Monday, November 03, 2008

A Busy Monday

So busy, that I have just started to blog as of now. I just finished my monthly accounting in Quicken with some provoked rage-ification by the perps inserting extra records, deleting some on my bank statement and then adding them in when I next looked at it. I have either the bank account or Quicken on this LCD display at one time, and so this makes for endless games of changing the other one when out of view. The assholes even deleted one of my Quicken entries to force its re-entry, all to play their games of endless reptitions they so much enjoy to inflict. Senseless fuckery for its own sake.

The bottom line, as I was allowed to run the report for October is $300 for freaking chocolate, fully reflecting the three times per day "need", and a little over half that for real food. There was an extra $100 expended on clothing; alterations, parcel post fees and $14 for drycleaning for the imposed lint attack. Then another $200 in clothing acquisition for the underwear stunt and one shirt. And of course, they kept me shut out for working the entire month, as that seems to be the plan for this fall period. Perhaps they are keeping me down so I will "consider" doing the daffodil picking in Febuary through April at the daffodil farm, breaking down my resistance to the piece work/territorial work warfare they had me learn about this summer on the bulb picking crew. The piece work is $0.20/bunch of 10 cut stems (correct stem length and flower condition of course), but that doesn't cover the hassles of weather, theft of work before it gets tallied and theft of belongings, which is rampant. You are to remind me if I remotely consider daffodil picking for income come Febuary; as in, don't do it.

So the bank statement projection looks to be $1,000 overdrawn by November's end. And no calls from the two temp agencies today, keeping this shutout going it seems. And no calls about the jobs I applied for last week, one of which I expected, as there is a forest nursery who neeeds laborers, and what better laborer could they get than one with a forestry degree? No matter, the perp focus seems to be keeping me shut-in and rage-ified.

They created a big Cling Wrap problem by sticking it together after it tore, not severed on the cut bar, and kept dithering my fingers so I couldn't effectively ameliorate the fuckery. Then onto my regular Monday crap; a no plunger and no shower clean up, and then four hours later, they created some brown colored backflush in the bottom of the toilet bowl. That was flushed down without plunging, and still that wasn't enough fuckery as some brown crumbs "arrived" in the toilet bowl that had to be flushed again. Then twice more, and I didn't bother to look as I normally do, but sent to get the kettle on for ... no surprise, evening time tea and chocolate. The car alarm started up while opening the chocolate package foil, and kept up while I was eating it with my tea. There was overhead pounding as well as extra road traffic noise from outside; the faux bus noise as if it came every three minutes or so. And even some motorcycle noise, as if they were roaring around town in the driving rain and wet conditions. I don't think so, and I call the assholes everytime on this one, and lo, if the motorcycle noise doesn't stop under wet road conditions. Another case of "talking the noise down", by challenging them as to where it might be coming from, as the source isn't visible.

And likewise for the morning's seagull noise when waking at my parent's place this morning. It was incessant with all manner of broody like seagull squawking, and when I got up and looked outside, they were all "gone". Translated, that means that there were no actual seagulls but only the projected noise of them by some means that is routinely used to plant conventional noncausal noise in my proximity. Another example is the cracking of my joints; this noise has been increased to include feet, hips, neck, wrists from the original assigned sources of elbows and shoulders. The latter two were first "assigned" the crackling joint noise, left and right sides alike, and then that wasn't enough harassment, so they then "assigned" the remaining body joints as faux sources of the identical noise. Though, I do notice it is "happening" to others at yoga too, and so it becomes "infectious".

Other Monday action in brief was that my mother wanted to go to some stores to get some sewing supplies so I obliged by doing the driving to parts of town she is not familiar with, which is my typical role. Then she recalled that she recalled that she wanted to look into a new telephone, hence a third store at this same shopping mall, effectively circling it. But, as it "happened", the most promising phone set combination was sold out save the display set, and off to Office Depot for a look there. I don't quite know what is going on at this store that I once frequented, but it looks like they are set to close it down as so many of the displays have been removed. Once there, the desired phone set combination was in stock, and she decided that it was the one. And lo, if the "Blue Team" didn't arrive following decision time over the phone acquision. These are blue dressed gangstalkers, two or more, who loiter around immediately following a significant decision to purchase something (over $100). Regular readers will recall that when I decided (I think, or was I controlled?), to acquire the safety toed boots in August from a thorny choice of two different makes/styles, that two male gangstalkers moved into view at that very decision moment, and kept hanging around that same location while I had moved on. They were in the same mid-blue color, and pretended not to be associated, and yet hung around pretending to be shopping, even to the point of making their cover story seem pathetic. And then today, much the same. Once my mother decided (I assume, and wasn't scripted), two same mid-blue dressed gangstalkers "arrived" and kept loitering around for a few minutes afterward along with some more klutzy delays by my mother, as well as some added "shopper collisions" while she was doing the unaware feint. And there was a prior deep red dressed gangstalker loitering around and putting on the intense, stay-in-one-place shopping act, who later moved on after participating in the above mentioned "shopper collisions" by constricting aisle egress. It is the time-worn "trick", straight out of Laurel and Hardy, where the two shoppers (in this case, though it is also done on the city buses) pretend to be unaware of each other, and are in close proximity bent over with their asses facing each other, and then they slowly move together until they constrict aisle egress for a third member of this little skit.

In the parking lot of Office Depot, there was the arrival of the "foliage fuckers", the garden maintenance gangstalker show, who were hefting green cut foliage in a green plastic tarp into the back of their trailer. They put on this show when I exited my parent's vehicle, and again when we came out with the purchase of the phone set in it blue printed brown cardboard box. (No plastic bag interestingly, as plastics seem to be a continual problem (harassment focus) for the assholes). I have remarked on these "foliage stalkers" before, and they were among the first blatant vehicular stalking acts, already in position outside my hospital window with a trailer full of foliage in the very first night of my visitation in that pointless and groundless tribulation. Should I get my revenge fantasies fulfilled, I will berate and hound the assholes who decided that I must be put through these rounds of faux clinical causation, to the point of pounding their brains with a baseball bat, just so that they recieve some real clinical neurological condition to contend with for the rest of their lives, not a fake one. And I am not alone in my intense dislike for all those that have engaged in any of this ongoing deranged life rape.

That said, the plasma activity increases with all manner of red and pink flashes over this normally white colored LCD display in Blogger/Blogspot. The icons are still missing and only their box outlines are remaining. Though I did find out the correct "naked icon" to use for inserting links. Click on the icon remnant, and lo, it still works. Both Amazon and IMDB have hidden icons in my version of their web pages where the active box for, say, "wish list", or "search", is totally gone, and all I do is click on the white space where it normally would be, and it works. Similarly, the "Google" on the search page has been missing for over a year, and I see they have now inserted it back in again, though, it may only last a few days before they pull it out.

To finish up the morning's activity journaling; my mother "decided" that having lunch out would be a good idea, and so we went to a local resturaunt that we have visited before. (About 500' from my apartment, a little more than one city block). Instead of the covey of waitresses we got the dude waiter shift, starting out with the fugly negro with the absurd cornrows which were tied back into a pathetic pigtail. I have long loathed cornrow hair, or corded hair, as well as pony or pigtails on males. So here we had a 4x Unfavored; young male, negro, cornrow hair, pigtail. And did he ever strut his stuff after the introductory blonde woman maitre'd showed us our table, and he was joined by some other acts as well. There was the shifless native Indian waiter, then the wierd (seeming staff member at a loose end), who kept wandering around with his red backpack on, then took it off, then put it on, did a E. bound 30' walk, then a N. bound walk up the stairs, then reversed his stairs trip, and added a few more in, all of which the perps made sure I was to see, even if I had enough of this bullshit. Other males that tended our table were the head bobbing waiter, (excessive bowing and nodding), another who expedited the payment process, and a slope shouldered Asian waiter was also added to do his back and forths. Nearly all of them were dressed in the seeming staff black color clothing, though I did note that a native Indian in a light grey color clothing was also loitering around and moving hs feet in an agitated manner. There was at least one additional blonde waitress who brought our food, and she was also doing her eye-catching slinky strut as part of her duties. If you don't understand the significance of the blondes (Favored), and the Unfavoreds, the introductory postings are at the respective links.

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