Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Parade Outside

I cannot claim the parade was put on for me; it is Rememberance Day to honor those who died in all armed conflicts and is a national statutory holiday. But like last year, they marched down the street, drums and bagpipes and had an assorted civilian troupe paralleling them on the sidewalk as they marched. I don't think I saw a sidewalk contingent last year, save one of the uniformed strangely walking beside his mates on the street. This time, a different strangeness in greater quantity.

And after that, the overhead dingeness came on, and this place darkened down considerably even if there was no normally attendant change in the weather.

But it was a typical sleepless Monday night; I was kept awake for at least an hour to listen to the parade of loud mufflered vehicles; hotrods, performance mufflers and ill-maintained mufflers, sometimes one after the other. This is mostly projected sounds, and I don't always hear the other particulars of passing vehicles like the swish of tires on wet pavement such as last night. Then the bus service increased its frequency in a strange spurt of midnight scheduling. Again, more projected sounds IMHO.

And so after that I was kept in a light REM sleep with some lurid dreams I found disconcerting, including strange animals that have no real world counterpart. It was altogether a totally ugly dream, and in the long past, pre-2008, when I had these, I would bail out of them by way of some kind of protective brain circuitry. Now, the perps have learned how to defeat this, and can keep me in ugly dreams for as long as they want, which they do. No freedom to dream, or more like, avoid ugly imposed dreams from the Fuckover Force.

And as this is a holiday, I am stymied from clearing up some mysteries that I want to resolve. I still haven't heard from the disingenuous bureaucrat who warned me off the Opportunities Fund (free training for the "disabled") by conveying the collosal workload it was when I later find out it is a 9pp. form. She "happened" to be away all last week, and then was away yesterday to bag herself a four day weekend. In another arranged event (IMHO), a temp agency who I interviewed over a week ago with sent me a kiss-off email one week after bringing me into their fold after an interview. I was flexible as to whatever job, save boring activities. Even cleaning jobs in new circumstances would be possible. And so I sent her a polite email, and I haven't heard, possibly for the same reason, and so I will have to wait to find out the cause of this mystery. I even had interest from their Edmonton branch office based on my distributed resume, so what is the deal? Possibly one of the references went beserk, but I don't get it, as any HR professional would dig a little more to find out what the story was. Anyhow, it is another "eruption" to attend to, and I haven't had the libel harassment like other TI's get, so this might be the first instance. It is a totally bizarre eruption from an unexpected quarter to say the least, this kiss-off email. I have never encountered a situation that the "Thems" would place themselves into the script, say, in the scenario of later "contacting" the interviewer later to warn them off. Though two other recruiters went silent after an initial phone call, and they never give up until all is resolved. The "Thems" would of set up the entire interview scenario and scripted me down to my every utterance and breath. And they had already screwed me out of making my Wednesday appointment by fucking with my alarm clock setting, and so the make-up interview was for Friday, and they had me covered with gangstalkers on the bus, bus stop, waiting room and the huge contingent of vehicular gangstalking vehicles. This entire episode could be all about making it plain that I won't get much work for the next 8 months, not until daffodil bulb digging starts again. Even the Casual Labor Exchange has gone silent on me, and not phoning about the carpet auction job that was on last weekend, one they normally send me on.

It was clear that the summer's daffodil bulb planting offered some harassment/experimentation opportunities that the perps cannot easily replicate elsewhere, and that they didn't seem to finish. In the last week of field work they had me working twice in soaking white cotton gloves, and I suspect there may have been some soil nanoparticles that were absorbed that they cannot account for in their remotely applied human energetics studies. The perps tell me that there is nanoparticle skin absorption they cannot understand, and by jove, they even had me "find" an online news story that indicates this is happening. Not my problem, so why am I being involved in it without consent?

I reckon the assholes have at least two more years of harassment and nonconsensual experimentation to run; if they are going silly over absorption of nanoparticles from the skin, and color being a big part of it, then they have a long row to hoe. Back in the working days in Seattle, I was prescribed testosterone by way of dermal application, and this went on until 2006 when I couldn't afford it any more. I reckon they are attemptin yet another near impossible study for which they have endless resources and time to piss with, and piss me off about. Doing cage time, all the time.

This is the post teatime perp silliness activity time. And too, I ate 100g of chocolate with tea, and that is likely the reason for such intense noise and plasma fuckery as I type. I also get loud clicks and pops emanating from my mouth and yet nothing caused it. This "head noise" has been increased of late with the addition of a slow ripping sound that come from inside my head, not even my mouth. But as all things brown are of intense interest, the perps are full measure for being so consistently rabid after eating brown colored food. And it seems they are going to put me on a no-chocolate stint for two consecutive opportunities (tonight and breakfast tomorrow), which is odd for them to say the least. And there have been some associated games with taking a crap today and yesterday (twice), and I won't get into that. My tortillas are brown, being of sprouted wheat and no gluten, and I am sure this will be similarly noise and other phenomenon stalked after dinner. I cannot see me rousing from this dysthymic slouch to get more chocolate before the stores close at 1700h today. A shut-in day is in the making, and one that started too early and therefore has more "do squat" time, as in doing nothing very much. I am not allowed to read books these days as it seems with so much irradiation coming off this LCD display, it would be too difficult to replicate from a book, even if it was "charged" with the same magnetic energy (measured) as everything else is. The plasma beams (a magnetically controlled phenomenon) often project from objects, emulating their shape, and sometimes their color, but off set by six or more inches. Though many aren't from recognizable objects, and are there to present themselves for subsecond durations. Often, the perps will use the plasma beams for contrasting darkness, or for augmenting existing colors in my visual field. In addition, any time I close my eyes, remove my shirt over my head, place my towel to my face or any other blinking or transient vision interuption, the perps will add in a red plasma flash to my eyes. And yes, I don't like red lights flashing at me, and brown colored light even less. So how does a covert agency know this about me, and continue to torment me with this all the time, not even missing an opportunity like a blink. From what they tell me, they fucked up when testing and experimenting upon me in the "lost years" of ages 2 to 5 y.o., and are still attempting to emulate these traumatizations in order to detect subconscious excitation. If true, I am totally unaware of any subconscious reactions, and don't particularly give a shit as it hasn't ever bothered me in the remainder of my life. But it bothers the same assholes who created the problem, and you can bet your bottom dollar that fuckup remediation isn't out of boy scouts honor. No siree, not with the strange news events that often have paralells that I won't get into, though they have been stated in the past. This self-censoring outlook is likely planted, but maybe for a reason; they don't want me to look like a total idiot, though that has to be proven with the NY Times reporter who is to publish a story about this harassment sometime soon, if she is to deliver on her promise. I doubt if it will come to pass, and the entire TI community seems so unexcited by the prospect of the NY Times publishing a TI story, unlike the Washington Post story by Sharon Weinberger.

Some chirping from outside erupts as I begin this blog section at this time. And I was intending to report on the overhead clicking, clunking and odd pounding noise while I was reading about financial markets, not that I understand them much owing to either learning disabilities, dynamically applied cognition impairment or a combination of both. I also get a microphone like noise, as if one had been bumped into with a resonant ring from the E. side, where the balcony is. There is nothing to cause this last mentioned noise, and nor do the overhead noises make any sense either, as the putative upstairs "neighbor" would have to make the noise through 12" of concrete and steel.

I am also getting the disgusting smell of fairground cooked onions pumped into my nose; a trace of the smell every five minutes or so, just enough to be reminded of it after one thinks it has finally dissapated. That takes deliberate action, and timing based on some kind of cognitive metrics. And as I type that, the faux neighbor water noises are being run on and off to somehow escalate the noisestalking. Time to stop blogging about it to end the game.

I just finished a reading streak about solar, hybrid, hydrogen and wind energy sources, and this is something that fascinates the perps if the internal head noise eruptions, (click, pops, teeth whackings, faux swallowing noises etc.), with the earmuffs on were any clue, which they usually are. The earmuffs make these noises sound different, and that seems to be one of the precepts of the noisestalking, to have the same apparent noise source, but have it sound differently. Hence, some 10 to 50 voice changes per day, depending how much the perps infuriate me and the resultant ranting at the assholes.

Now for some music listening, which may be come the background to additional noise games. That I swap bbetween wearing the green plastic earmuffs to the silver-grey headphones is a big deal, as the perps have reduced my music listening time to about once per month, if that.

Another siren cascade as I wrap reading about The Doctor Within while being allowed to listen to online music for the first time in months. All a lead up to having a bath tonight I figure. There is a huge amount of reading to be had on the above link if you are interested in good health; the short answers are no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, no refined sugars, no soy products and no pasteurized dairy. In the latter case, we have been denaturizing the very digestive enzymes that make milk such a valuable food item. In other words, we have been destroying to food value of all dairy products since pasteurization was adopted. It boggles the mind, and it make me wonder why the soft drinks were being proffered on the hot days when I was working at the daffodil farm this summer. All to aid the perp's neuro-investigations by imbibing the neurotoxin apartame perhaps? And how long has this study being going on, and is it behind the reason the FDA approved the most controversial food additive in their history with the soda pop drinking population as an unwitting experimental subject? Who knows, but what I can tell you the overhead noisestalking just started up as I formulated those statements.

Time to call this one done for the day, and ignore all the conspiratorial connections that just might be crossing my path.

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