Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slack Day

I am starting this about 12 hours later than I intended, and have no idea, save for redirected (planted) thoughts as to how this happened. Another way of saying that this won't be much of a posting today.

And too, it has been fairly dull, with some highly annoying impositions. One distinctive thread of the last week is to have me notice something to do, and keep messing my recall to then have me "forget", and then revisit the same prospective task again, and another round of forced "forgetting". Sometimes this will go for a week if it is a noncritical task, and with everyday exposure. Fucking tiresome to say the least that I am not allowed to do what I want, when I want.

No major hijinks at the care dealership where I do my one hour per day job. I see the black Miata with then tan brown convertible top is still being circulated around in the Service garage, and for the past two days, they have been parking it two feet from a metallic dark green Mazda to create a narrow passageway to the dumpster. They have me going through this narrow open for at least 15 round trips, most often packing black garbage bags, blue recycle bins and and a brown plastic mop bucket. The black and brown Miata has now been at least two weeks in the Service, and it really doesn't seem that it has ever been worked on for all this time. All very interesting to the perp operatives, but I don't give a shit, just leave me alone.

I got a 11 hour sleep last night for no seeming reason but to keep me semi-awake while a passel of near continuous heavy duty vehicles passed by outside. I wouldn't expect any of this on a Saturday morning, but it could of been a projected noise job rather than real vehicles. Only when I go to the window and look out do these projected noise games suddenly drop off and become quiet, as there is no real vehicles to support the noise. All part of the game, but I have yet to figure out just who are they fooling?

Perhaps their real excitement was to have me make lunch, and in a "four-fer" state. New tortillas, a new cheese block, a new tub of tapenade and a new purchased cooked chicken. They expend huge efforts to arrange the start and ends of my cooking ingredients, and by extension, the arrangement of some of the packaging all together in the garbage. This represents an new juxtaposition of the packaging, and for them, that is exciting. I cannot recall having any of these concentrated depletions or acquisitions of foodstuffs before they made themselves overt in 2002, but it is now a twice per month situation at least. And all about getting food packaging together, and all about to attempt this supreme challange of figuring out these energetic interactions, outside of me and inside of me (e.g. digestion) by remote means. The magnitude of this endeavor is astounding, and the assholes pinned on me after seeming to fuck up on a number of fronts in the covert harassment days.

And the new package of tortillas is a light brown whole wheat, different from the usual mid-brown sprouted wheat. The perps have been going fucking nuts over the years with their "bread stalking", so perhaps this is a gluten test of some kind. They have kept me off gluten for at least 15 years, and I reckon it has some kind of properties that they cannot understand. So adding gluten to my diet might be a big test for them, not to mention their problematic brown color games that occur every day.

Some pictures.

Taken 02-22-2009, 1518H 00sec from my apartment and zoomed in on the "arrangements" outside on the street. The perps rarely put me around yellow colors, and usually not for very long. They haven't let me eat eggs for at least six years, and only let someone in my family eat them about 30 minutes before I arrive. But here we have a yellow taxi with a consort of two silver-grey vehicles parked in file and a white vehicle behind them. A mid-grey vehicle is ahead of the yellow one. Note that there is a same yellow colored vehicle on the crossing street, seen on the left at the top of the frame. And of note, there was no such yellow taxi cabs in this town until about 2004, though to be fair, that doesn't mean much in proving anything.

Taken 02-22-2009, 1518H a second or two later, but the camera says not. Same thing, just moved along, the mid-grey vehicle is almost out of the picture.

And I am calling this one done for today, and perhaps relieving the readers of the pervasive dull days I am being put through of late.

No, its not over; a news story on targeted individuals, us TI's in Poor Magazine.


Anonymous said...

I find it very hard to remain calm as a TI. Seems what they are aiming for is this 24/7 heightened state (like taking us to the brink of getting ready to flip out on someone) without us actually flipping out. When I do go on one of my rampages, set off by endless harassment the night before, building into the next morning, I've found there is always a gangstalker ready to calm me and reassure me everything is OK. He'll just say, 'well, that person who rudely insulted you... he was just kidding'. Like they're trying to keep me just under this critical threshold of going postal and ending it all.

I always did have this sort of personality, but maybe that indicates I've always been targetted. Not hard to do when you've spent a good bit of your life living in a college town. Universities and colleges are probably the worst environments ever for a TI. There are plenty of young people looking to get their fill of harassing me and jerking me around with their passing insults.

Seriously, I've had a lot of college kids pass by the classroom where I teach say stuff that is very demeaning to me personally. I've found that a lot of perps do this. I suspect I am in the 'breaking' stage, where they are trying to break me, so they can rebuild me into who knows what. I suppose I'm supposed to be yet another mindless, idiot conformist perp who goes along with the whole show. But then, that would be bad, because once you are a perp, and you don't carry out your assigned tasks... it's very plausible the perps in the system have you killed, and it looks like an accident.

Seriously, I've just been working part-time as a college professor, so I make a part-time salary. The previous instructor got killed in a fatal accident in March of 2004, and I've always suspected from the very beginning it was not an accident. The papers say he hit a patch of 'black ice', and collided head-on with a big rig. More plausible, is that the perps were watching, and when they saw the big rig on the opposite lane, somehow made his car veer into the oncoming tractor trailer.

Also, I've met some people I like, but they are so into this harassment. Other perps tell me to not worry about it, that their perping is really joking, but I'm pretty tired of being jerked around and treated like garbage by everyone with their directed conversation and stunts.

AJH said...

It seems that your perps want you to have that part time teaching position by wiping out the previous person with the job. The perps can create black ice as needed, and they can also flip vehicles in my experience. (Long ago, and I was in the front passenger seat, and everyone was OK).

I don't think they are trying to break you, just to keep you at the furious state and then have a gangstalker present to act like an aerial, because one exhibits greater aural energies when annoyed. (Also, another example of the thought transition games they play, per last post's comments). They could of done you in long ago, so it seems that in both our cases they want to continue their nonconsensual research.

I can appreciate your exasperation, as they do this to me all day long, as referenced by my term, "rage-ification". Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, because I did have a full-time job, where I did software engineering along with a mix of other miscellaneous duties, such as soldering/fixing boards, and operating a coil-winding machine.

At some point, when I was in the middle of a programming project, the owner of the business called me aside, and told me it was going to be my last day. It wasn't working out, he told me. Funny, because I had only been there not even two months. The cover story was that they hired a Russian student, because the company was branching out into Russia. Oddly enough, I didn't find any info about a Russian division at all. More disinfo to get me out of the full-time business.

I was very glad, though, because that job was getting very tedious anyways. They had me doing ridiculously mundane things along with programming.

Sometime before I lost that job, the accident occurred. It was funny, that I got axed a mere weeks after that accident. I applied for that part-time instructor position, and got it!

You really read that one right, because that was what I was thinking -- my perps wanted me off of the full-time job, and on this part-time job. All the while, I have students asking me why I'm not supplementing that adjunct teaching position with a full-time job. I feel that is just a ruse, a trick... my perps want me to think they will allow me to work full-time, but it seems all my opportunities get trashed.

For example, I'll call a recruiter, and he'll inform me that he send my resume and info, but for some odd reason, they will not reply back to the recruiter. And the recruiter will not make an effort to call back either.

That's why I believe my perps are having students grill me about not having the full-time position... it's yet another guilt trip they have me on. It seems that perps do that a lot to TI's -- put them on guilt trips, make it seem like they are failures (they've told me this outright). They've also kind of strung me along numerous times, that they will allow me to find a regular 40-hour job, but I know their goals are to have me compartmentalized with this adjunct position.

It's like being a slave, see... they have to control your employment. They are like slave owners, telling us what we can and can't do. It seems they want me to do entertainment-related work. I still have to think about that one.

AJH said...

Funny that, you gettig bugged by the students to take a full time job. The perps like to set up these little "why don't you..." games, and then letting you process the answer so that the reply is conventionally sensible but you have to do your "two worlds" thing, and not reply in the context of being harasssed, surveilled and controlled.

And I also get some kind of drift about being in the entertainment business, which is totally stupid as I cannot play a note of any instrument, and the perps made sure of that by arranging futile attempts in my developmental years. They even put me through a vocational assessment for this tuition granting exercise, and a musician was decidedly not me. Thanks for the comments.