Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Leaf Raking

Late to start blogging, but I did get some gainful time in today, leaf raking at my in-town brother's place. And of course, the folks with the brown color harassment campaign (among others), had some chocolate arranged for him to share with me. Then later, he had a Kitkat bar the same time I was eating said proffered chocolate. The differing red colors of the respective packaging was no doubt important too, or at least for the criminals who have invaded my life with their extra conventional gravitic harassment games. Though, to be fair, the harassment was on the light side except at lunch at my brother's place. When having canned salmon, it kept rolling off my fork, even if the fork wasn't moving. "Self propelled" food is nothing new in my contained existence, but the frequency of it was escalated for some reason. Perhaps it was the food color, or the rare visitation I make to my brother's place.

I had the usual noise parade when raking leaves in his backyard; hot rods and other "performance" mufflers, two cycle motorcycles, and an abundance of aircraft, real ones in fact, and not just the noise as is usually the case. I suppose the real agenda was that I be exposed to plastics of all colors and types; garbage bags, plastic garbage bins, some garden hose and a few other remnants to deal with. The noisestalking was especially evident when pulling the plastic garbage bags from the plastic garbage bins. All too exciting for some covert agency.

Other arranged events seemed to be parallel pee-ing; I was using his toilet to pee, and lo, if he didn't suddenly have a "need" too, and was pee-ing the same time as I was, exactly overhead of me, the toilets with the same respective configurations. That too is exciting for those covertly surveilling the anisotropic properties of the ether (it seems) in my proximity.

Another possible excitement for the perps might have been the fact that I was wearing my brother's black fleece vest with brown leather shoulder patches. The perps won't let me own brown clothes, so this must of been a special event for them. I have blogged in the recent past about the profusion of wandering males with black colored jackets with red shoulder patches, and so this particular fleece vest also could be an augmentive clothing item in the long running gangstalking game.

Later, I enjoined in the city bus freakshow to find my way back to my place, though I would have to say the freak component was reduced somewhat. They even put on a blonde babe standing behind the bus driver on a cell phone the entire time. That she had a vacant seat behind her was most curious, though I suppose she was doing some "body blocking" as this too is a long running gangstalker trait.

There is something decidedly odd tonight about this LCD display as I am typing; I am getting some fierce irradiative "something" coming off the display (screen), and it is bothering my eyes. I swear that the perps are now using LCDs to bombard their selected targets, and this has been verified to some extent in Vera's Story, as she was gangstalked and rendered homeless for a time. It is a fascinating and lucid tale, and she even is relieved of the harassment by some means, though she doesn't say how. There is hope for us yet, but I am not optimistic as there seems to be too many perp objectives riding on my back to consider that they are anywhere close to completion to being able to invoke total life rape remotely, as opposed to 98% life rape which they can do. I am their guinea pig for their considerable backlog of technical adversities, some being associated with cosmic rays, neutrinos and nanoparticles. This is what they tell me, and the consistent harassment methods seems to verify their story. Other adversities seem to been have created by the perps themselves, no matter their abilities to wipe my recall clean from ages three to five. I have no idea what happened then, not even the place we lived in, nor the arrival of my first youngest brother. I do have some recall of living in Montreal when aged two, but it is fragmentary, and doesn't include anything that might have been applied by the infamous Scotsman, Dr. Ewen Cameron, who was resident at McGill then. The perps do like to ply me with freaking Scottish accented gangstalkers and make sure I react to this in a most visceral way. Thankfully, nothing recent, as the summer's daffodil bulb picking crew had one such Scot, though I did notice that he toned it down, and refrained from speaking as much as he had.

When I came back from my brother's place via the bus I got off one block early as the bus sits there at the timing point. I had my usual flurry of gangstalkers outside the rear exit door, and set off to walk the last two blocks back. I noticed a negro dude on a bicycle standing at the intersection, and who stayed there when the pedestrian signal indicated "Walk". I looked back while crossing the street and he was still there. This reminded me of yesterday's stunt where a similar situation unfolded; a overweight Caucasian dude was holding two Starbuck's coffees up at shoulder lever, one in each hand, and stayed in place while I walked away from him as he stayed in place in this absurd stance. I have found coffee to be a ersatz brown color reference, and I also thought it curious that in both instances, I was E. bound. It would seem the perps are working on E. bound distance dependent brown color testing, and of course the negro would of offered much more brown than the two coffee cups. Also of interest, the perps planted a negro kid behind me on the bus, in shorts for crissakes in this damp weather. Should I call it "brownstalking", "browning around", or just plain deranged assholes without an apparent day job? No contest; they are fucking sick to be hounding anybody for six years while they play fucking games with various colors, planting them around me in varying orientations, and haven't the gumption to front for their relentless turptitude.

Time to call this posting done for the day, lest it get anymore venomous or plain dull.


Rachael O. said...

Sorry they got you hooked in good w/the color harassment. For a few years it seems that I got alot of streetgang acting people in red T shirts. In St.L they messed up by saying "she walks around everyday like it's nothin" while 2 were following me. I have been told they are blood wannabe's and there is a listing for certain colors representing gangs on the FBI website. Its more prevalent than you think. Try to look at it this way, it might be a gang thing and they have been contracted out to harass you OR if its the organized stalking system messing w/ u, then what is the psychological connection to brown? I have heard of brown clothes before from TI's. I notice you use 'negro' which is an outdated term. I dont mind becuz now its like a poetic license type word. I am not AfroAmericn but negro must be now have lost some meaning. Maybe they feel it will stir your feelings about race.
For me the red t shirts and the white t shirts ( a noted gang on FBI site) were I beleive to associate themselves w/ the bloods either as an intimation of intimidation ( like I should be very afraid becuz ohhh its a big scary gang after me) or to get me to go blabbing to authorities. Also it had the affect of making me think that there was Blood affiliation w/ the drug dealer ex or the ex friend/employer who is a criminal. I do not know if they are affiliated or do biz w/Bloods or anyone else, and I do not care.
SO what I am saying is look for more connections as to what they are trying to get you to think about the brown what does it mean to you and what does it make you think of. Please dont let them use it to harass you, if u try to figure its significance then it loses power over you. Good luck. R-

AJH said...

There is not too many gangs up here so I don't think the clothing colors are any kind of suggestion as to gang membership.

My theory is that the perps are attempting to determine the bioenergetic (bio-electromagnetic plus bio-etheric) interaction of clothing color with that of one's body, and by extension, the clothing color of others (gangstalkers). As part of this research/harassment, the internal body colors are involved, as are skin colors. Hence the profusion of red (blood), burgundy (organ colors), dark green (vein colors), the grey colors (brain tissue colors) and of course brown (no need to go there). And they block the toilet about 90% of the time I take a crap, and pull all manner of other associated games at this juncture which I won't get into. And the imposed chocolate "habit" of 3x 100g per day is a method of getting a brown substance close to one's brain when in the mouth.

See this posting for a brown color dissertation;

I use the term negros as that is what I learned when young (1950's, 1960's), none here then, and that the term "black" gets confused with the profusion of black colored vehicles that partake in the vehicular gangstalking. I don't know when the transition of "negroes" to "blacks" occured in popular vernacular, but suffice to say I missed it, possibly by malevolent design. I find that cluelessness is also a highly controlled state, and they make sure I get plenty of that in my life.

Back to the clothing energetics research topic; I nearly always get noisestalked (extra coincident noise) when putting on or taking off clothes in my apartment, and in public there are many gangstalkers who put on their jackets halfway (one arm), or are changing their coat on or off. Other related gangstalker games are putting on extra hats, two at once, and even partial face coverage, bandana style for extra absurdity, even if Halloween is over.

My take is that we have been enrolled in one huge experiment upon the human race, and we represent the leading and abusive edge of that agenda.

Best regards,