Friday, March 20, 2009

No Particular Events

Not an exciting day so far, and for my tormentors, that is a desired state. Not even something as exciting (for them) as laundry. Just the noise games, from outside and from the earmuffs I wear to block out much noise, but if they want me to hear something, the noise will somehow get through.

I had a comb stolen a few weeks ago. The last time I used it was to trim my eyebrows and then it was gone. I don't know why they needed to do that, but they also interfered with me aquiring it, having me "forget" for a few weeks. I suspect it might that it was nylon, though I am not sure where this fits on their scale of remote energetics assay list of pollutants with diamagnetic (and for them, disruptive) properties. Another "who cares" issue.

While working at the car dealership cleaning job last night, I noticed they had a white GM Buick on the hoist, something exceptional for a Mazda dealership. Other oddities have been Jeep, Cadillac, Kia, and a Ford half ton pickup truck. I suppose that working around these vehicles for an hour or so must confer some kind of energetic interaction they are hoping to remotely detect, and this is often embellished by putting the vehicle on the hoist and raising it off the floor. I can't recall how many odd maintenance issues I had with my Volvp 245 that I owned until 2006, but there was plenty of hoist time and often I would confer with the mechanic while underneath the vehicle. It didn't get any better than that for the perps until they went into overt harassment mode in 04-2002. Once they even took my vehicle and fixed the front end which they had damaged in an wheel alignment jerkaround. I had new tires, and did the right thing in getting a wheel alignment immediately afterward, and year later I had odd tire wear on the front tires. It was getting to the point of doing something when the assholes struck in 2002, but then I noticed one morning that my vehicle wasn't parked in the same way as when I had left it. I took it out on the highway and it was steering better, the problem was fixed. Many months later I found out that someone had put used parts in the front end, something me or my mechanic never would of done. So in other words, the front wheel alignment job got hacked, which then caused the front tires to wear prematurely, and then they fixed the problem by installing a used part. Then a few years later, the front tires needed to be replaced again, while the rear tires were just fine. As mentioned in the Perps Obsessions posting, they cannot mess with rubber, tires and petroleum products enough, and hence these games and others that unfold at the partime job at the car dealership.

One game that the assholes are playing today is continuing to inject the disgusting smell of the hair stylist's BO from yesterday. It was bad enough that they put on repeat smells for the evening, but to carry this one into the next day is another first.

The perps love me to do "paper shopping" for building a computer. That is, selecting and bookmarking an up to date PC and its components, even if unaffordable. So...... an evening devoted to this exercise with plenty of simultaneous noise with bookmarking, select/copy/paste the price into the bookmark's description, and like events. Just fascinating for them, and one of the central reasons for seven years of harassment abuse.

I did the cleaning job tonight with the usual farce-like entrances and exits of the staff, coming by to "visit me" it would seem, for nothing but to gangstalk. The stop at the local supermarket was quite the doppelganger show; double doppelgangers. First, one of the car dealership staff "happened" to be crossing my path at the entrance, and he did look at me but pretended otherwise, and was partially obsured by different eyeglasses and an orange toque covering his head. Then later in the aisles, why my former boss from Seattle just "happened" to be doing the lean-forward-but-look-sideways act. I was pretty sure it was him, same height, build but he looked larger, and it has been now seven years since I saw him last. He "happens" to be in a downtown supermarket in Victoria, BC, Canada when he lives in Seattler/Puget Sound area. Imagine that.

Anyhow, that was today's big news, and for the perps that was indeed exciting.


Anonymous said...

That's one thing my perps love to do: have lookalikes of various people from my past and present all over the place. Usually, though, they are the ones I've been thinking about most recently. The morphovers are quite common, too. For example, if the person is short and skinny, sometimes the lookalike will be tall and fat, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Yes, missing objects is a big one. I tend to buy three of everything because they like to hide things so much. I have put things down and turned my back and literally it will disappear into thin air. Or I'll see something for weeks around the house that I don't need and then when I need it its gone, nowhere to be found.

Sure this happens to everyone, but a careful search should turn up most things, and when it doesn't its a bit suspicious. I lost a credit card once, couldn't find it for the life of me. It turned up later right in the place I had searched for it... 6 mos later.

I saw a lot of 'weirds' this weekend. Every few months there's an influx of trailer trash vagrants with odd faces loitering around my area who are totally incongruent with the usual neighborhood crowd of middle to upper middle class suburban families who live there. I saw one this morning with black sunglasses and a bad wig make her way out of my building's basement and down the road ahead of me, coincidentally, just as I left the building...Tried to avoid her by going out a different exit and she managed to end up directly in front of me when we hit the street.

Just these strange types who pop up every now and then, totally out of place. Same thing when I went to the nail salon. Two 'criminal' types, the best I can describe, real oily looking guys, slicked back black hair, track suits, getting manicures and pedicures!!

And they always have strange faces, one of them had a tiny pug nose, horrible powdery skin, and again the creepy black sunglasses. Who are these people?!


AJH said...

Missing things; they even stole my WA state driver's licence from my wallet. I had a BC drivers licence and I later learned that one is supposed to have only one. Very considerate and law abiding of them don't you think? More likely, they didn't like the plastic's properties. They stole my very first SSN card in 1972, and did it again by stealing my wallet again in 1999.
The vagrant batallion; what can I say, it constantly travels with me, often toting copious numbers of plastic bags in hand or shopping cart.
The perps are constantly presenting various facial aspects and seem to be testing me on likeability; chins, eyes, nose, skin color, tone etc. from straight on and in profile. They are visually parsing these all out and seem to be constructing a master list of what I like and what I don't. And too, for all other TI's. They can now mess with my determination of attractiveness. Normally, one can determine attractiveness in six milliseconds. And yet, at my part time job, they paraded the blonde sales woman by me, and defeated my determination of attractiveness. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to ...lookalikes..

It is funny at times, though we TI's don't much to be humorous about; all these doppelgangers and variants, often changed only by skin color, with the same build and height. One week I had a Helen Mirren and a Richard Branson lookalike. Sometimes I do get the real person from long ago too. And you also get this same preparatory ideations that I also get. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

So, what is the deal with the dark glasses, anyways? That's the part I could never figure out. I thought it was a sensitization tactic of some sort, to for example, gaslight me into thinking my vision wasn't good? Dunno. As far as the woman you saw cutting you off although you found a different exit, it could be the dopplegangers they use. They do like to play mind games such as these, to make you think it's the same person, but it isn't. Sometimes, those doppelgangers are extremely convincing! One time I thought this impersonator was the real person, and I was 100% certain it was. Looking back, I realize it was a clever trick. It worked because she was wearing a hoodie which covered part of her face, though her clothes were almost 100% identical. I know now it was a fake.

And, I do slick back my hair a good bit, though it's not black. The perps do have a field day with that, though, trying to put the 'oil' spin on me. It's easy to do when you use gel with your hair wet, and don't dry it. That's what makes me think 'Greydove' is yet another shill here to harass me. I get those when I post to forums such as these long enough.

AJH said...

Answer to; what is the deal with the dark glasses...

The dark glasses wearing behavior, even on wet cloudy winter days, probably has a couple of perp considerations.
1) I suspect that there is a lot of energy given off by our eyes, and that the perps want to contain it temporarily by having operatives wear them. Keep in mind that operatives are essentially localized, mobile, and likely rehearsed energy detection bodies, and it is their energy interactions with you that the perps are attempting to remotely detect. Having the sunglasses on limits some of their energy interactions and/or colors them so they can look for others easier IMHO.
2) The perps are also obsessed over the instant of recognition, that very moment when we know we recognize something. So, if they can slow it down by even a second or two, it is a big deal for them.

I base the above eye energy notion on the fact that my perp abetting brother who has one good eye (the other was injured when two years old, likely by a perp stunt), sometimes wears sunglasses with one lens only. And why would he want to make himself appear more conspicuous, except in the service of his benefactors/long ago abusers. I have also read in multiple sources that aliens can read the intelligence capability of humans by looking close into our eyes.

No slagging TI's here; if there are suspected shills I won't publish the comments. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

That could explain all the Doppelgangers and lookalikes they have out there. Perhaps that is to measure how much time it takes to recognize the perp looks like the actual person. Also, I get perps everywhere assigned to mention certain words/phrases. I get that alot. Usually they are people just hanging out somewhere, and won't leave until I pass them. They'll say a particular word as I'm passing them. They leave immediately after.

Maybe what's important to them is the way the word sounds phonetically (I think that's what they're after -- the 'shape' of the word itself). A lot of times, they keep words/phrases slightly ambiguous sounding, so it can be interpreted in a number of ways. I always thought it was to install subliminal thoughts. But maybe they're trying to measure how ambiguous a word can be, and how our brains work to recognize that as a word we know.

AJH said...

Recognition events are a big deal for the perps in my case, often with an associated noise at that same instant. And of course it is recognition of categories, (people, things, etc.), right down to individual objects. The energetics of recognizing your teapot, say, should be the same every time, and it seems this is what they are working on. And don't forget, all this research is in parallel, so if they have a notion as to what the recognition energetics are, keeping the teapot example, it should be the same for all us TI's, and by extension, all humans.
It is the same with words as well; I get no end of themes for a few days, and then it just stops, to be replaced by another theme. Related to this is that they keep making me use indirect references, e.g. "that", "this", "it", etc. and the perps REALLY like it when the other party gets confusing as to what they are referencing. My mother pulls off these stunts all the time; shifting the context without notice and all the indirect references change too. The instant I figure what she is now talking about, a noise goes off. It is likely that the merciless barrage of typos I am stiffed with is also part of this kind of fuckery. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I do get a lot of that, too... a lot of ambiguous references to people, things, concepts. They work it in with their phrasing, such as 'That is dirty' and a short time later: 'This is clean'. There's a lot of contrast between 'this' and 'that' being used in their wording. It seems like they are very careful to always work in those words, in lieu of just mentioning the actual object.

This is great, because I know it's not just me experiencing all this stuff. I never really tied it to research. I just noticed people were always trying to play some sort of game, it seemed, and I knew I was being gangstalked, because I had researched what was happening to me at the time.

AJH said...

Answer to; I do get a lot of that, too...

The ambiguous references...I could put on a posting's worth of comments on that topic alone. The perps have my parents roped into this stunt, and we are forever speaking at cross purposes. At the part time cleaning job the boss man pulls this all the time; "in the back", "in the front", "the offices" etc., our cleaning areas that should be identified by Service, Parts, Sales, Admin, etc. And tonight, he mentioned the "bucket" and the perps totally fucked me and had me "not understand" until five seconds later when they allowed me to know it was the "mop bucket" that he meant. Like, I fill the mop bucket each day (6x/week), use it, drain it, and yet the perps would not let me decode what he said until afterward. Fucking bizarre, and worse yet, I am not allowed access to my own capabilities. All to play this fucking game of being rendered more clueless with greater ambiguity for their own mind fuck games/neural energetics research. Thanks for the comments.