Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bank Deposit Day

I had a title lined up but it got purged from mind I suspect. This is the new routine for the perps; delete or block knowledge and have me search for the word I need.

The big event today was visiting the downtown ATM to deposit my check and then return back. A whole 15 minutes away time, and plenty of orchestrated street weirds to boot. I even got the pinch play, where there were gangstalkers on either side of the sidewalk who were constricting the through way down to 3' wide or so, and lo, if a negro woman wasn't oncoming and we crossed paths at this constriction of the sentries. This would be one of the Unfavored, and as far as I can recall, the only ethnic non-Caucasian representative gangstalker on this morning's junket. And for the first time, no "neighbor" at the next ATM machine, and no one lined up either. Absolutely strange that there was no one on top of me for a financial transaction, always an exciting moment for the assholes. Perhaps they can determine what they need to at that location, but not at others, hence moving the location of when I recieve the check as they have been doing.

Other bullshit of late is gangstalkers holding hands and doing hugs while gangstalking. I suspect that they are attempting to resolve their collective energetic blend and its interaction with me. It was at least 18 months ago when they put a negro woman with a Caucasian man doing this mismatched stunt, and I assume they are still studying this.

And other action has been to piss me off with crumb games and have them hop and flip just as I am about to pick them up. This infantile inanity has become more prevalent of late, and sometimes it just gets too stupid to deal with.

And I suppose I was downtown gangstalking bait for the reason that I shaved all of my chest as I normally now do, and hadn't done so yesterday. Which might tie in with my mother's dumbshit act with the shaving razor blade downtown. (See yesterday's blog posting). Such things make a big difference for the assholes, and too, I followed most of the same route as yesterday. The white trades vans were all arranged along my walking beat, often with the "just sitting there" Fuckwits in the driver's seat who wait until I am very close before they "decide" to get out. I also had another of the male crotch grabbing feint acts; he didn't quite actually do it, but twice made the motions that he was going to. I looked at him as if he was fucked out of his mind, which he probably was, being a perp. This particular stunt is very curious to me, as it suggests an aversion that they are attempting to elicit on the subconscious level. Again, I have no knowledge of traumatizations association, but there are a considerable number of consistent perp behaviors to make me suspect that some kind of sexual abuse just might have been applied during the lost years of 1956 to 1959 where memory depletion was administered.

When I spoke with a member of the Duplessis Orphans on the phone sometime back, he mentioned that the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron of the brain/mind trashing "depatterning" exercises on behalf of the CIA at McGill Universary in the 1950's, was a sexual abuser. This is not common knowledge, and it may well be true that I met the fucker, as I was in Montreal during the 1956 to 1957 academic year as my father was taking a Master's degree at McGill. The perps have been very consistent in planting Scottish accents around me, and Cameron was Scottish with a strong accent. It does make me wonder what the fuck went on, and why I had my recall deleted. And of note, when troving through old family photographs a few months ago I see that I was also in Montreal in 1959 as my younger brother looked to be one year old or so. He was born in 10-1957, and seemed to be highly alerted to the new circumstances of visiting Montreal with the snow sculptures that wer also in the picture. I have no knowledge of this second visit to Montreal at all, so I was mightily surprised to see that I had lived there twice. More mysteries that some asshole had better fill me in on soon.

And as a word of warning, if a TI, don't go for those infernal rebate promotions, as I have yet to receive mine from December, and have had the link to its online status deleted. Back in 2000 to 2002 when in Seattle I had at least two rebates not paid out, and I got suckered into this bullshit again in December when ordering more PC RAM memory. Some of the rebate windows (valid date range) are less than a week, and if you don't get the promotion printed off you are snookered. The supplier gave me the correct promotion link as it had been replaced, and I still haven't recieved it yet. It is not a big deal, but the perps like to put on these "stone in the shoe" stunts to create extra angst for protracted durations.

The sickos were all over me tonight at the car dealership cleaning job. First they had the vacuum bag fall over and dump 1" of soil on the tile. Then as part of that exercise they had me vacuum it up with the new bag installed, and then the fucked me out of where I put my keys. Then they arranged for the coffee bar to have a mound of wet grounds bypass the bag but still end up in the bin, messing up the stored new bags in the bottom of the bin. This got all over my gloves so I had to use a spare pair of latex gloves in my cleaning tote. Then they arranged for one of the washrooms to be low on toilet paper, and without my keys I couldn't open it up to replace it. There were a few lesser jerkarounds to keep me plenty cranked up, and that is just when they want to send the gangstalkers in as they did when the vacuum cleaner bag had dumped. Anyhow, I am still plenty pissed, and the assholes made sure I stayed that way since 1730h. And as part of the fucking around, they pulled more stunts on me when I got back, sending me to the wrong cupboard for the teapot. Within a day of moving in I know where everything is, and yet the assholes deprive me of my own knowledge and send me off to the wrong cupboard. Needless to say this kind of bullshit isn't appreciated and makes for great fodder in getting me pissed off all the more.

After dinner I headed out to go to the cleaning job; I had a tortilla slice and a kiwi fruit. And lo, if at the street corner, less than 100' from the apartment entrance, the perps didn't arrange a smashed kiwi fruit at the curb on the corner. I suspect I will be seeing more of these "samples" placed along my routes, attempting a color and substance reference as I walk along.

Maybe I will get to calm down tonight, but one never knows what the score is.

I did some minor updates on Natterings on the Noisescape and Colorscape, but nothing new to regular readers and TI's.

This one is done for the day, dull as it has been.

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