Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Surrogate Churchbell Clanging Upstairs

In the ever never ending spiral of stupider and stupider (aka, progressively more improbable), the faux upstairs neighbor has taken to banging a metallic drum of some kind, say a 5 gal. steel pail. It isn't a instrument quality of sound, but the erstaz clanging the perps like to engage in. And in doing, are continuing their program of creating clanging and ringing sounds in my proximity, much as if there were some kind of vibrational energies they are wishing to create, and then have them interfere with other like energies in my proximity. Just another day in Fuckville, the collective assortment of remotely applied harassment, torture, abuse that passes for just another event, now six years of this deranged imposition.

And a rage-ified morning, all prompted by mysterious hangs in the attaching of a document to an email. The Open Office Writer doc file won't attach for "some reason", and the requestor already has an rtf file that he could save as a doc file with MS Word. Then the alternative, creating a new rtf file "somehow" blows up over bulleting, all to repeat the earlier corrective actions in creating the doc file in the first place. And while getting sabotaged in attempting repairs, the perps made sure I was rage-ified as my "reaction" to yet more imposed impasses of doing what should be simple things. And I suspect its not the softward conversion, but the one and only agency that exploits any differentials and conversion processes to then seed more vexation.

This follows on from a seriously ugly night of imposed dreams for which my normal bail-out neural circuitry won't now work. I suggest that this too has been remotely jerked with, all to keep me "experiencing" extended dream fuckery for longer, something they couldn't do until this year. The morning was rounded out with excessive traffic noise, as if there was both a freeway outside and local traffic with plenty of stop/start brake squealings. And the strange logger's whistle noise was also arranged while in a light sleep, and the practice involved progressively fainter sounds. Regular readers will recall that I have remarked on this particular noise in the past, and that it has no apparent source, as it is very unlike any vehicle, train or ship's whistle, and is uniquely tuned to use in forestry settings. And more oddly, they put the logging whistle noise on last night while keeping me in 1.5 hours of sleeplessness, that being only one of many noises that were directed at me as they kept me flipping my head from side to side. They also created more colored spots and shapes while my eyes were closed, and seem to be working on integrating red colors into a black background. So it would seem that it was a continuation of yesterday's goings on, where after having breakfast at my parent's, and then driving my mother to a specific store, I then was dropped off at my in-town brother's place to continue leaf raking, as it seems he hasn't the patience to do it. Don't ask what he did in past years he has lived at this same location, as I don't know either.

My leaf raking was fraught with the usual extra-conventional gravitic fuckery; leaves "somehow" slipped through the tines of the rake, some leaves "arrived" from nowhere after the leaves had been raked clean, other leaves strangely hopped or lept 2' or so "from" being raked, and many other extra-conventional kinetics. Not too vexing in total thankfully. I had the the expectable surfeir of aircraft noise while outside; I cannot understand why the commercial helicopter service is now flying over the nearby naval base; not one of those "high security" situations it seems. That, and the loud mufflered vehicles arrived in the neighborhood, not to mention loud Harley Davidson two cycle motorcycle noise. Funny how it travels with me.

While there, my brother left for work, and while working away on the lower portion of the property his sort-of native Indian girlfriend arrived unannouced, as I only saw her as she departed in her (brown colored) vehicle. In other words, she arrived from her day job, slipped into the house and would of seen my footwear, pack and coat there, and then took off again, all for me to catch a departing glimpse. Then after finishing the garden work I find she had locked the door up, something unexpected, as she had to have known I was there. But as it "happened", my brother told me about his new secret key hiding location for the first time yesterday, and I was able to get into the house, and then lock it up afterward.

When in the house, and cleaning my brother out of the last of his chocolate which he had previously offered, I was about to use the toilet to take a piss, but lo, there was some already in the toilet, with a drop on the seat to let me know that it was likely a recent event. Meaning, that his girlfriend might have driven from her work to take a piss in his toilet, leave it there unflushed, all for me to dispose of it, and pee into the same toilet. I don't normally get into the elimination interests of the perps, but this sudden lapse in hygeinic behavior of all immediate family has not gone unnoticed over the past 4 months or so. I will spare the details, but that, in conjunction with the tactical pee-ing and shitting that is going on in my apartment at key perp interest moments such as immediately following sending an email, applying for a job online, selecting, cutting and pasting in Windows, and other like minuitae that they routinely and relentlessly noisestalk along with applying other phenomenon, suggests the perps cannot get enough of bodily eliminations to study. So, all the current urine recycling problems on the space station that is in the news, could it be the reach of the perps in fucking astronauts in a much different environment for the same reasons of remotely applied covert human bioenergetics research of bodily eliminations? One must not conflate the present imposed hell to all things of similar nature, but who tknows, except to note that it is all getting curiouser and curiouser and fits the consistent model of Earth-bound bioenergetics study being separated from those of us Earthlings.

I got a credit on my credit card, simple enough, but for my financial record keeping the Fuckwits dithered me for over 10 minutes, not letting me register the transaction correctly, and ultimately adding an "Adjustment" transaction to deal with the fuckery. Then, another look, and a new cognitive perspective was allowed, and finally I was permitted to register the transaction as a transfer. Ten minutes of farting around all to deal with a problem they created in the fiirst place, presumably to rile me up over financial transactions. And it would seem to be a set-up as my mother showed me one of her statements with "CR" and "wanted to know" if she had to pay anything on it. Always the variable ditz, and seeming engaging me with Fuckwit agenda elicitations that have research/harassment corollaries not long afterward.

Other yesterday First Feral Family action while leaf raking at my brother's place was the identical jerkaround with the hole in the glove fuckery again. One of the red fleece lined leather gloves "erupted" with a hole in one left hand finger, and so was in direct contact with soil, leaves and anything else related to raking leaves, and including the rake tines on the odd occasion. Regular readers will recall that I was picking daffodil bulbs for two months in the summer, and this involved wearing gloves and scraping the soil to find them and place them in a box for removal to the warehouse. I forget if I mentioned how many times my gloves "erupted" with left hand finger holes, sometimes over a break period when not being used. Good quality and relatively unused leather gloves would get holes in the fingers within a few days, and the disposable cotton ones would do the same. Other games related to hand contact were having me use sodden cotton gloves to pick weeds from the wet cabbage plantations and also one day in the pouring rain. And by way of perp planted notion it seems, they are purposely holing my gloves to allow just one fingertip to be exposed to soil, plant material or other at very selective intervals and situations. They also tell me that the skin can absorb various nanoparticles and that they cannot model its energetic effects in the human body, once taken in. This coming from a pack of liars, but in this case it could be true owing to this ongoing one finger glove holing that should not be happening in the case of the leather gloves.

And so, it would seem that much of this ongoing nanoparticle fuckery is so that I don't take in compounds through my hands. They routinely have me use gloves to clean the bathroom, and that might also be for the same reasons; limiting compound intake through fingers. That they had me replace my keyboard about 10 months ago might be related to this, as the old keyboard worked fine, but still the perps demanded a $75 Fuckover from a victim on a disability income when they could of supplied one themselves, the assholes.

So it wasn't too much of a surprise that when walking back to the bus stop I had two red dressed kid gangstalkers paralleling me down the street, one doing the all too common skateboard act, weaving down the hill. Then later, another kid paralleling me when walking on the latter portion of my walk to the bus stop. And lo, if there wasn't a negro dude installed at the bus stop in advance of me arriving, the exact same circumstances when I was dropped off at the same bus stop by my brother about a week and a half ago after raking leaves at his place, though a differing negro dude. Another three shiftless males incrementally arrived and closed in on me, and lo, if only a minute before the bus arrives, another negro dude arrives, seeming not to know the other one at first, but did moments later so they could stand side by side like sentries, letting me on ahead of them. Another two negros were on driveby duty. There aren't that many in town, and it is mighty curious as to why they keep "showing up" in my presence, and even are portrayed on delivery vans in this town for some reason. The only speculative reasons for this particular Unfavored group to be represented is given at the link. Suffice to say, it seems like yet another elicitation of subconscious responses to long past traumatizations to Unfavored demographic group members during the lost years of 1956 to 1959 (no recall of anything for 2.5 years at least). There must be something important about me that "needs" to be sampled/exposed to the Unfavored, and by having me on the city bus freakshow after raking leaves for three hours, they get more freak exposure.

Two weeks ago when staying at my parent's place, my mother was going on about nuns for some reason, and mentioned that they don't dress up in those funny costumes, aka, a habit. I forget how this topic got started, perhaps it was prompted by a newspaper article that morning. Again, I have no recollections as to having even seen nuns at anytime in the aforementioned "lost years" and I did seriously wonder if this is another Unfavored group that I am unaware of. Though I do know that the Catholic Church had a significant hand in the Duplessis Orphan abuse in Quebec during the 1950's and 1960's, though any connection that I have is tenuous. And as it "so happens", there is at least one Duplessis Orphan who is getting gangstalked and like harassment, who connects that stated sponsored child abuse with the current remotely applied harassment and gangstalking that I recieve. I did live in Montreal, Quebec in 1956-57, aged 2 to 3 at the time, but my Montreal recollections are sketchy, and later recollections are totally nonexistent until 1959.

Another exercise in hanging this PC; the perps need to do this every few days and have a window partially removed, often only with remaining witespace and hang the processor so I have this white-out image until I interupt the process and kill it. Then the browser is relaunched again, all to get back to where I was. This is a dual core processor and "somehow" it lacks the power to sort an existing directory that was already sorted alphabetically until the new Firefox upgrade fucked it up and made it worse.

Another three job applications were fired off in the last hour, along with tuning my resume for each one. And to no surprise, there was plenty of noisestalking of Windows select, copy and paste, as well as sending the email, addressing it, writing it, saving resume versions and all other associated minutae. I am begining to sense that many of the job advertisements seem to be arranged by local businesses, or desired situations like a two day per week job so I could continue with my disability until this time next year after taking courses to upgrade my software development skills. In other words, a certain theme is planted into mind, and then the jobs seem to match it, but of course not even an interview materializes. The perps aren't doing me any favors by sandbagging my typing, fucking with my motor control on the keyboard and the rest of the aggravations that build up to rage-ification level abusive fuckery.

Before the above job looking was tea and chocolate time, and that too was roundly noisestalked with the high speed freeway traffic noise, as well as their ongoing rage-ification games over faked noises and touches as well as their most persistent and deranged stunt yet, the re-wetting of a specific knife I use, called a Spyderco Delica. It often gets put in the knife block about 10 minutes ahead of using it to cut into the chocolate bar foil. It gets thoroughly dried, shaken, and then re-dried with a tea towel to then be placed in the knife block. About 10 minutes later after the kettle has boiled and the tea has steeped (also a perp obsession), I need to use the Spyderco knife for opening up the chocolate bar wrapping foil. And lo, if the assholes haven't slathered water beads on it to then force it to be re-dried again immediately before its intended use. In other words, drying the knife and placing it in the knife block for use ten minutes later isn't good enough; they have to go and fuck it by mysteriously applying water to the knife in the block to then piss me off as I had just dried the knife beforehand. This bizarre jerkaround has been playing nearly once per day for about two weeks, and before this insane bullshit started up, the knife was most often dried, placed in the block and it stayed dry thereafter. Not now, this expectable sequence has to be fucked with by the Surrepticious Sickos, aka, the SS.

That is segue into a new piece of related fuckery that erupted today, and being allowed for the first time in six years, to dry the cutlery with a tea towel. Normally, the little cutlery I use (another topic) air dries in the dish rack and I put them into the drawer. But all of a sudden, today, the fuckers ensure the cutlery stays wet, and have me dry it with the tea towel. Not a big deal for me, but for the SS, they went crazy with overhead pounding noise, extra street traffic noise, extra augmented noise of the cutlery "clanging" (actually, there was no contact, but just more noise augmentation as if it happened), overhead pissing noise, faux neighbor water use noise and a few others. The SS went beserk with noisetalking all over me hand drying cutlery for the first time in six years. The same tea towel as always.

But mind you, they are consistent, even if beserk. In 2006 the SS broke my Copco frypan with a copper layer under the stainless steel base by popping the spot welds one by one while the frypan was in my hand, under no stress whatsoever. A very blantant piece of sabotage to say the least. So..., and I am sure that I have blogged about it at the time, I bought a new frypan with an all aluminum base and thinner sides of chromed steel at a cost of $105, something I could of done without. And ever since, the perps have been going nuts on impairing my motor coordination while grasping and, yes, drying it with the tea towel. They even have the tea towel flipping around in extra-conventional kinetic mode unless I take it very slowly to remove the excuses they take to flick it about while in use. As deranged as the perps obsessions are, they are very consistent in applying their tea towel dried implements obsession in a progressive way, moving from frypans (after starting anew), to a specific knife, and now to cutlery. And as part of this, they have always had me use the minimum of cutlery when eating, as my usual fare is finger food for lunch and dinner, the tortillas dish they have me eat all the time.

I hope that is enough bizarreness for some decent reading, and further confirmation that no one could possibly make this up. And call this one done for the day, with the big excitement being the laundry, yet another perp obsession that this time, I will refrain from describing.

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