Monday, November 10, 2008

Early Dinginess

I have had the lights on for over an hour in my east facing apartment. The dusktime light levels seem to be subject to much manipulation of late, and I suspect this will be the trend to take me into Feburary, some six weeks after the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice has also been of perp interest; once they put on some 16 gangstalking parties when I was out hiking, and normally there is only about half that on weekends, it being a Sunday. Go figure; three days before Christmas, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and they doubled the number of "hiking" gangstalkers. Then, to add to the absurdity, they had only about seven vehicles in the parking lot, so where did they all come from as there aren't that many locals where this park is. Well, to add more strangeness to that Winter Solstice day, one of the members of one gangstalking party looked very much like my in-town brother; same build, height, comportment, save his face looked a little different as it was symmetrical, where my in-town brother's isn't owing to an early age eye injury. (Likely a perp infliction too). So here he was, morphed over brother or a doppenganger, with exactly the same smirk as my in-town brother, and presenting it to me as if he was plain loopy. A few weeks later I asked if that was him and the perps diverted my eyes from reading him when he answered. Normally, if I ask someone critical questions, I look at them very carefully. But "somehow", I never looked at his face when he was answering the question. I took the entire event as Fuckover, and it must of been him, slightly morphed over. Winter Solstice from the perps is just an extra day for beserkness. Other TI's claim the harassment ramps up for full moons and then abates, but so far, I haven't been able to corroborate that; I think the weekly goings on and disrupting them is more important.

One example of perp disruption is having me read Saturday's national newspaper two days late, like today. I never, ever buy a newspaper and ignore it, but as it "happened", I was fucked into "forgetting" it Saturday, then Sunday, and only on my return from the First Feral Family dwelling this afternoon was I reminded of it. I suspect they wanted to do a newspaper comparison as I had just read the local Saturday newspaper classified section for its job listings, and then finding nothing, put it away and read the "neglected" national newspaper. This is also a perp obsession, having newspapers around me, and I will refrain from detailing my perspective on the technical reasons for now.

This being a Monday, where I return from a stay over at the First Feral Family abode, is a high level harassment day, aka, abusive. The assholes had me rage-ified over making dinner, culminating in pulling the tortillas apart and dumping the contents on the cutting board. I had a "for sure" method to avoid this incursion, but now they don't bother with probable cause, they apply their extra-conventional gravitic fuckery as they please, conventional physics be damned. And for most of the non-PC activities they have been riling me up to rage-ification levels with the usual train of abuse actions such as; sticking the newspaper pages together so I cannot separate them, pulling objects from my grasp, adding water beads onto the just-dried knife (tea towel dried), flicking olive oil under the fry pan and onto other unused burners and into the catch pan below, dumping a knife out of the knife block, scraping my hand as if it contacted the dish rack when it was at least 4" clear, and a host of other similar juvenile stunts to have me both vocalizing and enraged. Most often, there is an outside noise scripted at this very same moment of enforced enragement. Just more fucking abuse, and I think I had more than my fair share before the assholes went into covert mode in 2002.

And not to mention the escalated outside noise all afternoon, and now again after the tea and chocolate break they seem to need more than I do. As I have mentioned before, Mondays are high harassment days, and it seems that they are attempting to replicate whatever they know at the First Feral Family abode about me in terms of energetic interactions at my apartment. And they did put on some special events while I was there this morning; I was dispatched to do compost digging, something I have done before at my parent's place, and yet again it seems for the winter. As part of the exercise they dumped some sloppy soil on me to dribble down my right side pant leg, and lo, if my mother didn't need to go to the mall later on our way back to my place. Needless to day, there was a full-on gangstalking event there, and a parking lot full of color arranged vehicles together. This was after they had four red colored vehicles around me for the better part of the trip leg to get to the mall; one ahead, one on each side, and one behind. Almost like royalty, but without the perks. I had the shiftless males in brown clothing loitering outside on their cellphones, some more of the waddling oversized males doing the same, I had the yellow palette jack gangstalk routine again, and a few others from the Unfavored demographic groups.

Then when I got to my apartment, parking on the street to only switch drivers, a 5 tonne 20' box commercial vehicle driver "decided" to do a U-turn in the street immediately behind me, then a guitar stalker was some 8' away on the sidewalk when I was getting my pack from the cargo area, and then at the doors to the apartment building a couple in black and white with bags of clothes were egressing outbound, which left a male Fuckwith standing in the lobby while I was messing with the key in the lock to get inside. All for some 30 seconds of outside time while transiting between vehicle and apartment building, some 60' maximum. No elevator pals though, and I don't know why they back off on this one.

Once I got in, they had it all planned for me; unpack, change out of my soiled jeans (from earlier composting work), and then they decided I needed to take shit immediately following and to "need" a shower to clean up. Regular readers will know of the perp's obsession over all things brown, and especially when comes to the topic of shit. Some 90% of the time since Over Harassment Onset I deal with blocked toilets, overflows, and like games when taking a shit. I will refrain from the details, but suffice to say there has been a recent increase in this "topic" in setting me up to "happen upon" another family member's incomplete doings. It is fucking gross, and I don't know why the sickos can't figure out their shit problem in a tenth of the time with cooperation.

And the masers have been out in greater numbers today; the blackish wisps and fuzzy balls are constant now, but every so often a 1/4" fat beam pulse will pass by a relatively slow pace for some two seconds or so.

In addition the perps have been increasing the plasma beams flitting around this apartment, and yesterday they put on a rather distracting show for about 10 seconds when at my parent's place. A bifold closet door had been damaged in my parent's room and I was getting set to repair it. Not only did I turn the room over to find some clamps, but I had the Elmer's glue in hand to glue it back together. Both my parents were there to help, and before I got going there were these sparkling intense yellow flashes that the perps kept forcing me to look at and they receded by a foot each time I looked, both ahead and behind me. Normally I only get these extra intense "fireworks" when they have accomplished a seeming milestone in their harassment endeavors, however that is defined, by brain region perhaps. I have mentioned past perp obsessions over bread, and "bread stalking" with bread bearing gangstalkers or else bread stationed in odd public locations, and I suspect the interesting thing about the gluing job was the gluten that would of been a component of the glue. Anyway, they made sure I was with the Feral Parents at the time of gluing, and I was prepped with some bizarre but scientifically applied plasma sightings.

Other unusual activities at the First Feral Family abode was for me to set up my mother's new (as of last Monday), phone, both a base corded set and two wireless units. This makes for having some EMF activity, or at least while on the phone, and I am sure that is to add to that of the CRT television and the high magnetic field they spit out the front. While the TV was on I had this three phone set to figure out and get the regular phone numbers loaded into its memory. And as my mother has an inconsistent list, she had to bring the cell phone to help in determining all the phone numbers she wanted loaded. This phone set was more complicated than her cellphone to input numbers in, as I was the one to do that task while away on the September excursion.

Nov. 11 is a national holiday here, and I suspect that the guns will be going off at 1100h for Remembrance Day. Not that it makes one whit of difference to my tormentors, save to impress upon me more war stories, depictions and imagery of the armed conflict theme they like me to be constantly exposed to.

Time to call a fugly day done and ponder the wakefulness they have arranged for this particular day of the week.

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