Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dream Invaders

There have been more shut-in days of late, and it seems this is the big strategy since jerking me out of work in September, such as it was, picking daffodil bulbs with the Fuckwits. And my mother happened to mention something about doing the job again come summer 2010, which is a whole lot of pointless (it seems so far) job applications for something better. But as the perps have a soil/Earth/color obsession of the first order, and are strangely compelled to press me into against my will, it isn't entirely unexpectable that they will be having me do farming work with specially modified glove fingers for limited skin contact with soil, daffodil bulbs and whatever is part of the finger-soil contact nonsense they put me through this past summer, as well as the same "glove finger modifications" that erupted two days ago when raking leaves at my in-town brother's place.

The outside noise campaign started off when I was in bed, waking up from some very vivid and fugly dreams with content that isn't in my experience domain and stayed too vivid for too long to be anything but a planted dream. And as I have mentioned in past blogs, the perps are now able to defeat my normal dream bail-out reactions (always dependable until this year), and keep me in a dream I would ordinarily reject. The dream theme was something about nuclear weapons which I had on hand, and was wiring them up together somehow for parallel detonation. Very fugly, and if I ever get to the asshole who scripts this and defeats my dream rejection reflexive capabilities, it will be another case of Fucked Fuckwit. It is totally sick to invade anyone's mind, let alone while they are sleeping and then fuck them with vivid dreams that serve the purpose of the dream invaders. Fucking deranged.

I was allowed one outing so far, a short visit to the local supermarket, me and my posse of shiftless dudes without seeming day jobs. They nearly all had black jackets on, same as my jacket color, and most had touques that seem to be the rage amongst the Fuckwits, often with sunglasses to make them almost alien like, a common theme of late, also portrayed by the hoodies, the extra large afro hair do's (not just on Africans), and the Oakley style of shades that appear as oversized alien eyes. It seems this is another theme of the Unfavored demographic groups, the alien look, or at least in part; eyes, head in side profile, head face on with backlighting to highlight the relative size and other fucking around games they like me to catch, often in subsecond glimpses.

When I was entering the store one lead-ahead female gangstalker had a blue jacket on, an identical blue to that of the jacket in my coat rack that was next to the (black) jacket I put on and wore on this eventful 10 minute outing. About 50% of the time there is this blue color matching within 10 minutes of being outside, abetted by the fact that the two jackets are of the same make, material, size and cut as well as bought at the same location, my out-of-town brother's store in Kamloops. I bought two jackets, "thinking" that I needed at least one for outside construction work after doing the daffodil bulb work in the summer, but lo, if all my attempts to get work have been stymied, sometimes by some very strange actions by temp outfits. All my Fuckwit co-workers were duly promoting the fact that there is easy construction work to be had, and that fuelled the "need" to be prepared for outside work in the fall. Then, these hiring outfits went south and didn't call back, return emails and the litanty of evasiveness that has become the imposed norm.

The outside road traffic noise is getting louder, and there is more of it, or at least, going by the noise. Even the bus noise has been ramped up, even if the bus schedule hasn't been, to at least every three minutes or so. For a route that has only one N, bound bus, that is impressive. Of course most of it is projected noise, and isn't real vehicles, and I do check to see if there is an actual noise source sometimes, and there often isn't. Regular TI's will know that noises can be created and projected by some means, all to sustain near constant noise as living next to a high speed freeway when in fact it is a two lane secondary arterial street that you see pictured below.

Taken 10-25-2008, 1619:16h. The street running diagonally from the lower left to the upper right has three parked same red vehicles, not exactly in file, but with nothing between them. On the other side of the street is a file of parked vehicles, partially obscured by a wall, with the lead parked pickup also in a red color with a brown colored steel box in the bed of the pickup with some orange lettering on it. Behind the pickup, and parked in file from right to left are a black sedan, a silver-grey sedan, another black sedan and an silver-grey sedan, two groups of the same two colored vehicles, alternating. Other vehicles are a same red sedan parked on the street, a black colored vehicle stopped at the traffic light on the left side, and a silver grey vehicle turning left in the intersection. Of these 11 vehicles, five are red, three are black, and three are silver-grey. The street that is running from left to right is Quadra St. and is the putative source of road traffic noise as if it were a high speed freeway, as mentioned above. To the upper right on the diagonally pictured street are three blue colored vehicles, one white color and a deep green colored vehicle straddling the center line while in motion. That is a minor classic in this town, a new driving behavior since 2002 of going down the centerline for no apparent reason.

I am sure the pedestrians are arranged as well, but for the most part they don't seem to be doing, or dressed in any irregular way. I call the plastic bag toting dudes the Plastic Bag Men, but there is a supermarket in the next block, so they are to be expected, even if engaging in a favorite perp move of pointing while doing so.

The same as above and zoomed in, but three seconds later with the blue colored vehicle in motion now approaching the intersection. Nothing odd save what is mentioned above; the ordered red colored vehicles in rough file, and the alternating black and silver-grey vehicles behind the red colored pickup on the right side.

Taken 10-25-2008, 1619:34h. And nothing any more odd except another similar red colored vehicle, this one on the lower right and stopped at the traffic light, in a only-in-this-town arrangement, over top of the stop line, a driving behavior that erupted since 2002. This intersection has red colored vehicles on three sides of it, either street parked or stopped, and for the diagonal street, red colored vehicles in two directions.

And this apartment is already dimming down, so it is time to put on the lights. I swear it did not get dark so early this time last year. And lo, if there wasn't a balcony posing fuckwit with coffee in hand in the building opposite that you see in the above photo while I was pulling the blinds to and over at the kitchen putting the light on.

I uploaded my pictures earlier as you can tell by the fact that I inserted three of them above, and I found out that the pictures of being surrounded with five male fuckwits all lined up when at the bus stop two days ago were not on the SD card. They were gone, some three or four photos of the dudes strangely malingering in my proximity, with an additional one across the street dressed totally in black and standing stalk still for no seeming reason. It would seem that they want to do some distance dependent dude-vibes testing, and needed five around me to test the one some 35' away, exactly opposite of where I sat, and with a white colored vehicle parked next to him. It is strange enough to have these shiftless fuckwits around me line up some 6' apart, and then they fuck me out of recording any pictures of the nonsense. It is rare that I "remember" to take my camera on the freakshow outside, aka public gangstalking, but as I had my cameral in my pack after returning from my parent's place to my brother's, I was able to take some photos at a location other than this apartment.

More clanging of doors and locks in the hallway while I am reading about Vitamin K, which I did not know existed until now. Before that, there was a string of loud vehicle noise from outside which somehow penetrated the gree earmuffs I was wearing, which caused me to take them off and plug my ears with my fingers. This happened one after the other, serially. I can't imagine how it could be anything but arranged, but if someone has any ideas, I will be happy to entertain them. I have done all my usual web browsing for the day and am at a loose end as to what to do. Regular readers will know that this is a highly desirable state for the perps, and they have imposed some odd work lulls in my long past. This is about the strangest imposition that they bring, forcing one to be idle, as if they haven't had enough of it in the past six years of this deranged abuse. Some TI's get to work, and others get marginalized on disability benefits like me. Keeping me bored might be a perp objective for strange reasons I cannot yet fathom, but it is not the foremost of objectives, and may only "happen" a few times a week. Naturally, having a job would minimize such boredom exposure, and that might be another reason they seem to be thwarting employment since late September when I began looking in earnest. This has always been a strange town to find work in my experience, hence much of my early carrer spent elsewhere. And now I know why it is strange, while my friends all seem to find jobs, it is because it is arranged; boredom for me, payoffs for quisling friends, getting a job being a common mode of payoff. I don't know how they arrange it, but nearly all my past friends come up with good jobs while I deal with a blacklisting in effect. I also think that keeping me broke is part of the grand plan, something that most TI's deal with.

My mother said that my new eyeglasses to be are a Christmas present, which is code for "no job until at least the new year". Like I mentioned above, she also intimated that there will be more dafffodil bulb picking next summer, which might be code for "no job so we can repeat last year's soil digging experimentation". Besides, the perps don't like me to be working at one location, hence desk jobs also being unlikely. That means no work in my professions, forestry and systems development, as there would be too much desk sitting for the perps to handle. The perps also had me cranked up to work one or two days a week which seemed doable from their constrained objectives, and lo, if two of those part time jobs didn't materialize in the local job boards, and lo, neither panned out, not even for an interview. It is like the bait and switch games they like to play; set me up and then jerk me around. I think I have mentioned this theme before.

My Logicraft Trackball mouse is getting sabotaged so it is time for a new one, something that I suspect has long been planned for by the Fuckwits. The current Trackball mouse has red lights on the thumb portion and it no doubt serves as some kind of red light reference at my right hand. And might explain why the oncoming gangstalking Fuckwits always want to pass me on my right side, as if in left hand drive mode, something that strikes at least 20% of them. When I purchased the first Trackball mouse in 2000 there was no choice in selection, that is, having one without the freaking red lights set into the mouse. I had one at home, and the generous boss got me one for the office. Little did I know that a core piece of perp color game fuckery was right under my hand and that this surfeit of online time has had many covert agendas behind it. The present one is a dark metallic grey tone, and it looks like the new one will be in the perp's very favorite color, silver-grey.

Some browsing of 20" monitors, as in dream on, there is no dough for one when I have a serviceable 15" one that I use. And the Fuckwits exploit that smaller size for forcing horizontal scrolling for many web pages that just "happen" to get clipped off. They might be more tired of it than I am. Was this an exercise in coveting, or a precursor to getting some money, as in a job, to aquiring a civilized monitor size. Who knows, and there could well be other objectives in the mix.

Time to call this one done for the day and get some rest from the acquisitional aspirations, planted of course.

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