Friday, November 14, 2008

Raking Leaves Again

Another late start to describe today's gangstalking nuances and stunts. I raked leaves for five hours at my in-town brother's place, and had to deal with his perp abetting games, though nothing too malevolent; just the "lost my cellphone" as an excuse to stop and ransack the immediate locations in the vehicle, and then more "forgot this", "forgot that" as excuses to hop into the van and then back out again, then repeat. Straight out of the First Feral Family script book, just like the fossils (parents). And then when getting back from a city bus freak show, why, the power was out in this apartment building and a few others, but none of the businesses I walked past. It was a 1630h bus trip, and that spells dusk onset at this time of year, and that means extra perp fuckery. This time it was putting on two negros near me on gangstalker duty, the first white hoodie wearing one was at the bus stop ready for me when my brother dropped me off. The next negro got on two stops later in a yellow, black and white camo style hoodie and sat opposite me. It might have been the first white hoodie negro was a reference for the multicolored clothed one that sat closer. It is rare to see negros here, and it always amazes me how they manage to "show up", never mind the more complex but obvious games that unfolded on the daffodil bulb picking crew this past summer.

The power outage was for about an hour and a half, and I noticed that the perps arranged some near constant traffic congestion on the two E. bound streets that are in view. Translated, that means many slow moving lines of red tail lighted vehicles, and as one was a two-way street, the white headlights slowly coming the opposite way, W. bound, toward me. I laid down afterward, and nearly got to nap when the lights came on with the fridge compressor starting up too. It could be that the perps are very interested in me today because I was wearing leather gloves while leaf raking with red fluffy cotton liners inside them. I noticed the city bus that I was on had four deep metallic red vehicles in file beside it in the adjacent traffic lane, and I suppose this could of been part of the "red testing" they so predictibly and assiduously practice.

And I did get some red plasma flashes today while raking leaves and not just red colored leaves. And too, the perps had a red plasma flash come off the driver side door of my brother's van while waiting him to complete the "forgot something" act. The dusk onset games predictibly include red color testing, perhaps called "red baiting", though that has political tones that don't apply; this is about abuse, writ large. And during the power outage I got white flashes from the opposite residental tower that was also without power. How someone could aim a flashlight (har, har) with such precision, brightness and same flash interval is beyond me, but it did happen.

My brother picked me up immediately outside the supermarket that I frequent; he has taken to doing his grocery shopping when on this pickup beat, one reason being to purchase chocolate that we later share at lunch. Call it "brown color calibration between siblings" for the greater glory of the perp quest to understand at the deep neural level as to why I don't like brown colors, especially in some circumstances. I don't, and nor do I see why it is anyone's business but my own, and yet it has become a near world event with all manner of fuckwits chasing me down by wearing or otherwise presenting these colors. Yesterday, there were three individuals spaced some 30' apart, all walking toward me, and all wearing the same color of brown. Two of them were dudes doing the head spins/look away (at nothing) act, and lastmost was a blonde woman. All were wearing shades for some absurd reason as it isn't very bright out these days at this latitude.

And speaking of dudes; the meandering route that my brother took to get to his place today, more circuituitous than his usual long route even, was populated by these dudes doing various stunts, or even doing the street debate act. At least 20 of them for a 10 minute city trip, all presenting themselves in some kind of situation where they might belong, and others doing a basic gangstalk sentry job. I have never seen so many dudes without an apparent day job since the harassment began in 2002. It is fucking nuts that so many shiftless males appear to have nothing to do on weekdays.

When I departed from my apartment this morning to get to my brother's van an elevator arrive that was full of belongings as if packed for a move, but no accompanying personnel. There were plenty of brown colored objects like cardboard boxes, plus deep brown painted shelves, and one large powder blue unholstered chair that I had to squeeze by. And lo, if there wasn't a big emphasis on same colored blue vehicles on my way out the door, and I also had a male black leather jacketed fuckwit to tail me to the dumpster on my way out. But the curious thing was that there was no moving act outside as the source or the destination of this elevator full of belongings. Yessir, no cover story for a elevator of belongings that arrives by itself as the only availible elevator. Said elevator was broken yesterday, and working today, the two elevators alternate as to which one works on any given day.

And I see that Sarah Kershaw did a hack job on TI's in the New York Times. I was one of those that she interviewed, and at the time I thought it was odd that she was so incurious when I recounted the intense fuckover days of 2002 into 2003. Then I see that she missed the most fundamental part of what I conveyed to her; my physican recanting his entire clinical determinations of the preceding two years (2002 to early 2004), and said I was "being persecuted". And lo, if Sarah Kershaw "forgot" to mention the latter part of that tale. I will have to remind her with a letter to the editor or some such. I thought there was something going on with the way she asked some questions, as she was interested in how much time I spent online with my TI colleagues in online forums/sites. Other questions came from a clinical perspective, and yet I supplied enough information to her that debunked that notion, and she never gave up going back to clinical questions. One of the alternate energy theorists, Tom Bearden, calls this "gaming" when someone wants to hear one recount the story, or theory, and then sit there incuriously almost, and never show their faces again, leaving one to wonder what it was all about and what was the true purpose.

I will have to roast Sarah Kershaw's ass for this one, as it was a bigger hack job than the middling Sharon Weinberger story of the Washington Post much earlier in 2008. And all the time I was wondering, will the New York Times really delve into the TI life trashing story, as the newspaper is so "conservative"/hidebound by precedent. I "thought" (read, planted notion) that the story was going to get spiked, but no, it went one worse, she got it all wrong and didn't ask the fundamental question; how could so many people have the same delusion in all its details? The answer is that they cannot; disparate individuals having the same strange experiences means that it is not psychosis by definition. I told her that, and I gave her some examples, and she blew that one off too. I also told her that the preponderance of photographic evidence on my site, and others, should dispell any suggestion that this harassment is nothing but coordinated persecution. She didn't get that part right either. So there: I have staked my claim as to my involvement, and vow to at least get this refutation of her piece written up as a letter to the editor tomorrow. Another part of this that pisses me off is my mind-keepers not allowing me to ask her some questions at to where she was coming from, and what was the true nature of her inquiry. Funny how this "accepting guilessness" erupts on me.

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AJH said...

From an email; anonymous comment below;

hey, I am also a TI, you don't need to publish this in public view as I don't seek to question your perceptions publicly and cause a stir, if you get my drift.
I'm relatively new at this, and maybe that gives me a bettter perspective rather than being a "noob" tho you could look at it either way.
I am one who knows why they harrass me, I am what the US DOJ might call "undesirable" in one of its programs like "weed and seed". They had the vehicle stalkers going for a year or two and I never noticed. Almost a year ago they moved in a couple military looking guys next door, our front doors face each other and are about 7 feet apart.
Let me first tell you they are harrassing me because I am a dope dealer. That's an admission not many people will make but it's important as it explains why they are doing certain things. I'm 46 and not whacked out, anyone who has done speed knows there is a certain percentage of us who have the ultimate curse- it doesn't make us go over the edge, so we do it for years and years and the other effects take their toll. I do have ethical business practices, tho, and have never been a liability to my community.
Around february my house starts shaking. Bumping. And the front door's security screen door starts twisting, turning through the peephole. You can see it on the camera I have covering the front door. The whole wall adjacent to the front door, it breathes or "pulls" and "pushes" in and out.
All in all, it leads to a night of terror for anyone who has any amount whatsoever of an illegal drug in their house, particularly meth in which any amount is a felony. The perception is that you are about to get raided. They use holograms of shadows projected toward that peephole, I once got a side view by accident and it looked like a 3 d person.
They also projected a thought suggestion to "flush the dope". It is strong and for awhile the terror would be relieved by some hasty toilet action.
(I'm not stupid, I flushed it one time and realized several hundred dollars went south- ever since they play the "faux raid" and I do the "faux flush")
Now they have seemed to become tired of my vocal defiance and name calling, the program has moved on to high power microwave beams and I am starting to become sick from the effects. A LOT of ringing in the ears, the burning in my throat, that horrible taste when they turn the power up....
NOW the reason I am writing this is not to cry on someone's shoulder, but to let you know I am one of you and I believe in gangstalking and all of this... BUT DUDE GET A GRIP. THIS:
"There was 600 to 1,000 vehicles on gangstalking duty again along my walking path today; this is "normal" now. The most red colored vehicles in one glance was seven, and the most blatant train of color coordinated vehicles was a single file of equal spaced red, light metallic blue, and then five white vehicles. The perps are appearing to use the reference colors of black, white and silver grey vehicles in trains of 5 to 10 long, and usually embed a red, navy blue, dark green and/or light metallic tan brown. When the perps get into advanced vehicle color mixing, they will have one of each in a train, headed and ended by one or more of the reference colors. The perps let me in on why they are favoring navy blue colors again; it "so happens" that my mattress is that color, and when I moved into this apartment May 01, 2007, I resumed sleeping on this mattress since then."
No way, no how were 600-1000 vehicles playing the game on you! That is a mere example, your blog has many like it. They've done this to you, you now play the "association" game in your head and you've probably got a bit of an overactive mind, between the two you really do come off as coming apart.
Here's how I look at it: The perps do ONE thing. Then for the rest of the day or month or whatever the time period of study is, you observe NINE events and because you are expecting something, you associate nothings with the first event BUT THEY AREN'T. Does that mean the first event did not happen? HELL no. But DON'T LET THE ASSOCIATIONS FUCK YOU UP WORSE THAN THEY HAVE.
I am thankful you people who have been at this a long time have put this data out there for me, so perhaps you might be thankful someone with a fresh perspective will be so candid.
I will offer a theory of mine.
All of this shit, is not about us. The government's involvement is our clue. I have yet to see a TI story where I saw the person as a real threat to society. Yet what kind of asshole would volunteeer to sit in his car all night outside someone's house just for the opportunity to drive at him with his brights on and intimidate him? Or sit next door to me and torture me with microwave weapons?
A sociopath, I believe they are called. Maybe it's THEM who are being occupied, since without us to focus on they'd be outside their exe's house all night? But really, what's their motivation? Think of this-
The gov't didn't do this because WE are so important, HELL no. They now have a networked secret police squad across the western "free" nations, to employ in the event of martial law- each tested to ensure they would commit actions of incredible cruelty upon fellow citizens and neighbors, merely out of their "patriotic duty", and never question the orders with conscience.
We are the training, and we keep them busy and honed until the gov't needs them.
The economy of the US is collapsing as we speak, I don't care what anyone says we're in big trouble.
Food riots, civil unrest, may become a reality. The gov't isn't stupid, they are prepared.
They used us. We were expendable.

AJH (me) replies;

Thanks for the comments and corroboration as to the very strange effects they
can create as well as the mind invasive effects.

One problem; I cannot change your comments to extract your email address.
Either the whole thing gets published or none of it, your call. (I favor
publishing it). I won't publish it unless I get your permission and will
reject it in a week or so if I don't hear from you.

What I will say is that any of the estimates of vehicle or gangstalker counts
are on the conservative side in response to your doubts about my reporting. The
quote from my blog you had selected refers to my walking route to the gym along
a major in-city grade level traffic artery of two lanes each direction which
takes 35 minutes to walk in each direction. The number I give, 600 to 1,000 in
this case, is for the total of the two walking durations, or 70 minutes. Again,
very conservative.

But having a huge number of color coordinated vehicles around me is nothing
new, and has been totally consistent for years now. Check out some of the
pictures I have included in my blog postings, (tag, pictures) though most will
show the anomalous color clusters. When I lived in Seattle, and only got relief
from the head pains by driving around, they put on at least 100 vehicles in
clusters ahead and behind me at 0200h to 0400h in the morning on the I-5 and
I-90 routes. The vehicles would pass me from the rear cluster to the forward
cluster, one or two at at time, for a few hours of this escorted driving for at
least a week of nights.

I am not exaggerating these claims of vehicle quantities. When I was doing my
laundry a two years ago there was a weekday snowstorm when I was headed
(walking) back to my residence. And there were at least 30 vehicles in a cluster
heading into downtown when they should of been only heading out in those
circumstances. (That's what we do here in these rare snowbound
circumstances, unlike cities where winter snow is common, and they ignore it).

It is totally insane as to how much attention I get from the gangstalkers and
the level of interest they have in what I do. See yesterday's (11-12-2008)
blog posting about how they fucked me out of pressing the correct elevator
button but made sure that I got to the correct floor by having a gangstalker
"accidentally" pressing the button for my floor, and then another one
for her.

I suspect that the perps were onto you long before your current drug dealing
business; they seem to like to focus on people in your profession, and I agree
with you in that is not out of any kind of civic or patriotic duty.

You might be one of those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), like me, where
there is a paradoxical effect of stimulants; we become normalized, sleep better,
more functional and often, happier. The stimulant, for those that have ADD,
"awakens" brain circuitry that governs executive or oversight
behaviors which normal non-ADD folk have access to all the time. In my case,
they were governing my prescribed stimulant use, and then made it out to be a
"problem" to then hospitalize me and make me take medications that
made me worse, deliberately so. They did this twice, and won't let me take
stimulant medication any more. And because I am so intensely followed and
controlled, there is no way I could buy any illicitly, never mind the fact that
they would use it as another excuse to slap me into hospital again. (Assuming I
could find a dealer, which I doubt).

I am not meaning to brag about the degree of harassment that I get, but what I
describe is real, and all major phenomenon have been witnessed by other parties.
As far as I know, and that isn't saying much, as they don't like me to
read the local paper so to be clueless about what is going on, I am the most
intensely harassed TI/victim going. Again, that is speculative, as the last
thing they want is for me to find an empathetic soul in the same situation. As
you might know, keeping TI's isolated is a big part of the imposed

I hope you can find a way out of your predicament as it seems that they want to
study you longer to find out how you manage to be so defiant. LIke you say, we
are expendable experimental subjects, though only dispensed with when they
complete their studies.


Anonymous reply to my comments above from email;

Yeah, I'm not trying to doubt you, (and your reply sounds like that of a much more reasonable person) and I am never going to be surprised by the number of whackos who will engage in this stuff.
My backyard is on the edge of a city parking lot at the beach, with a park. There are six rows in the lot, they can drive diagonally across them and bright my windows that way. They do it every night but friday and saturday nights they come out in force- proof this is about their amusement, not about cleaning up the community. I print up signs and put them in my windows, with slogans like "gangstalking... it's UNAMERICAN" and "gangstalking... Adolph Hitler's gift to 21st Century HATERS." and on my gate that opens to the park I put flyers for the walking perps to take that tell these snitches that what they are doing is against the law (US Code title 18 section 243, conspiracy to intimidate or deprive an individual of their civil liberties, with penalties up to the death penalty) so they are not operating with the law on their side anymore.
That actually has thinned out the local "do gooders" as I don't see them so regularly
(and boldly) peering over the fence anymore, but the two perps they moved in next door, which are probably DOJ or military, just turned up the power on their junk technology weapons. I am constructing a faraday cage about 4' x 7' x 6' h just to sleep in and get some sanctuary in. I'm covering it with aluminum mesh screen, one layer first which I calculated may or may not extend protection into the (assumed) operating frequency of 95ghz or so- that is the ADS unit's frequency, I don't think they'd have something higher than that. It's so obviously human controlled, as when I talk shit to them and tell them if they have a God (I'm agnostic) to pray like hell to him because you've already bought your ticket there, they crank up the power for awhile. Everything turns green around me, (blood in eyes heated up?) the ringing in my ears gets LOUD, my throat gets dry and there is this weird chemical taste and smell, skin tingling and of course heat on that side of my face.
Another more obvious event is that they make the house flex all around. Just certain walls, so I know it's not a hallucination. (as you imply I had ADD and over the years tried plenty of recreational drugs, enough to differentiate reality from good acid!) I have tried to do research into what exactly causes this. It's not magnetic, it may be ultrasound activated, that is my best guess. Sometimes so powerful it makes it impossible to walk across the room.
Other tricks include projection, through some weird infrared or ultraviolet laser carrier beam- I've seen it through a night vision viewer- of halographic images on any reflective surface in the house, you see faces that morph into ghoulish forms. Patriotic music coming from anything with a motor. Angry voices too but you can't make out the words.
Also, similar images to the ghouls on one of three outside CCTV cameras, the one facing the perps yard.
(If you like, post this rather than the entry on your blog, I think it's important to record these events for others to validate their observations). Here is that other post by the way, I'll remove the email address, do as you wish with it. And good luck.