking stall.

This was 03-03-2009, 1311h 10 sec. A nice little show of two different blue colored vehicle with a city transit bus that "happens" to be parked on the street for crissakes. These are the type of bus for "special needs" people and urban runs. My father takes one of these three times per week for his adult daycare. This is 12 seconds later than the picture above, and shows the last of the leftmost van above, on the far right. And a new white vehicle has entered the picture in mid frame, seen just above the balcony rail. On the far right are two white vehicles and a silver-grey vehicle parked in file, a 90 degree counterpoint to the white vehicles in mid lower picture in addition to the white and red small bus, plus the ones above that passed through. Using blue to somehow leverage brown is a common perp combination; they know I like blue (Favored) and loathe most browns (Unfavored).

Now the picture download feature is obstructed; no more for now, someone has a different rate of metering pictures out than I do. Maybe more later today; I shall find out.

I did my cleaning job tonight at the car dealership; no major big deals save the maze of vehicles they arranged for me, IMHO, to get around and between in the Service garage. I regularly traverse the area to pack the plastic garbage bags into the dumpster, so I imagine they like me to walk close to certain vehicles of specific colors. The Miata with the tan brown soft top is still in the shop, now closing in on two weeks, and I imagine the black as a reference color with the brown is a big bonus. I see the outfit advertised for a detail person, a glorified car cleaner and waxer, but no one mentioned anything, so I suppose it was either for the promotional aspect for me to see the ad, or else they don't want me.

In the last two minutes of the job, the assholes pulled two major mind fuck stunts. They planted the "for sure" notion that the hand towel rolls came in a narrow diameter core which is only true for the toilet paper. Nice one, as I had to go back upstairs with the boss man ahead of me and check it out. Then they had me set the alarms, and when I got out there was one of the staff outside. This dude was on his fifth gangstalking in and out of the building, and only when I got back to my place did the assholes let me in on the fact that he would trip the alarm off when he went back inside. Wonderful, two major mind hacks in two minutes, impugning my credibility. A baseball bat to the face of the asshole who decided that piece of blatant mind fucking was to be undertaken. And I won't rest until I get even with the sick minded depraved fuckwit.

All to carry out more abuse, as if I haven't had enough. Never mind the stuff they put me through and attempted to delete but fucked up, leaving me with subconscious traumatizations (it seems) they are still attempting to remediate. No one asked me, and if they did, they would readily find out that I would want to be left alone. So, not only do they fuck up, but they then attempt to do their remediation in the most time consumptive way possible; covertly and by remote means. This entire seven year train of fucking abuse could have been done in a year or less with cooperation. Talk about adding beserk methods to recover from past ineptitude.

And I see that the perps are now screwing with my vision and changing this text to be in italics when it isn't; this would be by direct neural access to the visual cortex, and collectively fucking with every letter you see here. Last week they pulled a major mind fuck and had me vacuuming the carpet at work, and then messed with my vision to make it look like I was vacuuming downhill when the carpet was dead flat. As part of this particular mind fuck they also corrupted my vision anomaly detection capabilities and subverted them to make me "think" that a slope floor was perfectly normal. Two major mind fucks at once, and it was only afterward did they let me in on what I saw and that it was an abnormal vision imposition. Fucking beserk, and a baseball bat to the face of the asshole that ran me through that script. Don't fuck with me or my life; get it assholes?

More picture uploads allowed by my mindkeepers, likely because they want an eveningtime version of what I did above.

Taken 01-05-2009, 1412h. A cute sequence of slightly differing hues of silver-grey sedans with one behind the bare branches of a tree. A white pickup goes by with a blue object in the box. Kind of arranged IMHO.

Taken 01-07-2009, 1531h. For locals, this is 900 block View St. and we have three silver grey vehicles parked in file on the left side. Two more silver-grey vehicles on the right side opposite the aforementioned three, then a burgundy mini van in front of them. Another vehicle is ahead of it, but owing to light fuckery games I cannot tell the color. Note the UPS van, a deep brown color, is parked on the wrong side of the street for some bizarre reason that has much commonality with past perp practices which includes those absurd left-hand drive Japanese toy import vehicles they like to plant in my proximity. A red and green pair of vehicles are parked on the left opposite the UPS van.

Even among the Ti community I am the last to know; the book, My Life Changed Forever - The Years I Have Lost as a Target of Organized Stalking by Elizabeth Sullivan has been out since October and no one mentioned it on the forums. Or else I was fucked with to "not see it", a more common jerkaround of late.

From the Amazon.com site Eleanor White provides a book review, and conveys an example of her own experiences, talking about populating public locations with gangstalkers and obstructor, aka "stacking".

For non-targets reading this, "stacking" public service places, and especially stores, with large numbers of perpetrators is common.

How do I know that crowded stores are one of the perpetrator tactics?

I was having crowded store problems mid-morning and mid-afternoon, well outside rush hour, consistently. Way, way beyond random chance. I then created a colour poster, with a picture of two group stalkers and a link to my own organized stalking web site (multistalkervictims.org), had it laminated and mounted it on my backpack. INSTANT cessation of ALL crowded stor problems. I mean literally INSTANT. First day out with the poster.

Apparently, the perpetrators don't want their community-based harassers to look at our web sites, and learn the true scope of the crime they are involved with.

Both from comments occasionally heard by targets, and from the investigation by American private investigator David Lawson, many of the community level harassment perps are told vicious lies about the target. Because web sites about OS (organized stalking) reveal that such things are lies, it's understandable that the perpetrator supervisors would not want their local harassers to learn what they are actually involved in.

Sudden and unexpected changes in public behavior on account of having a poster on the back of her backpack. Simply amazing, and yet TI's cannot get any respect. It really does make one wonder about the population as a whole, and wonder what percentage are on these gangstalking and surveillance operations, especially the one that I am in where it is total and complete, seeming for blocks around me.

I did some updating on Plasma and Maser Beams - No Home Should be Without Them tonight. This is one of the Essential Introductory Postings, but regular readers will not need to go there as I mention these goings on frequently.

That is it for tonight, a dull day to be sure.


Anonymous said...

That first picture was interesting, because it shows a white plastic bag lodged in a tree. They love to do that with me. One night, I saw an array of plastic bags just like the one shown; every 3 feet there would be one stuck in the shrubs. They seem to be found of leaving empty pizza boxes on my driveway too, near the passenger door.

If they are sloppy like usual, they will just leave strategically scattered bits of trash, such as wrappers, empty cans, etc., in certain spots along the yard. Sometimes, they have soda bottles that are only half-empty. The one I saw had the lable partially torn off, so that only 'CO' remained. For some reason, they are fond of those letters. City workers marking gas lines would leave similar letters ('CO') marked in chalk. I never found out what that was supposed to mean. I guess it's just 'completion' word games, as in the suffix or prefix of certain words.

Also, I have been getting the parked car gig for some time now, where certain makes/colors would be parked at strategic spots. Like for example, the would have a black SUV parked in front of the bank overnight. I never figured out what the psychology was there. I only knew they liked parking their cars and leaving them there as some sort of deterrent or 'message'.

The people lurking about is a familiar scene, too. They seem like they're on lookout for the TI. They used to be real fond of having lurkers stand and stare at the webcam on certain webcam sites. Or maybe there would be someone sitting on a bench nearby the cam, in full view, looking obvious (like he/she wanted to be seen).

At school, or pretty much any place there are windows, they like to stand in front of the window, so I can't go over and look out. They have a lurker parked at every window sill, either standing and looking out, sitting on the sill, or standing nearby and chatting on the cell. Or there would be others who would start saying loud things when I pass by the window.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed that the guy in the white pickup has his window down, with this arm partially out. They're very fond of doing this to me, as well as other hand gestures. They like to do the rubbing the back of the head thing, or maybe pinching the nose, hand over the face, rubbing the chin, whatever.

Sometimes they will have their hands dangling out the window as well. That one used to piss me off.

Anonymous said...

Would like to comment further about the 'planted notions'. Interestingly, when I'm talking to someone, they are very fond of planting some insult while I'm complementing the person I'm talking to. This may be pre-arranged with the person I'm talking to ahead of time. For example, the person would ask me what I think of her hair-dye job. I wanted to say, 'they did a nice job, they knew what they were doing'. It came out like 'they did a bad job. Looks like they didn't know what they were doing'. Or when I'm talking to females, I'll find myself saying 'yes sir' instead of "yes ma'am". I told the one person about these planted thoughts that make me say things I don't really want to say, and she just laughed, like she knew about it.

AJH said...

That white plastic bag in the tree has been there for over a year. Plastics are a big perp research topic. My understanding/notion is that the pollutants, largely plastics, are a big source of diamagnetism and thrwart the perps in being able to detect one's energies from a distance. They also tell me that the plastics have quite a different quantum behavior from their macro-molecular behavior. Hence the predominant number of irrigation service vehicles driving about with the 20' PVC sections.

I don't know what the letter games might refer to. My perps are never sloppy as far as I can tell; even the cigarette buts are arranged at 90 degree angles, same for twigs.

Often, extended parking and like events isn't so much a psychological game, it is a portable surface and color that they remotely evaluate as to its energetic properties. At the part time car dealership I work at they have moved a black Miata with a tan brown soft top around in the garage for two weeks now. I sense they need to test these colors in the larger form of a vehicle and need to place it all over this 5 bay service garage. Though it is interesting that they parked a black vehicle outside a bank, which is where financial transactions take place, another perp fascination. And the building to outside interface is always getting extra gangstalking attention, which might be the reason for the perps standing at their apartment windows. There is so many things about this harassment that I don't understand, but perp behavior is so very consistent. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: ...noticed that the guy in the white pickup...

The driver arm propping games were once a summer time thing, but now in January. I often laugh to see them doing this totally uncomfortable placement of their arm and attempting to look so cool while doing it. I suppose it makes for better gangstalker to me energetic interaction, to expose the gangstalker's arm outside the vehicle.

AJH said...

Answer to: ...about the 'planted notions'...

I get extremely peeved if the perps interfere with my syntax (choice of words) and diction (how it is said). It is an automatic rege show if they pull that shit in private. In public I have to hold my tongue, which so far, they let me do.

The perps like to pull reversals of thoughts; putting something in the negative, and then having the positive stated or result. I don't know why they keep doing these perceptual/syntactical reversals, but they never happened as often as they do since they went into overt harassment in 2002.

Same with mis-addressing someone, especially if there are gender specific terms; another perp area to inflict and impose syntactical reversals. These kind of stunts send me up the wall in private. As I see it, every effort I make to speak or think clearly is in spite of lifelong learning disabilities, possibly inflicted and managed by the perps, and to gratuitiously violate my access to my vocabulary and ability to speak drives me fucking wild with intense annoyance. That might be the perps also making me over "react", but it is entirely consistent with my personality.

Anonymous said...

No problem. It seems like we've been experiencing very similar things, but we each have our own conclusions. Just tonight, I saw a guy in the place where I eat out sporting a nice big Civil War era beard. It's kind of like those Hell's Angel's types.

I have seen the vehicle color games, and noticed them for many years. I just never tried to connect them to anything. My conclusion was that the reason for the colors is that they are trying to make themselves obvious. Haven't considered these 'energetic reactions'. But now they make a LOT of sense (thanks).

I did know about the mind-reading tactics (since early 2006), but I kept quiet, because I realized I would be written off as delusional. The colors would somehow affect the frequencies at which the visual cortex operates (my speculation).

That's why I'm careful with television as well... I've been noticing a strong perp influence there for at least 2 years now. The biggest offenders seem to be the Geico commercials. It seems that the stronger the corporate affiliation to the government, the stronger the perp influence is. Of course, Geico used to be strictly govt. affiliated, so it makes sense they would have the most perping.

I think it's interesting that the commercials that seem to resist the perp influence the most are always the lawyer commercials. The govt. and politician related commercials seem to be the worst offenders IMO.

AJH said...

I watch TV only once per week at my perp-abetting parents place. I do notice plenty of perp likely topics, colors, and camera techniques. One of more obvious ones are where they put one image over another to transition the segment. I don't have a read on who has the worst TV commercials as I figure the degree of containment is absolutely total in my case and all of them have some perp angle.