Sunday, March 08, 2009

Day the Clocks Change and Break Too

In an adroit and efficient fashion, with a run-up of enraging strange behavior by my watch in attempting to change the time to daylight savings time, why, the plastic corner of the watch "just broke", making the entire exercise redundant. So.. another $30 to $50 required to deal with that sabotage, and it hasn't been the only one today.

Some mold "arrived" suddenly on my shower curtain, which hadn't been there for the preceding 10 months since purchase and so it was laundered with other items like jeans and T-shirts. As it is polyester it didn't need to go in the dryer and so I hung it up on the clips in the bathroom. And lo, if a new magical substance didn't "happen" to arrive, something I liken to "jeans dust", some two 6" patches of fine Levi jeans fibers were splotched on the shower curtain, a never-before laundry event. Regular readers will know the perps are totally obsessed over laundry and plan all manner of stunts, gangstalking, noises, and other things "going wrong", and so this is nothing unexpected, just a new "feature". In the course of finding this new scourge, I had hung up the shower curtain and had clipped all the loose thread ends that has sprouted since I purchased it some 10 months ago. The assholes seem to get no end of fuckery mileage out of having items that are clipped or chopped with scissors or knives, and so it isn't much of a stretch to see that their fascination extended to re-laundering the shower curtain with just-cut thread ends.

The just-cut obsession of the perps also extends to finger and toe nails; the former were clipped this morning in advance of the thread clipping, and there must be some kind of correlation between the events that the assholes are after. Also of note, when I picked up the shower curtain from the washing machine in the laundry room, a loud male cough suddenly erupted outside the door, usually a key noisestalking noise they like to use in special circumstances. Now the overhead rumbling has started up as I convey this information, also a noise that has been on the increase and can find me anywhere in the apartment and unfold directly overhead. Note that these are 12" thick concrete floor/ceilings so that would take some doing to pull that off in conventional terms.

The laundry was finished; the second cleaning of the shower curtain coinciding with the drying of the remaining clothing, and both were taken back to my apartment at the same time. Amazingly, no hallway gangstalkers or raucous voice noise. And also, unlike the last shower curtain, all the mold markings came out. But, as part of the fuckery, red threads erupted from nowhere to stick on the dried laundry, possibly as a red color test for the red (and black) mold that came out of the shower curtain. The "jeans dust" was gone, and so the shower curtain looks like new, save some loose thread eruptions that followed its second laundering.

A severe pinch on availible time today, as I was awakened at 0915h and it was of course, 1015h Daylist Savings time. So, on with getting this posted and calling this done.

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