Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Red and Yellow

I am getting plenty of harassment action in the form of plasma fields placed in my vision, sometimes subsecond exposures, and most are red colored, with the odd yellow one.

The perps went silly on yellow before yoga today, scripting a fire, fire trucks and fake smoke so their yellow fire trucks could be positioned in mid street and put on their red and white flashing lights. This lastec over an hour before I set off to yoga. Once I got outside there was an additonal fire command vehicle parked in mid-street to block traffic entering. If I don't get sabotaged, I will put up some pictures. The flashing lights were mostly visible through the safety glass of the balcony window, and I suppose that one hour run-up of flashing light exposure was important for them. Then two blocks away, still walking to the yoga venue, why, another fire department yellow colored vehicle "happened" to be going by. And there is still a yellow fire truck present, parked facing the wrong way in the streetside parking stalls. I suppose all that was an elaborate preparation for me for yoga, though I cannot say exactly how.

The have also been annoying me intensely today, getting me to vocalize is the polite term, rage-ification is what they really do. I suspect there will be another profusion of yellow vehicles when I head out later for the part time cleaning job at the car dealership.

And I see the brown algae "problem" on the dishes drain mat has now become a dayglo red color, meaning that a new species was introduced. They had red algae "erupting" on the drain mat until about mid 2008, and then switched over to brown since. Now back to dayglo red. The real issue is why is any algae there at all as I never had this problem until the harassment went overt in 04-2002.

The yoga was OK, just the usual plethora of plasma and maser games, and outside noise, as well as one twit who has taken to groaning every now and again. Perhaps that is the big plan, drive me out of there by way of groaning Fuckwits. They pulled the same four days ago on the bus with a wheelchair case who had two attendants, one in red and the other in brown, both the Goretex fabric anoraks. Funny how these color combinations keep coming up.

The commentary I was to overhear at yoga was about the instructor being Swedish, and did she know German (yes), and then the inquiring class member also started up in German, and so it went, this foreign language banter. I suppose it wasn't too outrageous, but I have been through these little language games before. I don't know why the perps do this, but German is one of their top choices for me to overhear, French, Italian next and a smattering of Spanish, Dutch, and a few others I am not allowed to recall.

Another point of excitement for the perps might be my mid-blue wicking Tshirt; I haven't worn it in months, and sometimes these long clothing storage intervals get them very excited.

And what is going on with my email; I am still not getting responses that I expect, and it has all the makings of turning my efforts into expensive jerkarounds, say, ordering an item twice.

The teabag follies continue; not only do I get criminal gangstalkers walking up behind me at the cleaning job who want a teabag, but I had one disappear out of thin aire yesterday. It flew out of the package through a designed hole in the base of the box, and then was gone when I went to collect it off the floor. Some hours later when making dinner, they put it back on the floor, about 1' offset. So, where did it go in the interim? More mysteries it would seem. But there is a decided perp interest in teabags and tea made from loose leaves, but I don't pay much mind to it.

Picture time, these from earlier today.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0825h 37sec. Three yellow fire trucks and the smoke in the foreground (not a fuzzy section), arriving 2.5 hours before I was to set off for yoga, and were still there then. I got this flashing light show off the vehicles for the entire time, and I assume this was part of the pre-yoga "readiness", for them.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0825h 47sec. Nothing much new, but the wider angle shows a GM command vehicle in the far left bottom corner above the rail. This was parked in mid street to block vehicle entry when I later walked by at 1115h on my way to yoga.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0942h 39sec., about an hour later. Note that they have a white sedan in mid street at the far end of the road, beside the fire truck to block the road. Who heard of using a non-fire vehicle to aid in public egress before? Note the additional fourth fire truck, the ladder rescue truck, at the bottom of the picture, through the railings. And where are all the tenants of the 17 story tower? There were virtually none. Like I contend, most of the residential buildings in my proximity, over 2,000' at least, are empty. All in support of the ongoing life rape.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0942h 58sec. Same as above, just zoomed in, the white egress blocking sedan is still in place.

That was today's excitement, and the remaining fire truck parked (mentioned above), has now departed. I will be walking that street on my way to work at the cleaning job in an hour, and I am sure the perps will be very interested in gangstalking me while passing near where yellow vehicles once parked. They cannot get enough of me when I walk over the tracks of a vehicle, mobile or parked and departed. Hence the intersection games where they sometimes take a run at me, run red lights (all cleared for them), and otherwise minimizing the amount of time where vehicles have vacated an intersection. Even the ambulatory vagrant gangstalkers are in on the new intersection behavior. A sudden burst of jaywalking has now erupted at pedestrian crossings in the past week. Today, four seeming independent Fuckwits all jaywalked while I was waiting for the pedestrian signal to proceed. Three dudes and one coffee coming toward me, and one dude ahead of me all jaywalked together. Jaywalking bylaws are enforced here in the West, unlike the Eastern seaboard. I was with one of my work colleagues in Seattle when there in 2000-2002, and she jaywalked like an Easterner, and got reamed out very loudly in mid-street when some kind of authority figure "happened" to be there. Not a policeman, but someone in uniform who said he could of booked her.

A relatively benign cleaning job at the car dealership tonight; the boss man finished ahead of me and I did his vacuuming while he was hanging around. Even if I am now 20 minutes faster, he is too, and we finish at the same relative timing. I had a heavy native Indian gangstalking contingent when I got outside on my way to the car dealership, at least one on every street corner at the first intersection, the first corner had at least five of them doing the standaround thing again.

And more standing around by gangstalkers two days past. I mentioned that my former GP (doctor) "happened" to be at the car dealership when I was about to start cleaning there. And so tonight, I stopped at the grocery store on the way back, and there he was again, just standing there in the entrance to the store, not even pretending to be shopping. He was sporting a large gut, which was likely a prothesis, as he was never overweight when I last saw him in 2003 and he jerked me around. He has a lime green sweater under his jacket, and lo, if there wasn't a skinheaded gangstalker dude who had oversized shoes of the same color when I was departing, and doing the lead-ahead gangstalk routine. When I was back at my place and looking out, there was a cube van of the same color below, backing up with the beeper noise, and putzing around as it had no business being there in the apartment parking lot.

The doctor doing the standaround in the paragraph above, was in exactly the same position as one of the car dealership staff was last week. This is the guy that stays behind and works while us cleaners are finishing up. It all very interesting how the repeats, gangstalkers in a new context, are "showing up" in the same place on my route back to my place. Fucking bizarre, and is nothing to do with any condition I am told that I have.

I had another "just standing there" dude outside of yoga today when I was on my way back. The unabashed shiftless male standing at the steel railings opposite a pinch point in the sidewalk, a telephone pole. And with the proverbial coffee cup in hand, just standing and looking totally stupid. He wasn't the only freak on the post-yoga gangstalk gauntlet, as it is always a big event for the fuckers.

A brief sortie to brain science; anticipatory learning is of interest to the perps, as the operatives/gangstalkers would make a big point of making sure that I saw one of them hand something off to the other, taking up the entire width of the hallway to do so, and planted just as I came around a corner. So it isn't too much of a surprise to find that mortal neuroscientists have found unexpected brain energies related to anticipation, and that they let me in on "finding" it at this link. Quoting, “the brain is all about anticipation and prediction, yet no one has shown what that looks like in terms of neural action,” says Rauschecker. He adds that this same process, known as cued associative learning, likely occurs whenever a human is expecting any particular action to happen, be it in sports, music, or language." There we have a likely window onto what the perps are also looking for, but likely with more energetic signatures than erstwhile electromagnetic energies. Otherwise, why are they so cranked up about the color of everything, and especially food?

More web browsing, getting down to the dregs of bookmarked sites that I tour. I see there are more animal mutilations in S. Colorado. There was no evidence of anyone doing it, nor any blood associated with the mutilations. I have often wondered if the perps aren't the arm of malevolent/researching aliens, and that these bloodless animal mutilations aren't just another facet of the unfortunate human massacres we see in the news. After all, blood has magnetic properties, and the perps' primary research method is to irradiate the chosen/targeted victims with magnetic fields (400x normal in late 2002 in my case), so studying blood and its inherent magnetism in direct contact with the immediate environment (outside of the body) just might be two sides of the same coin. Just speculating here. Having a front seat to world fuckery makes one sensitized to what could be associated, and especially when we know how invasive mind control technologies are firsthand.

Enough riffing, and onto bed and hoping for no night time awakenings, no sleep preventing stunts, and no bizarre dreams that I am made to stay in, and am not allowed out of. (My self-protective dream bail-out capabilities can be remotely defeated I have come to know.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that my perps all of a sudden want me to apply for a job involving Linux programming/administration. I'm sure you know that the sick fucks do have a fascination over certain operating systems. The two biggest ones at the moment seem to be Linux and Solaris. Maybe there's a reason behind it? It involved kernel configuration/tweaking. I'm sure they want to figure out how much I know about systems programming.

I should mention that I built a computer last week myself, one with a dual-core Atom 330. MicroATX size case/mobo. That seemed to stir them. What really pisses them off is when I put in the extra effort to teach any one of the Math/Engineering classes. For some reason, they are trying to steer me away from Circuit Analysis courses, and towards Math and Microprocessors. And also towards something involving Linux as I mentioned. Maybe they want us to get jobs all of sudden? Maybe it was bad PR for them for us TI's to be unemployed and kept out of lucrative fulltime employment. Ah, now I am getting the 'crying' in my right eye. They seem to be confirming this notion: we are allowed to look for fulltime employment. I guess they still have us marginalized, so they are experimenting with the employment thing now. It has to be the same perps involved (I'm in the norteastern US).

Anonymous said...

Another thing I noticed from 2006, but could never figure out why they did it, was have black tire marks where this side street meets Main Street. It looks like a driver slammed on his brakes, leaving this dark skid mark, but nobody seemed to be making an effort to clean it off. Also, I've noticed they've knocked some bricks out of the wall there to make it look like an accident occurred, but it remained in that broken state for so long. I always thought it was staged.

AJH said...

The perps like to have variation around their subjects; color, materials and even holes in clothes (or walls). I notice the tire marks at the intersections I frequent, but a few weeks ago this wasn't sufficient anymore, and they had some kind of striated lines (parallel and many), on the road surface. It looked as if a street cleaner had laid down these lighter grey lines for half the street width. Another augmentation to intersections and even corners of the sidewalk is to drizzle a line of oil around the corner. Turning corners is a big deal and often the very act begets extra gangstalking in my experience. To me, this represents differing etheric properties in differing directions, aka, the anisotrophy of space. I know this sounds both academic and esoteric, but it is clear to me that the perps are measuring some form of energy we cannot see, and can remotely apply it to make our lives hell, both for research and harassment. When you change directions it seems, one's energetic properties change, and the perps often like to have the same reference color/object/mess to carry around the corner. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to; Interesting that my perps...

(The order of comments and my responses is all mixed up, hence the above reference).

The perps are being kind in a way, as they allow you to work, and they don't for me, save one hour/day doing cleaning at a car dealership.

The perps had me on a SUSE Linux kick a few years ago, and had me install it on one of my two computers. I liked the KDE interface, but eventually I gave it to my daughter. Now I have one, that they won't let me even install memory in, and I had to take it a block away to get it installed. The PC repair guy in this apartment wouldn't answer my calls as that would of been the most efficacious.

I don't know why they might be pushing you into a certain specialization, and into microprocessors. There might be some "energies" related to computer code they want to detect. I know this sounds vague, but if they harass me, and many other TI's each time we buy something, there must be something about it at a more psychic energy level they want to detect. And perhaps all those O/S code writers have some kind of energy invested into the functioning O/S. This isn't the best answer I know, but there is something very fundamental they are after when individuals create or purchase for someone else, and any consequent reciprocity. Just speculation of course, but this theme repeats itself with nearly all TI's. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I might call it 'kind with conditions'. The restriction there, of course, is that the perps are 'allowed' to put me in my place by keeping me down by projecting all of their bad qualities and weaknesses onto me. They do that via directed conversations, by saying not very nice things about 'this certain person'. Often they're hurtful things, seemingly with no other function but to keep me in a depressed state.

Thus, that is their little 'prison' they've created for me, and their challenge is for me to find a way to keep motivated enough to do things, and also to try to keep my anger under control. I might be allowed to work, but sooner or later, their little provocation games to get me to go berserk with cursing and swearing is bound to get me fired anyways.

I've found that those involved with gangstalking are all a very strange kind of human being. And that includes some relatives and former friends as well that got 'converted'. And they all seem like the sociopathic, never-do-well domineering type, always trying to inflict emotional hurt on others. I guess that explains their little directed conversations.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, buying something is a huge moment for them. I have people hanging around waiting until I decide to check out, and then all of a sudden cram into the checkout lane behind or in front of me. The ones behind me will just have their eyes all over what it is I'm buying when I'm at the register. I do have shadow people when I'm looking at something, but they never show as much interest as when I'm checking out.

AJH said...

Answer to;Oh yeah, buying something...

Any type of financial transaction is of interest to the perps; writing a check and putting it in the envelope in your own place to using debit cards, ATMs, buying groceries etc. The big question is why, as it doesn't have anything to do with mind control research. Hence, my speculation that there must be some kind of energy transaction as well. I read somewhere that financial tranactions are exchanging energy, so that might be the answer to why the perps find it so fascinating. I get the "blue dudes" parading around at the location of a purchase decision, and sometimes at the checkout as well. Thanks for the comments, as you are the first TI to corroborate this particular odd facet of perp behavior.

AJH said...

Answer to; I might call it 'kind with conditions'...

There is no question they like us to know we are highly contained in certain life state/existence.

As for the personality of the gangstalkers, I think it is quite varied. At least four OK people from my swim club have joined them, and some (more than four) from my 1979 UBC Forestry class too. All seemed to regular folk, and not too strange at the time. But the perps must be able to detect the psychopaths remotely and it is likely them that are hired to pull off "natural disasters" and others of like kind. Naturally all my former friends were/are involved, and again, I cannot think why they would be so keen to join these fucking sickos in one of the abusive and depraved scenarios of all time; surveilling and invading one's mind on a real time basis.

Anonymous said...

I should point out that usually, my parading gangstalkers are walking past me on the 'exit' side of the checkout lane, where I can see them. Maybe my perps want me to see them when I'm checking out. They walk past and some of them look directly at me whilst carrying on a conversation. Again, somehow it's important for my perps to have them constantly engaging in conversation while looking at me.

AJH said...

Any financial transaction of any kind (ATM, check, cashier) at any location (home, checkout, bank) is of intense interest to the perps. Even recieving a paycheck is a big deal for them. The gangstalkers who are walking by are part of the show, as it is important to have speed and proximity at the same time. Much like swiping a magnet past a coil; the faster and closer it is the more electric current is generated. As for them talking to other perps while looking at you, I figure this is doing two things; invoking the amygdala part of the brain that processes human voice, and then simutaneously searching/aiding whatever they get from staring at us. As you know, the staring habit of the perps seems to be a method to detect some kind of innate response, possibly one that it unique to you. Thanks for the comments.