Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mailed Checks & Other Perp Fascinations + minor 03-08-2009 Update

A mostly in-apartment day today, except that I needed to send off a subsidized housing application by fax, along with photocopying, and that turned out to be a two excursion accomplishment. The first with a relative light amount of gangstalking Fuckwits, and the second time, some 25 minutes later, a full-on complement for the same trip. The recieving fax number was busy and the public fax machine would resend it in 15 minutes, hence the scripted layover time. That meant coming back to my apartment, dealing with the mail, and then heading back to the office/fax business to check on the outcome of resending the fax. Not a big deal, except when one is hounded by gangstalkers all the time, and that even the mere act of writing a check and mailing it is of intense interest to my tormentors. And as it "happened", I did have a check to mail off as I returned to my apartment to wait out the sent fax confirmation notice, and lo, if I didn't have my income tax statement in the mail and a demand for my income tax payment. So... I fill out the check, put on my return address and seal the envelope to much outside noise that erupted, and I get screwed in placing the check in the envelope, like old times (three and more years ago), and it putting on the stamp. The check and the coupon "hang up" on the internal flaps of the envelope as an example of getting screwed by remotely applied forces that are commonplace in my contained existence. As I mail only a few checks per year, this must of been a big deal for the assholes. In two months I get to pay my rent with a year's supply of checks, and so it will likely be a big event too.

The second trip came with a plethora of gangstalkers, one doing the poster placement with the packing tape and then carrying the large roll on the end of his raised arm. Adhesives and like sticky labels and tape are of great interest to the perps, and I don't know exactly why, but it is a big deal. New toilet paper rolls have a glued end to keep the roll from unravelling, and this inane feature is also of intense perp interest. So interesting to the perps that they supplied/modified the last roll of toilet paper to be without the glued down end. All the other rolls for that package had expectable glued down roll ends.

Anyhow, the perps got two checkout transactions (photocopying, faxing) and one mailed check "transaction" (filling out the check and putting it in the envelope with the payment coupon), and for them that is quite exciting. It suggests that there must be some kind of intrinsic psychic energy that they are attempting to discern for this act. Like I mentioned a few blog postings ago, all financial transactions are of intense interest to the fuckers, and that takes this harassment far beyond mind control experimentation as an objective.

Perhaps my application for subsidized housing will be expedited, but I don't expect it to be as there is too much investment in this location given the street works that erupted within 4 months of arriving here. That included the sewer lines, always a fascination for the perps. Just to think, they have it made as this city of 350,000 dumps raw sewage into the ocean. Made for perps it would seem, though there are plans for treatment plants, they won't likely even start on them for at least two years. But they must get on with it as the premier has said they must.

It has been a busy day for the perps to be annoying on the left eyelid spasming games. They love to have it vibrate and I suspect that our eyes give off energy in some way, and that by moving the eyelid they can then better gauge what the energetic interactions are. This might be the reason for the ridiculous numbers of gangstalkers wearing sunglasses, even at this time of the year and on cloudy days. But they won't allow me to have sunglasses as the last two pairs just "fell apart" by themselves; the rubber went gooey and they became unwearable. One day I will collect on the supposed lifetime warranty of the Gargoyles, but the store selling them closed down. It is not a big deal for me to go without sunglasses.

The perps pulled a screaming rage level of provocations earlier at tea time and dinner time. Since then they have reduced the fuckery to typos and misclicks of the PC mouse. The bookmarking of various sites is still fascinating to their small minds, and endless permutations and combinations of folder name, bookmark name, removal of trailing blanks (a big coincident noise through my earmuffs), and the rest of the pedantic inanity still continues to be their stock in trade.

This one is done for the night, but I did get an interesting site out of the deal on computer based sound systems, Computeraudiophile if you are interested. More of the covet list games, as none of this is affordable to me.

03-08-2009 update
A "black face" stunt today is a new one on me. There was at at least three commercial 5 tonne (25' box) vehicle passing by on this in-twon residential street and by the time the third one stopped, and I looked up at this anomalous occurence, the driver was looking at my direction, and his entire face was blacked out. Not even a negro, total facial blackout.


Anonymous said...

I've been noticing that with my right eye as well. I thought it was due to stress at first. I have seen the street perps with their sunglasses as well. I've also noticed that they love to have perps bump, pat me, touch me, or brush against various parts of my body. Usually there is some verbal harassment or skit that accompanies these events.

AJH said...

I don't know why they favor one side over another, but they do. The spasming began over 30 years ago when at college, and was attributed to being overly tired and stressed. I was given valium to "break the spasming", the first and last time I took this kind of medication thankfully. One result was sudden sleep onsets in class, and it is no suprise that this same "vertical dozing" sometimes happen in these highly governed and overt controlled times.
They like putting on the touch, though mostly cashiers as they provide me the receipt, save the odd run-in with a gangstalker. Some of the current gangstalker moves seem to be testing my awareness of appropriate personal distance, and when I notice this has been encroached upon or is threatened with a dude coming straight at me and then turning 90 degrees. I would not be surprised that other skits or verbal noise also accompany these touchings.
Thanks for the comments,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've seen that before. It must've been 7 years ago, I would have a kid running straight at me, screaming this nickname they all called me. I got a little scared by this, naturally. It was all done under the guise of, 'oh we're just playing with you!!' But now I'm able to look back and put it all together.

Recently, I had this as***le walking further down the street, and headed towards me. Every time I crossed the street to avoid the a*****e, he would cross the street, and he seemed to get this huge enjoyment out of messing with me.

I'm not sure how involved the police are. Mostly, they 'seem' like they want to help me. But when they pulled over to chat with me last, they wanted to put ideas in my head that this 'ex' of mine was behind the entire stalking/harassment operation. I don't see how one person could be running this thing. It has to be backed by some 'powerful' organization. Either that, or society really has gotten that stupid.

I recently saw this movie mentioned in one gangstalking forum:

I found that are society in many ways, is 'already there'. Most of the gangstalkers I encounter would fit the profile of the audience finding a movie like 'Ass' hilarious. Their gags are so infantile.

And I have also noticed that my perps have fascinations over very mundane, superficial things, like the shape of people's heads, and body parts, like arms, legs, buttocks, noses, etc. A lot of street theatre targets those specific areas. Could never figure out why. Maybe I'm caught up in a medical/psychological thing? I always thought it was because perps are weird and shallow. Maybe there is a point to it? Most of the psychology is used in a degrading manner towards me, I've noticed, as a humiliation tactics. I've had more humiliation than I can stand by the perps.

I'm not sure what the message is, really... I think so much of society has gone along with this, that anyone not doing the lame-o harassment is a target.

AJH said...

The "coming straight at me" thing was on today, (03-09-2009) while on the bus, and it wasn't the first time. That is, a person jaywalking across the street toward the section of the bus where I was sitting.
Interesting that you mention the perp's fascination with presenting gangstalker's head shapes, feet, arms, legs, etc. They do this all the time, and my father in his supposed dementia act does this at my parents' place, posing with a partial view in door frames as seen from another room, in varying lighting conditions, and often pacing back and forth so to present the same partially viewed pose from each side. Even in excessively dim lit situations to present the merest of outline. One frequent body portion/pose is the perps walking with a long stride, sometimes paired together and in step like soldiers. Amazing, and almost like that iconic Beatles album, Abbey Road where they are walking across the croswalk.
Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to follow-up with my comments about financial transactions... They seem to hate it intensely when I use a credit card or bank card. They use harassment to get me to use cash instead. So maybe there is something about paper money vs. bank cards. They almost overwhelmingly seem to want me to use cash (paper money). They also like to drop pennies, dimes, quarters in my vicinity.

And the trash they leave: they like to leave paper trash, plastics, or crushed and flattened cans. They also like to leave strips of metal for some reason. Also, I've been getting a lot of bread crumbs, and half-eaten pop tarts all along my path. They know I like to pick up their trash, because it bothers me (and they know this).

Anonymous said...

About the partially exposed body parts: I have seen that, too. Also, about the long-striding foot-soldiers (gangstalkers on foot):

This event occurred during my nightly walk, which occurred at the same time every night (about 10PM). One tactic back in 2006 was to have a pair of gangstalkers walking very briskly, using the long strides you talked about. I would see the same pair, same time, every night. But when they were directly opposite me, one would look at me, while the other would continue looking straight ahead. The next night, the other gangstalker would look, and the other (who on the previous night was looking at me) would look straight ahead. IOW, they would take turns each night. They would do the same with stalkers in vehicles: one looking straight ahead, the other looking directly at me.

AJH said...

Comment to Anonymous on Financial Transactions:

I know the perps have a keen interest in the color of money, especially here in Canada where the $5 are blue, $10 are purple, $20 are green etc. I keep my wallet in my back pocket, and they are all over me if I have put cash in it. They won't let me have orange $50, or heaven forbid, brown $100. Mostly though, they like me to use my debit card, a consistent green color, and have the checkout cashier flick plastic bags while I swipe the magnetic strip of the plastic card in the magnetic reader.
The perps are great for leaving/creating trash in my experience as well. They know I cannot stand the sight of this random mess, and just getting the reaction is reason enough for their small minds. Metals are important energy radiators, and will convey the energies of their ore components, something the perps are beserk over as well.
The bread crumbs is hilarious (sort of): I get inudated with them at mealtimes, and they make no bones about teleporting them onto my plate while watching it. But only this blatant for crumbs though. Any partially eaten foods are great fun for them as they will convey the in-mouth energies of the gangstalker that was eating it. Plus revealing energies of the plastic and cardboard packaging. Hence the large number of open mouthing (guppy style), mouth contents revealing or food eating operatives in my proximity. It is fascinating as to the high degree of detail in our respective experiences with the perps. I have not known any other TI until now to have these identical experiences. Thanks again for the comments.

AJH said...

Comment to Anonymous on Body Parts;

That is hilarious, pairs of operatives making repeat same time nightly passes with alternating the designated starer. I have never had something so consistent from them as this.
The long strides is also interesting, and do you get them with the high arm flings as well? Even the women gangstalkers do the arm flinging in my experience. More new bizarreness, and all the more so in that it is not just me experiencing these perverse public behaviors in such detail. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

They haven't been putting on that 'military-style' walking routine. I did see a few doing the high-arm flings... However, I figured they must've been mocking something else, which is something they love doing.

Last night, I saw one vagrant-type walking very slow outside as I was eating at this one eat-out place. He was walking slow, staring at the ground. He was trying to do his best to look all beaten-down... I suppose that was deal with him looking down as he was walking past, with a poor, slouching-style posture.

These days, I get a lot of coughers, and there would generally be one gangstalker hanging out in front of this restaurant/grill. I always thought the loitering gangstalker routine was used as a deterrent to discourage me from entering those places they're stationed at.

A lot of time, there'd be these gangstalkers, ESPECIALLY at Wal-Mart, where they love to work shifts. It never ceases to amaze me how long these people will stand there and wait in a store until I arrive. Or, sometimes they will be just sitting there in their cars, in the parking lot in front of Wal-Mart. When I approach the entrance, that's when the unfavored loiterer (a lot of them are late teens/early twenties kids) will get out and position himself in front of me.

Around here, the demographic is generally welfare, high-school dropouts, deadbeats, low-class, druggies, troublemakers, so of course, there is a large pool of 'talent' to source from. And of course, most of these people come from hard times, so they are more than willing to hold a grudge against me and carry out their harassment tactics.

But there is also a lot of middle-class, blue-collar worker types here, and they perform gangstalker duties just the same.

The types I generally get are the bully-loudmouth types, who are very rude and insulting, but not to my face. They generally slur the insults, e.g., disguise the words inside of another word. For example, saying 'teacher', but making the word sound more like 'janitor'. I get this double-speak type harassment a lot. It's sort of like the misheard lyrics to a song. I haven't noticed any other TI's mention this, so I figured it was particular to my region.

Last night, I got these 4 guys hanging out in front of another restaurant/bar, and the one guy had his headlights shining on his ass for some reason. I guess it could be because I mentioned arms/legs in my previous post, so naturally, they are going to retaliate by one-upping me, and giving me 'ass' harassment. The guys were talking very loud (of course, I get this a good bit), and slurred his one word so it came out sounding like 'stupid'. Another harassment tactic: slurring the words, so it looks I'm crazy and must've misheard it.

In this town, nobody is physically fit enough to do the brisk-walking gangstalker routine anymore. Most of them are the druggie, lazy types who are much better suited to loitering in parking lots (where they harass me with loud conversation, and 'hidden' insults). Or, they are the types that slow down when they see me, doing the amateur cop routine. I'm sure you've seen the cop wannabe gangstalkers, the kind that do this: carefully watch you like you're some kind of criminal or deviant. They think they're on some kind of neighborhood watch or something. There really isn't such a thing in our town here. If there was, I think there would be a lot less gangstalkers out and about.

Later last night, I had these two police cruisers kind of circling around me wherever I walked. It was weird, like someone called the cops on me, yet didn't feel like questioning me. You might say I was being swarmed by the police. :)

I think the purpose of the policing by gangstalkers are actual police is that as targets, we are a valuable investment to the perps, and hence, they are protecting us (their investment).

I should point out that several times during this message, I experienced some pains in the left kidney area, and again in the groin area. The groin area is a favorite for them (genitals). Can't figure out why. They want me to believe they are slowly sterilizing me. They supplement this harassment with pairs of stones during my walking path: one stone would be normal, round, the other would be flat. It's because they only focus on the right testicle. In the past, they would really cause pain in my left testicle. Recently, they've scaled down the intensity. I guess in 2006, they were just getting the jist of the capabilities of their instruments, and didn't know how great/small to make the amplitude of the radiation directed to those targetted areas. I also got a suspicious-looking bruise on my stomach, about 2-3 inches in diameter. It was very dark-looking, like someone punched me extremely hard in that area. These days, the harassment is far more subtle.

Anonymous said...

I was also going to clarify: the gangstalkers doing the amateur cop routine are always in cars. They almost always resemble real police cars (unmarked), and generally have a tan to a grey-ish color.

The other harassers (generally passengers in cars) sometimes will be imitating a pose, like from a picture or portrait, or a scene from a movie. Then the other category of stalkers in vehicles are the driver will be yelling 'FUCK YOU!!!' real loud, or some similar, to get a reaction. Usually, those are the late-teens/early twenties type males. I used to have a lot of females doing this as well, but they stopped doing this as of a couple of years ago. I know my getting increasingly aggressive towards my harassers has something to do with this. I started taking the 'I'm through putting up with your shit!!' stance towards them, and now they are very careful, and keep their distance. Sometimes, I find it necessary to get tough with them.

But getting aggressive towards them is very counter-productive. Most of the time, they're simply boring assholes looking for a thrill. Sometimes they are entertaining. Almost always, annoying.

AJH said...

Much to comment on here; briefly, I sense that are gangstalking/harassment experiences are very similar, something new to me as mentioned in past comments of mine. I get the word slurring, and like harassment, mostly them making me mispronounce a word. They also make me mispell and mistype words more frequently now than ever. I figure it is some kind of parsing of a word, in all its definitions and pronunciation variants to be able to characterize the letters, syllables and words in some kind of fundamental psychic energies. (They parse actions of mine too, forcing pee breaks after a web page change, then a bookmark category change etc.)
I get some belligerent types, but only rarely, as the perps know that I don't care for this personality type.
The perps use headlights to gain some kind of extra response, an quantum level (I suspect) electromagnetic interference. And the likely reason it was shining on the guy's ass is that they also have a huge interest in all things colored brown, including what comes out of one's ass.
I don't think the police are protecting us, and I suspect that there are multiple reasons for having them swarm TI's. One is that they are demonstrating how useless they are to TI's by doing the perps business. Another is that the perps have a big interest in color and clothing color, and this is a method of having uniforms that are worn the entire work shift to be presented to TI's. I suspect there might be some long ago traumatization exposure in my case, though it does make me wonder when this is common to other TI's.
The perps like to jab me in the nuts as well, though also the feet, fingertips and nipples. These are all very sensitive areas and they have connections to more primitive neural structures such as the brainstem. By tweaking these brain regions they can detect the brain energy that comes off and have the expectation that these also will interfere with other brain energies that they are still researching on, say, one's reaction to colors, or whatever the TI is viewing at that moment. I get the odd faux bruise, one that looks it and feels like it, but didn't come from any encounter. I suspect that bruises, and small red wine spots, nicks and healed lesions are all used for varying colors on one's skin, and that the perps need some color variance for their remote energy detection games.
Thanks for the comments,

AJH said...

Response to; I was also going to clarify...

The unmarked police-like vehicles is also interesting; they are putting me through a phase of large unmarked black colored vehicles, now for the past two months. It isn't the first time, but it is a big part of the vehicular game. I rarely get anyone calling out from a vehicle at me, or from the street. I don't know why the difference between your gangstalkers and mine, assuming they are ultimately connected through the results of their efforts. As far as the gangstlker aggression goes, they like to ramp it up for a time, and then bring it down again, with it seeming to be a "response" when it was likely scripted from the outset. Or, that is the way it seems to me.
Thanks for the comments,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also get black colors, too, especially SUV's. Sometimes white. Pretty much, they are very strong neutral colors like this.

Most of the cops doing the swarming are younger cops who just joined; hence, are very into this gangstalking game. I suspect one reason is that they are playing games to scare me into believing I am suspect of some crime. More scare tactics (maybe traumatizations) from perps. I have some very dumbed-down ops of their trying to tell me the cops are 'looking for me' or somehow I'm running from the cops. Pretty boring non-thinking assholes who mindlessly go along with this crap.

Also, I had one perp mirroring my story on another forum, trying to say my gangstalking was 'light'. I've never known anybody to be subjected to 'light' gangstalking... my experience is that it's pretty much an all or nothing affair. Once you're in their crosshairs, they will not waste any single moment trying to keep pushing a TI until the go completely berserk.

I suspect that was yet another of their shills pressing my buttons. No TI's gangstalking is 'light'.

AJH said...

The "mirroring" blog postng stunt is another new one to me I hope not to get. You are correct in saying that the perps don't waste a minute and don't go "light"; I find in hindsight that nearly all of their stunts have more than one objective, as little as I know.
Thanks for the comments,