Friday, March 13, 2009

Decremental Crumbs

Nothing exceptional today, save the rage-fiying games at breakfast; the latest stunt is to knock my free hand while at the breakfast table and have me swear about it with brown colored food in my mouth. My hand isn't anywhere near anything, over 6" away from the seat, and yet the perps insist on banging it with some kind of force field to piss me off. Another game is the decremental crumb game; plant a crumb on the stovetop, have me sweep it with a sponge, and then keep the crumb there (somehow), but make it smaller. Then repeat, and after two rounds, have me swear at the assholes.

And a forced teatime this afternoon with no choclolate, which is a rare event. They had me shut down the PC and make tea, and only when I was partially through the exercise did they let me in on the fact that I wouldn't of made tea, but kept on web surfing as the chocolate incentive wasn't availible. I get these forced behaviors sometimes, where I intend to skip an exercise and then find myself doing it.

The latest is at the part time cleaning job of having me notice that something needs to be replenished or cleaned, and then fuck me out of attending to it, a forced "forget". Then another round the next night, and so it goes until some memory pillaging Fuckwit lets me do what I intended to do some days earlier.

So far, a shut in day today, and the usual boredom this entails. The perps have arranged similar events when I was employed, these forced downtimes. I don't know what they get out of it, but I do get noisestalked anytime the word "boring" or "idle" comes to mind, and like topics.

More pictures. Taken 12-08-2009, 1215h 59sec. Not too stunning, as the vehicles are all different colors, though similar tones, save the blue one in the parked lineup. A mid brown vehicle is passing through at the bottom on the right side, and shows that the brown color contents of the gangstalker vehicles are getting into deeper tone. A cyclist is on the sidewalk, a new infernal menace that the assholes arrange, as I have seen so many on the sidewalks when it is a local bylaw infraction. Yesterday, a cyclist cut through a red light so he could flash by me from 2' away, all to get more colors into me closer in the middle of the street. He was wearing blue with his mouth open. And he didn't need to look at the traffic either to pull an red light running stunt like that as he knew it was cleared for him, which it was.

Taken 02-19-2009, 0947h 35 sec. Three similar blue colored vehicles are clustered on the right side, two being parked and the lower one in the driving lane. And a brown pickup as part of the road works show, and a white pickup on the far left. The perps like to use blue, as a Favored color to leverage brown colored introductions, vehicles in this case. Hence, three blue vehicles as a "color escort" of the one brown colored vehicle. This road works job ended up putting a new temporary traffic signal up, when there was no problem with the one there. The temporary pole is weighted with a large steel base 2 thick and not sunk in the ground. For some reason this is a big deal for the perps.

From my apartment window, taken 02-22-2009, 1517h 53 sec. More of the same; silver-grey vehicles with a white one as a color reference set, and then a deep green one coming through driven by a red shirted operative.

I am back from my part time cleaning job, and and shopping visit to the local supermarket on the way back. The boss man didn't come until some 50 minutes after I started, which meant that I helped him more once my tasks were done, and staying later. I got more stranged dude action tonight than ever before; one was timed to be entering a narrow hallway just as I was coming the other direction, the guy needing to tell me that he was dropping off some tools which he had in hand. And in conformance with the usual routine, we crossed paths again, each in the opposite direction. Another pair of dudes surfaced, claiming they were working in the business below and that they would lock up as they went out. Fine, why tell me about it, is what I thought. Anyhow, just a little odd that three dudes of two parties were compelled to tell me about their intentions, and all of them unseen until today. Another of the "I don't get it" exercises I get exposed to.

So it wasn't too much of a suprise to see that the first two vehicles I see on the street after I finished work were both same model Mazda 3, identical except one was in white and the other mid-grey, both looking like they were straight from the lot. This of course, is a Mazda dealership that I work in, and there is a plethora of them to accompany me the two block walk back to my place.

Some reading tonight on biographies in the Fortean Times, a publication of the paranormal. They had a section titled "It Happened to Me", where people wrote their stories about odd encounters. It was absolutely fascinating, and all the more so when one is certain about a shadow organization who has extra-conventional means to effect action at a distance. One person wrote to say that their balance was off at a certain street corner some decades ago, and that they felt they were being wobbled. Interesting, as I often get at least one of these jerkarounds, as I characterize them, every day. But that web page was too good to last, and as far as I can tell, doesn't exist anymore at the Fortean Times.


Anonymous said...

Last night wasn't too boring. Well, of course, it was Friday night, everyone else is having fun. And gangstalkers have their own night out. They had this one really rude dude come in, and man, it was a nasty sight to see. When he was eating, he was trying his best to belch and burp and have food flying all over the place while he was eating. He was a complete ignorant bastard with no manners, and worst still, maybe was intended to be a mockover of me for humiliation.

I know this was a purposely staged event, a reaction to my being bored and nearly falling asleep while I was eating out. I've noticed they send in the complete rude people when I think a certain way, like just sitting there staring into space. I guess it was a whack in the face type harassment to start me thinking again.

I've noticed that I become kind of manic when I am pissed off, and that gives me a tremedous burst of creative power. I think that's one reason perps try to piss us off: maybe the reaction is to become slightly manic, feeling like supermen, and we get more things done.

In that last regard, I believe one purpose for us being TI's is that perps use us as lab rats to steal our ideas, and by pissing us off all the time, they are giving us that shot of nitrous to get our engines revving pretty high. Hence, they have more ideas to steal from us in a shorter time period.

AJH said...

Somewhere (on the internet) I read about a man who could see a person's aura. It was a book review, so Amazon might be the place to look for it. What I recall is that one's aura is much brighter and larger when one is pissed off. So... it is no surprise to me that pissing me off (to the level of three evictions, none in the past two years) is their first and best play.
And I am sure they like to steal ideas from us, and probably do this for many thousands of others in covert mode. And also, they like us to be at a heightened level of alertness too, that seems to be an optimum state for their harassement agenda. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The thing I hate most is that the police are pretty much powerless, to the point of not really making a difference at all. In fact, I've had many a perp threaten to call the cops on me for various things. Perps seem to be good at leveraging the police against us. The Perps and gangstalkers have the law on their side, instead of ours, where it should be. When I flip out sometimes, to the point of going after some a-hole gangstalker, another gangstalker will come along and ask what the problem is? Hence, they can get even more info out of me that way.

The U.S. is pretty much a snitch/spy state these days.

AJH said...

The police are usually complicit, though it depends on the community and how intense the perps want to keep your gangstalking. That scenario you mention of going after one gangstalker, verbally I assume, and then having another ask "what is the problem?", is totally scripted in my experience. Even your "reactions" which you think were your own were likely mind controlled by remote means, hence having a second gangstalker at the ready. They like to have the victims change perspective relatively quickly, in the example you supplied, from going after one with a sense of outrage, and then immediately having to change your tune and respond to the ever-so polite request, "do you have a problem". Somewhere I read that thoughts are these collapsing "matter waves" (see JK Harms in Link List), and my opbservation is that the perps will often gangstalk the area and the person covertly long after a thought transition.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes I do experience that a lot. I can't really explain why I go into a rage. Sometimes it's because of their psy-ops they have strategically planted somewhere, or their myriad of stunts, but sometimes, I can feel like it's a manipulated state of mind. When I'm in this rage, all of a sudden I feel compelled to become 'happy' and serene all of a sudden, for no reason at all it seems -- like they want a full-on rage followed by a happier spell.

AJH said...

I figured out the rage thing early on in the overt harassment days, 2003. I couldn't figure out why I was getting so angry all the time over simple stuff, and it slowly became clear it was mind fuck games. When the overt harassment first started in 2002 I could figure out what they wanted and why were they all over me as to my food choices. Only in late 2003 or early 2004 did they slowly let on that it was about mind control research, although that is less than 20% of the objective from my perspective. (Like why the financial transaction stalking and associated noise games each time?) I suspect they like to switch you onto a happy state after a rage is to better separate the two mood states and remotely analyse the engergetic signature of each. Just my observation, though I don't usually get an imposed "happy" state after a forced rage show. Thanks for the comments.